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Cheats of Star Breaker

Star Breaker Cheats

Star Breaker

For cheats in this game, use the DOS utility DEBUG.
First backup your game to be edited, then type the
following from the dos prompt:

ren sb.exe sb.cht
debug sb.cht < sbcht.bat
For Unlimited ships, type:
e 550 90 90 90 90
For Unlimited Smart Bombs, type:
e d00 90 90 90 90
For Unlimited Thrust, type:
e 12a8 90 90 90 90
e 2824 90 90 90 90
For Unlimited Ammo, type:
e 1384 90 90 90 90
e 2931 90 90 90 90
For Limited Shield Protection, type:
e 15c0 0
e 160f 0
For Invulnerability, type:
e 117d 3e
e 1762 3e
e 203e 3e
e 2536 3e
e 2633 3e
e 36bb 3e

Then rename SB.CHT back to SB.EXE

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