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Cheats of Spearhead

Spearhead Cheats


While playing a game,
hold S + P + E + A + R + H
and press [Backspace]


Tip 1:
Try to remain in a hull-down position and hidden
behind a hill with only your turret visible.

Tip 2:
Go for your opponent's supply and repair vehicles,
especially in multiplayer games.

Tip 3:
The icons reported by your IVIS may not be complete.
Others may lie outside visual range.

Tip 4:
The hills provide excellent cover while you send your
forces to engage the enemy.

Tip 5:
Move regularly between the cupola view and the IVIS
to orient yourself locally and regionally.

Tip 6:
Flank the enemy whenever possible. The front of a
tank is more armored than its rear or sides.

Tip 7:
If your treads or engine are damaged and you can't
move, order an M88 to your position for a little
on-the-spot repair.

Tip 8:
Toss smoke grenades when approaching your enemy.
If smoke grenades go off near your forces, use the
thermal viewer.

Tip 9:
Your main gun can knock out anything you can see.

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