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Cheats of Space Quest 3

Space Quest 3 Cheats

Space Quest 3

Easter Egg:

There's a small signature hiding in the introduction sequence.
The pic where the droid is monitoring the escape pod - in the
right lower corner, there's a signature reading "Crowe" (as in
graphic artist, Mark Crowe).

In the programming cubicles at ScumSoft, there are two guys
walking up and down with big whips. These are Ken Williams and
Rick Cavin, who was head of production at the time (information
about Rick Cavin obtained from Troels Pleimert's SQ FAQ).

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the Arnoid Annihilator android.

When you first arrive to Monolith Burger, the USS Enterprise
(from the original series) warps out of there.

The Aluminum Mallard is a spoof on the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars.

Ken Williams appears in the end sequence.

There's a TIE fighter (from Star Wars) in the garbage ship. However,
it's been renamed to a bow-tie fighter from the cologne wars (the
original movie mentions the Clone Wars).

Also in the garbage ship, the ship Jupiter 2 is from the old "Lost
in Space" series.

Fester has a postcard from Arrakis in his shop. Arrakis is the planet
from the movie "Dune".

The game's subtitle, "The Pirates of Pestulon", could be a twist of
the musical "The Pirates of Penzance".

ScumSoft is a parody on Microsoft, and Elmo Pug seems to bear a
striking resemblance to Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates

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