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Cheats of Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory

Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory Cheats

Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory

Cheat Method:
Submitted by: conner54

Use the following method to enable cheat codes in the game.
1)Start the game and create a profile. Do NOT use the "DEFAULT" profile.
Save the game at least once after creating your profile.

2)Open up the .ini file for your profile using Notepad.
You can find this file using the folder structure "Documents and
Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Application Data\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory\profiles". The ini file is named the same
as the profile you created in step #1.

Note: The Application Data folder is HIDDEN in Windows by default.
To unhide it, open a windows explorer window, select Tools -> Folder Options.
Select the view tab and in the advanced settings area, in the hidden files and
folders node, select the "Show hidden files and folders".

3)Look for empty keys to bind commands to. These may look like "F1=", "F2=", etc.
Add any of the following cheat commands to the end of these blank bindings.

Code Result
Invisible 1 - Invisibility
Invincible 1 - God Mode
ammo - Give Ammo
fly - Fly Mode
walk - Walk Mode
playersonly - Freeze Enemies
health - Give Health
killpawns - Kill All Enemies
ghost - No Clipping Mode
OPSAT - Unknown Effect

So, once you bind the commands, it will look something like:

F2=Invincible 1

...etc. Make sure there are no spaces between the "=" and the command.

4)Save the file and start the game back up, selecting your profile.
Now, while playing you can use the keys that you set up in the file.
Using the example above, pressing "F2" would give you god mode, etc.

Start the levels:
SplinterCell3.exe 03_Bank

SplinterCell3.exe X (X are the Level):


The *.EXE can be found under:
...\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory\System

Mission 3: Bank
Keypad to left security booth on first floor: 3624
Keypad to right security booth on first floor: 3624
Keypad to main security room: 2306
Keypad to treasurer's office: 8645
Keypad to bank's back door: 3901
Keypad before president's office: Code unknown, must be hacked
Keypad to safe in president's office: Code unknown, must be hacked

Mission 4: Penthouse
Keypad To Dvorak Room: Code unknown, must be hacked

Mission 5: Displace
Keypad to door between meeting room and lobby on second floor: 8136
Keypad to door between meeting room and lobby on first floor: 8136
Keypad to CEO's meeting room: 2346
Keypad to CEO's office: 2609
Keypad to fire escape: 3485
Keypad to central server room: Code unknown, must be hacked
Keypad to R&D server room: Code unknown, must be hacked

Mission 6: Hokkaido
No Keypad Locked Doors

Mission 7: Battery
Keypad to shipping area: 1879
Keypad to elevator: Code unknown, must be hacked

Mission 8: Seoul
No keypad locked doors

Mission 9: Bathhouse
Keypad to owner's office: 3650

Mission 10: Kokubo Sosho
Keypad To Server Room: 1945

Catching Shetland:
Have your sniper zoomed-in on the guard. When there is a fight, shoot,
run, and catch Shetland. Then, end the mission.

Bank: Invisible laser beam:
To avoid detection by the invisible laser trip wire in the entrance of
the vault, closely examine the entrance with your thermal goggles on.
Then, use your OCP to disable the laser emitter and walk out of the vault.
By doing this, you can leave without sounding the alarm.

Bathhouse: Finding the bombs:
After going through the gate when chasing Shetland, the first bomb is directly
to the left of the gate that you enter. Go left through a little crevice and you
should see a red light flashing. Go to it and disarm it. When you do that, one of
Shetland's gaurds will walk up the stairs. Kill him. To get to the second bomb,
go up the stairs. Turn left then turn right and look straight ahead. You should
see another red flashing light down below the walkway. Hop over the ledge of the
railing and disarm the second bomb. When you are done disarming the bomb, jump on
to the railing and pull yourself up. Two guards will be to your left, walking on
the walkway. They will probably hear you; get ready to kill them. It is fairly
difficult to kill them without losing a lot of life, or at least dying.
After you kill them, go down the walkway to the back wall. About halfway you will
see another red flashing light. Jump across the little gap and disarm it. A guard
will come through the back door right when you disarm the bomb. Kill him, then go
through the door and meet Shetland. You will then have to make a critical choice;
note: pull the trigger. It would be a good idea to quicksave the game whenever you
disarm and kill the guards.

Bathhouse: Alternate Shetland Death:
At the end of the level, Shetland and Sam will be on top of a roof with their guns
pointed at each other. After a short conversation, Shetland will put his gun away
and say "You wouldn't shoot an old friend". You are given a choice, shoot or put
your gun away. If you shoot, Shetland will stumble backwards and the intermission
sequence for the level's ending will play. However if you put your gun away, Shetland
will quickly pull his gun out and point it at Sam. Sam will duck his weapon and stab
Shetland in the stomach before throwing him. This will then start the same ending

Bathhouse: Splinter Cell reference:
You must go through the warm baths at one point in the level. There are two guards
here. Interrogate one of them and he will tell you that Shetland's elite guards have
thermal goggles. He will also add that they will not do much good in steam, because
steam is not fog, as in an abbatoir. This is a reference to the original Splinter
Cell game, in which Abbatoir is a level.

Hokkaido: Splinter Cell reference:
After you scan Milon Nedich's liscence plate and enter the building, you will overhear
some guards talking about ninjas. One will be telling the other that he was stationed
on an oil rig and that it was attacked by a ninja. This is a reference to the first
Splinter Cell in which Sam is the ninja.

I-SDF Base: Splinter Cell reference:
You can overhear a couple of guards talking in the main hall. One will say something
about how guarding the place is just like guarding the CIA HQ; nobody would break in
there. This is a reference to the original Splinter Cell, in which you must break into
CIA headquarters.

I-SDF Base: Metal Gear Solid reference:
When you get to the lower floors in the I-SDF base, interrogate a guard. Sam will ask
him about his LTL (less-than-lethal) weapon. The guard will tell Sam that the ammunition
is some kind of electric round. Sam asks where he can find some. To this the guard replies:
"It's not like you can shake me, and make my ammo drop on the floor". This is a reference
to the Metal Gear Solid games, in which you can do just that.

Lighthouse: Alternate way to retrieve the radio data:
During the mission you will have to overhear some data being said on a radio transmission
by a guard. If you fail to do this, you can just find the data in a filing cabinet next
to the radio.

Penthouse: Bouncing guard:
On the ground floor after you have knocked out two guards (the one who is repairing the
elevator and the other one that is talking to him), put one or more of the guards in the
elevator with Sam. Sam must turn on his night vision and press the button to go to the
top floor. Watch the guard's body bounce around like popcorn.

If you move around with your gun drawn, the noise meter will not move.
This is very useful when sneaking up on someone quickly.

100% rating:
In order to get a 100% rating on any mission, you must complete the level with the
following statistics. It is unknown at this time if there is a reward for getting a
100% rating on every mission.
Enemies killed: 0
Civilians killed: 0
Bodies Found: 0
Times Identified as intruder: 0
Alarms sounded: 0

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