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Cheats of Star Trek DS9 - The Fallen

Star Trek DS9 - The Fallen Cheats

Star Trek DS9 - The Fallen

Update by: DJ Simo
Submitted by: long john

Press TAB and type "set plyr.ds9_sisko bcheatconsole true".
You may then use any of the following cheat commands:
(NOTE: The cheat mode is character-dependent: if you
play as Worf or Kyra, you have to use ds9_worf or
ds9_kyra instead of ds9_sisko when enabling cheats.)

Code Result
god - God Mode
allammo - All Ammo
fly Fly - Mode
walk - Walk Mode
ghost - No Clipping
killpawns - Kill All Enemies
Invisible - Invisible to Enemies
skiplevel - Skip to Next Level
open (mapname) - Opens named map
exit - Quick exit
savegame - Quick save

Other Cheat Codes:
OPEN [mapname] loads in a (user)map in the "maps"
folder (extension must be .dsm).

START [mapname] same as above.
Examples OPEN M05_SISKOL1A = start at Level 1, Part A.
OPEN M05_SISKOL1B = start at Level 1, Part B.

BEAMDOWNITEM [class] spawns an item or weapon in front
of you (you will see it be beamed on the floor).

Don't underestimate your phaser pistol. Sure, it's
not the most powerful of weapons, but since it recharges
automatically, you don't have to worry about ammo.
Just make sure to wait till its fully charged, though.

You should always be scanning with your Tricorder for
helpful clues. Don't rely on it too much, though, because
its range is notoriously short; since aliens have a way of
beaming in out of nowhere, be ready to switch to a phaser.

Submitted by: DJ Simo

Max Items:
Start playing and after you get a lot of items (health pacs,
grenade launcher, shield emitter) press the Escape button
then on the menu go to New Game. Select New Game and then
you will have all the items from your previous game making
earlier enemies easier to kill with your new weapons and equipment.

Cheat Mode (demo version):
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Press Tab during gameplay, and depending on the current character
being controlled, enter on these codes:.

set plyr.ds9_sisko bcheatconsole true
set plyr.ds9_worf bcheatconsole true
set plyr.ds9_kira bcheatconsole true

Now enter one of these codes at the console window.

Cheat Effect
god - God mode
allammo - All weapons and ammo
fly - Enable fly mode
walk - Disable fly mode
ghost - No clipping mode
killpawns - Kill all enemies
beamdownitem - Spawn indicated item
setjumpz - Change gravity, default is 400
rmode - Change lighting, default is 5
set ds9_sisko fatness (1-255) - Change Sisko's body size, default is 128
set ds9_maleensign fatness (1-255) - Change male ensign's body size, default is 128
set ds9_flashlight charge (0-9999) - Change SIMMS beacon energy, default is 800
invincibility - Disable enemies AI
start or open - Load .dsm map in "maps" folder

Item Names:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Use one of the following entries with the beamdownitem code.


The Don Worf Super Health and Ammo Code:
Submitted by: DJ Simo

Note: Game Shark codes for PC must be downloaded from Game Shark.com
and work with the PC Game Shark Game Enhancing Device.
Wait until you're inside the game before you turn code on.
Make sure there aren't any enemies around. If there are,
they will receive super health and ammo also. Turn code on.
Fire a weapon to receive a super amount of ammo. Hurt yourself
on a force field or anything that will cost you health to receive
super health. Make sure you turn code off. this code only works
for Worf.

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