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Cheats of Space Empires 4

Space Empires 4 Cheats

Space Empires 4

At the screen listed below, hold Ctrl and type any of the
following "Codes":

Code Effect
money - 100,000 to All Resources(Empire Status Screen)
movement - Ship Movement Set to Full (Ship Report Screen)
repair - Ship is Fully Repaired (Ship Report Screen)

Protect your Colony Ships. Dispatch Escorts to guard
them if they are moving several warp points from your
home region. You never know whom you may run into.
Also, once the colony is established, don't forget to
sprinkle troops and ships in that area. You need to
protect your new investment.

There's strength in numbers. If there's anything useful
we've gleaned from watching the hit show Survivor, it's
this: set up alliances in the early stages of a game.
Try to choose civilizations that complement each other's
strengths and weaknesses.

There's strength in numbers, part two: When you wage war
against a particular empire, make sure you have amassed
enough quality armaments to handle the job in a quick and
efficient manner. Otherwise, you'll soon be sorry you picked
a fight.

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