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Cheats of Star Wars - Episode I - Racer

Star Wars - Episode I - Racer Cheats

Star Wars - Episode I - Racer

Get Cash:
At the screen where you purchase pod parts
press [Shift] + [F4] + 4.
You can do this up to five times

High Floating:
On any Oovo IV level just before exiting an anti-gravity
tunnel pull up and keep pulling up away from the ground
and if done right, after exiting you will keep floating
in the air hugging the ceiling.

For those of you lucky enough to be playing this hot
new game based on the upcoming Star Wars Episode I
movie, here are some cheat codes to help you out:

Type these codes in while playing the game, or you may
simply speak them into the microphone (using Microsoft's
new DirectVoice implementation):

- God Mode On/Off

- Access to All Weapons

- Makes All Racers Tiny (and Green)

- Access to All Levels

- Instant Death

- Win Current Level

- Bonus Level - "Dark Insemination"

- Display's"April Fool's" on the Screen


Tip 1:
As soon as you can, invest in a full complement
of pit droids; this will ultimately save you the money
you would spend replacing the worn-out parts that reduce
your pod's performance.

Tip 2:
Save your in-race repairs for twisting areas or
hairpin turns where you have to slow down anyway.

Tip 3:
For big money (and impossible odds), jump ahead
to the Invitational races as soon as they're available.

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