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Cheats of Star Trek - Elite Force 2

Star Trek - Elite Force 2 Cheats

Star Trek - Elite Force 2

Submitted by: Haspa

To enable the cheats, a command-line parameter must be added to the
shortcut for the game: "+set ui_console 1 +sv_cheats 1"
"C:Program Files\Activision\Star Trek Elite Force II\EF2.exe"
+set ui_console 1 +sv_cheats 1

While playing, press the [~] key (tilde) to bring down the console.
Enter the following cheats for the desired effect:

Code Result
god - God Mode
noclip - No Clipping Mode
notarget - Enemies Don't See You
give all - All Weapons
modellist - Spawn List
health 100 - Set Health to 100
give weapon X - Give Weapon (X=Name)
maplist - List Maps
inventory - Show Inventory
fps 1 - Show FPS (0=Off)

Unlocking all secrets in sTAR TREK ELITE FORCE 2:
Submitted by: Marko Krajnc

For those of you who would like to see all the secrets without having
found all of the golden starships, you can simply modify one file to get
instant access.

Go to the folder where you installed Elite Force 2. Under that there
should be another folder called ''base''.

In there search for your player *.cfg file (most likely the name of the
user who is logged into the computer (e.g., myname.cfg).

1. Open this file using Wordpad or Notepad.
2. Search for a line containing ''seta g_secretCount''
3. Enter the number 70 between the quotes '''' (the line should look like:

seta g_secretCount ''70''

You will now have instant access to all secrets.

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