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Cheats of StarCraft - Brood War

StarCraft - Brood War Cheats

StarCraft - Brood War

Update by: Andy
E-mail: monkeyat@hotmail.com

Submitted by: Tad
E-mail: flyboy23@ccrtc.com
StarCraft - Brood War

Update by: Pavlo
E-mail: hpavlo@ukr.net

To enter the cheat pres ENTER and then type the cheat:
WARNING! This cheats didnt work on multiplayer game!

Code Result
black sheep wall - entire map revealed
breathe deep - gives you 500 vespene gas
Food for thought - ability to build units beyond
the support limit
game over man - instant loss
man over game - instant win
medieval man - gives free upgrades to units
modify the phase variance - gain ability to build any building,
regardless of requirements
speldin - a more powerful terran nation
asstroids - lots of money
Operation CWAL - speed up construction of buildings
and units
ophelia - Enter this to enable level skipping
cheat. Then enter the mission you want
to skip to (i.e. terran10, Zerg5,
Protoss7, etc.) to go there
Power overwhelming - God Mode
Radio free zerg - Zerg song (must be playing Zerg)
Show me the money - gain 10,000 gas and 10,000 minerals.
something for nothing - everything available is upgraded
staying alive - prevents the mission from ending
due to victory or defeat
the gathering - gain unlimited energy to all casting
there is no cow level - completes current mission
war ain't what it used to be - no fog of war
whats mine is mine - gives you 500 minerals
terran - Terran mission select
zerg - Zerg mission select
protoss - Protoss mission select

For supernuke, when game is loading,
type "xmy66p" five times.

(There are more that i do not remeber that can be
found @ stardefenders.com) Also these many only be
used while not playing on the internet.

Submitted by: rohit chawla

While playing the game, continuously click on a
critter for about 1 to 2 minutes and see it explode
like a nuclear bomb. It's only visual, it won't cause
any harm to you or your enemies.

Secret Level:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Beat Zerg level 9 (The Reckoning) in under 20 minutesto
open up a secret Protoss level. However, the mission it
self won't appear on the mission select screen for any
side, so be sure and save at the start of the level to
play it again.

Submitted by: Timmy Ha

(note: these cheats only work in single player missions)
Press enter and a message bar will pop up close to the bottom of the
screen then, type in the cheat, press enter and if you typed it
correctly a message stating "Cheat Enabled" should appear.

Code Result
Power overwhelming - God Mode
Show me the money - Gives you 10,000 gas and 10,000 crystal
Operation CWAL - Speeds construction of buildings and units
The Gathering - Gives unlimited energy to all casting units
Game over man - Ends your game as a loss
Staying Alive - Prevents the mission from ending due to victory or defeat
There is no cow level - Completes the current mission
Whats mine is mine - Free minerals
Breathe deep - Free Vespene Gas
Something for nothing - Gives all upgrades
Black Sheep Wall - Shows entire map
Medieval man - Free upgrades to units
Modify the phase variance - Ability to build all buildings
War aint what it used to be - Disables fog of war
Food for thought - Ability to build units beyond the support limit
Ophelia - Enter this to enable level skipping cheat.
Then enter the mission you want to skip to (i.e.
"terran10") to go there. For Brood War levels
type x before the levels (i.e., "xterran8")

Submitted by: Luiz
E-mail: lrpozza@terra.com.br

If you are a newbie, the best thing you have to do to learn, is to play the
missions. Ask the pro players, the learned this way, mostly. To play melee
games against the comuper is good also, but only is the beggining, because
the computer might seem good, but when you learn how to play, you may easily
beat 7 computers at once.
Never use cheats, or hacks neither, because it will only make the game worst,
and you will never stop using it.
For last, always have a strategy, concentrate on making only 2 kinds of units
for instance, like when i am with the Zerg, i always make Mutalisks, and only

Submitted by: Xardas

This cheat is for terran race only,
lit off your command center and then lit off, keep presed SHIFT and S and
right click on the minerals to take your command center near to the mineral

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