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Cheats of Star Wars - Droid Works

Star Wars - Droid Works Cheats

Star Wars - Droid Works

Press [ENTER], type the code, then press [ENTER] again.

Code Result
chewbacca - All Droid Parts
staying alive - God Mode
storm - Full Battery
lockandload - Laser Gun
bubbles - Secret Parts
beefcake - Refill Droid Power
beem - Fly Mode
danke - Full Health
fitto - All Driod Parts
getem - Full Inventory
gogo - Super Speed
mst3k - Enable All Movies
somoney - Enable All Missions
tardis - Hit Backspace Plus 1-9 to Teleport

NOTE: Some cheats are entered from the Options screen and
others only during missions.

Assasin droids are easy to escape but if you get too close
they'll zap you! The best way to escape them is to jump on
a crate.

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