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Cheats of Speed Racer

Speed Racer Cheats

Speed Racer

Extra money and weapons:
Enter TOM LOUGHRY or TOD THORSON as names.

More Cars:
Place first on all three tracks to gain the Fire Ant and
Samurai cars.

To get Racer X's Shooting Star, beat all tracks on

To get the Demon car, beat the time trial with the
Shooting Star.

To get the ultimate GRX, take the Demon car into the
hidden tunnel shortcut, hit and remove all pillars,
activate C and D, and hit the tomb wall to the left.

Demon car:
Finish the time trial in first with the Shooting Star.

Ultimate GRX car:
Drive the Demon car into the hidden tunnel shortcut. Hit and
remove all pillars, activate the C and D features, and run into
the tomb wall on the left side.

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