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Cheats of Space Quest 2

Space Quest 2 Cheats

Space Quest 2

Easter Egg:
The kissing alien in Vohaul's asteroid is the alien
from Ripley Scott's "Alien".

ED-201 from the RoboCop-movies can be seen in Vohaul's
asteroid. He's the thing chasing you away from the
escape pods - however, he has cleverly been re-labelled
"Vohaul MarrowMatic".

While playing, type CHEAT and press return. This brings
you to an alternate "THE END" screen (as the one in SQ1)
with 255 out of 250 points.

A graffitti in Vohaul's toilet reads "King Graham cross
dresses.", in reference to King's Quest. Also mentioned
are Al Lowe and Ken Williams.

When Roger is caught in the hunters snare on Labion, he
dreams he is Leisure Suit Larry.

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