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Cheats of Star Trek - Bridge Commander

Star Trek - Bridge Commander Cheats

Star Trek - Bridge Commander

Update by: Dj Simo
Submitted by: Stu Auld
e-mail: sa009b4250@blueyonder.co.uk

In the game shortcut, right click on it and go to properties, under the
shortcut tab go to Target: add=
"C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\stbc.exe" -TestMode
(That's case sensitive).

Now when in tactical mode press:

Code Result
Shift-G = God Mode
Shift-R = Repair Target
Shift-K = Kill Target
Shift-Q = Gain 10 Quantum Torpedoes

Submitted by: Matthew Hawkins

some versions of Bridge Commander Do Not Work With The Quatum Torpedoes Cheat And Instead Of
SHIFT + Q you must use CTRL + Q

Cheat Mode:
Update by: michael stamp
Submitted by: Haspa

To activate Cheat Mode, go to a shortcut to the
game (like the one on the desktop). Right-click
it and go to \'\'properties\'\'. Click on the \'\'Shortcut\'\'
tab, and go to the very end of the shortcut path.
OUTSIDE the quote marks, enter a space, and then
enter \'\'-TestMode\'\' (Without quotes). Use this shortcut
to enter the game. In the game, the \'\'Quick Battle\'\'
button is replaced with \'\'Test Only\'\'. Click this to
go to any level in the game.

Also, whenever you\'re in-game, you can go to tactical
display mode and use the following cheats.

Shift-G: God Mode (will display \'\'GOD MODE\'\' in the
upper-right corner of screen when active)

Shift-K: Damage targeted subsystem by 25%

Shift-R: Completely repair target (Useful for when
an ally ship gets pounded)

Shift-Q: Gain 10 Quantum Torpedoes (If you can carry them)

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