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Cheats of Star Trek - ConQuest Online

Star Trek - ConQuest Online Cheats

Star Trek - ConQuest Online

Submitted by: rickHH

Each time you gain control of a neutral planet, you receive
valuable control points, not to mention the possibility of
being awarded Q points. Your first task then is to move into
the Neutral Zone as quickly as possible, even if your spaceborne
contingent includes a single ship and the Q character. Once your
force enters the Neutral Zone, have the Q piece beam down to as
many neutral planets as possible, then have him withdraw the
moment the enemy fleet enters the Zone. Remember that the Q
character cannot be attacked on a planet.

During fleet engagements, your best bet is to concentrate your
efforts against a couple of enemy warships instead of attacking
them all. When the enemy fleet has been whittled down, you can
then turn your attention towards the destruction of the remaining

Avoid spending all of your control points during the deployment
phase. Instead, try to maintain a reserve of around two to four
points, just in case an important playing piece comes up for sale
during the auction phase.

Activision's Star Trek ConQuest Online - Hints and Tips
Deploy your Unique people and ships as early as possible.
If an item is marked as Unique, only one of them can be in
play at any one time. If you both you and your opponent have
Ambassador Sarek in your groups, but your opponent deploys him
first, you won't be able to deploy your own Sarek unless your
opponent's is removed from play.

Be careful when bidding on Unique pieces. If a unique piece
comes up for auction, be careful to make sure another copy of
the piece isn't already in play before you start bidding. If
it is, you won't be able to use the auction piece even if you
win it!

Wait to deploy items until just before you need them. Your
opponent may have a way to remove items from ships (e.g. High
Capacity Shield Grid) or people (e.g., Communicator). To reduce
the chance of losing an item to a wily opponent, don't deploy it
until you absolutely need it.

Don't forget, you can put any type of piece in your Auction Group.
Most people put only Events in their Auction Groups, but you can
put anything in there (except a Q, of course). Experiment with
Auction Groups that contain ships, people, and items.

Romulan Warbird: a pivotal ship. Since it can Cloak, and avoid
combat, you must come up with a way to deal with it that does not
involve the Attack step. Certain events that remove a piece from
the game (like Phased By Q) contain one solution. You could also
use Destructive Q's ability to Smite, and do 6 damage to all ships
in play. Warbirds only have 6 Shields...

You don't need to have people on a planet to control the planet.
You control planets by having people with Influence on that planet.
If two players have people on a planet, the player whose people have
the highest combined Influence will get control of the planet.
However, once you control a planet, it will remain under your
control until the opposing player takes it away. So, for example,
if Planet Delta in the Neutral Zone has no people on it, you can
beam Ambassador Spock down to take control. The next turn you can
beam Spock back up to his ship, and Planet Delta will remain under
your control (even though it has no people on it) until your
opponent beams down another person with an Influence value greater
than zero.

Always check the special effects of the planets in the Neutral Zone.
Whenever you beam a person down to a Neutral Zone planet, you learn
about whatever special effects that planet has. You can see those
effects by clicking on the planet and reading the information in
the piece viewer on the left side of the screen. Some planets provide
Influence boosts to your people, others cause damage each turn, and
so on. An especially important effect is Victory Planet. If your Q
is on a Victory Planet you get a Q Point each turn!

Get into the Neutral Zone early. If you let your opponent control
the Neutral Zone, they'll end up having more Control Points, which
means they'll be able to deploy more people and ships than you,
plus they'll be able to win every auction. Don't concede the Neutral
Zone or you'll be in big trouble!

A ship with two actions can beam and move in the same Move Phase,
but not move and then beam. Using Isolinear Chip to give your ship
two Actions will allow you to beam people up from a planet and move
your ship to a new region in one Move Phase. This can be important
in getting to the Neutral Zone more quickly or getting important
people out of danger!

Remember that all ships in an attack group must have Attack Priority
to gain the benefits of attacking first. Having ships with Attack
Priority can give you a crucial edge in combat; it allows your ships
to attack first regardless of who has the most Control But be sure
that all your ships in an Attack Group have the Attack Priority
benefit. If even one ship in the group doesn't have the Attack
Priority benefit, NONE of the ships in the group will be allowed
to use Attack Priority.

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