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Cheats of Soulbringer

Soulbringer Cheats


Press / to display the talk feature, then type
the desired code and press enter.

Result Code
God mode - iamgod
Full health - smoghead
Enable debug mode - debug on
Disable debug mode - debug off
God mode in last stage - iamgoddess
Kill nearby enemies - giants
Land with flight mode - active drop
List weapon names in debug mode - all weapons
Obtain indicated item - gimme ****
Remove fog - foghack
Switch view to nearest enemy - switch
Toggle flight mode - enabled fly
Unlock doors - opensezme

Developer mode:
Hold down Shift while starting the game. Go to
the "Developer Mode" tab and select the options
you want.

Get Music and Voices!:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

No the sound is not supposed to be as crappy as it seems.
To get all the sound, play the game with disc 2 in your
CDrom drive.

More Money:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

It's worth paying to repair many items before you sell them,
as the cost of the repair is much less than the increased
value of the item. Longswords are a good example of this.

Submitted by: rickHH

In many areas there are roaming groups of creatures that can
easily turn a one-on-one fight into a three-vs.-one battle.
In locations such as this, slowly creep up on one of the
villains and lead him or her away from the rest. This will
ensure that the odds are always even. Another good tactic to
remember is to hit and run. Just remember to keep moving,
especially when you see your foe about to cast a spell.
Ranged attacks using a crossbow or magic are a good way to
soften up an enemy before you engage in melee combat.

One of the most infamous spells in your arsenal has to be
the gas attack. Not only does it stun your foe, but also a
direct hit sucks the life from them. Using Pax to sedate your
enemy and following up with gas can make short work of many of
the baddies you will be facing in no time. However, focusing on
only one discipline of magic redistributes the Seculorum in its
favor, thus weakening the other areas of magic. On the one hand,
you become immune to magic attacks of that discipline; on the
other, it leaves you terribly vulnerable to magic that is the
polar opposite of the one you are focusing on.

Occasionally you may notice that you are doing no damage while
attacking a creature. Don't fret--it doesn't mean that your
character is necessarily weak; it just may mean that your method
of attack is wrong. Take time to read weapon descriptions and pay
close attention to combat tips offered from NPCs. Skeletons and
gargoyles are weak to blunt weapons, such as clubs and maces,
because they have no flesh. Swords like Scimitars have a hard
time penetrating armor. Knowing your weapon and your foe is half
the battle.

Once you have gained access to your hex, don't forget the areas
that you previously explored! Because your carrying capacity is
limited, you often leave valuable equipment behind that can be
sold for a nice profit. Take time to go back and send those items
to Mulcuth! Shadowguard is the easiest place to sell objects, as
a hex is right down the street from a blacksmith.
Though time-consuming, this will ensure that your pockets are
always lined with gold.

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