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Cheats of StarCraft

StarCraft Cheats


Update by: Johan
Update by: DJ Simo

Update by: Eric Crone
E-mail: zoolander444@aol.com

Submitted by: Danilo Arthur bertelli
E-mail: pdperfect@ig.com.br

Press enter and write:

Cheat Result
man over game - Makes you win
noglues - Enemy can't use magic
zerg(mission #) - Zerg mission select
protoss(mission #) - Protoss mission select
terran(mission #) - Terran mission select
power overwhelming - invicibility/god mode
show me the money - vespene and minerals
black sheep wall - see all map
game over man - lose level
there is no cow level - win level
whats mine is mine - minerals
breathe deep - vespene
something for nothing - all upgrades
operation cwal - build fast
staying alive - play after level over
medieval man - gives free upgrades
modify the phase variance - build any building
war aint what it used to be - disable fog of war
food for thought - build more units than posible
the gathering - no enargy use
ophelia - than type terran#,zerg# and
protoss# to skip to that level

Bonus Level Cheat:
In order to play the bonus level 'Dark Origin',
finish the Zerg Brood wars level 'The Reckoning'
(level 8) within 25 minutes. This can easily be
accomplished by using the invincibility cheat
'power overwhelming'.

Submitted by: mike

when you type specialfire by first press enter you will
get all fly and men by your commandcentre and their
weapons will be increasd in 1000 damage and all the men
and fly units be also in godmode.

Submitted by: Matthew forrester

When playing in campign mode put the cheat operation cwal on then put
the cheat black sheep on. Then go to your barracks and create as many
marines as you want.
Before you do this you must set a rally point in the enemys base.
Start creating marines and they will automatically go to the enemys
base and destroy it. enjoy!!

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