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Cheats of Star Wars - Rouge Squadron

Star Wars - Rouge Squadron Cheats

Star Wars - Rouge Squadron

Submitted by: Matthew Hewkin
E-mail: badboy@aol.com

Type in the millenium folcon cheat then type in goodguytie.
After that go to the place where you pick your ship and then
go to the millenium folcon and press up and then it will take
you to the tie intercepter.Trust me this cheat does work.

Submitted by: HeavensDevil
When using the y-wing in a mission hold the Z button
down to maneuver better and to make tight turns.

Update by: Moseley223

To enter the passcodes, simply click on Settings
from the game's console, the click on General.
Type in the passcodes into the blank are labeled
"Enter Passcode Here".
To delete a passcode, i.e, the Chicken Passcode,
simply click on the passcode, and press Shift-Del.


wookiepelt - millenium falcon
goodguytie - tie intercepter
oompawampa - unlock all levels
CHICKEN - Play as an AT-ST
LEIAWRKOUT - Activate joystick force feedback feature
GUNDARK - Changes force feedback control for joystick
CREDITS - View credits
DIRECTOR - Let's you view all the cutscenes
IAMDOLLY - Gives you Unlimited Lives
TOUGHGUY - Gives you all powerups in the game
HIKEN - Hidden secondary weapons
NEUC - Destroys all Imperial ships on the radar
LOKJOT - Allows you to land and do repairs
MAESTRO - Let's you listen to all the sound themes
Select "Concert Hall" from the High Scores
menu to activate
NUMBERTWO - Gives you infinite secondary weapons,
which mostly consists of missiles or bombs
RADAR - Improve on your radar technology. Higher targets
will appear brighter then the lower ones
USEDAFORCE - Seems to disable any secondary weaponry
FARMBOY - Fly Millennium Falcon (NOTE: cheat will not work
in missions that already have the Millennium Falcon)
TIED UP - Fly TIE interceptor
IGIVEUP - Unlimited lives

In the folder PLAYERPROFILES under the folder Rogue
Squadron was installed into are the files containing
the player info such as current mission number, what
medals have been won, what rank the player has achieved,
etc. The filename of the first player created for example

At hex address 32 in this file is the current mission number.
Hex 00 is the first mission, 01 is the second, 02 the third,
and so on until hex 0F, mission 16, which is apparently the
last mission. Simply changing this number to anything up to
hex 0F will allow access to that mission and all missions
before it.

At hex address 31 is the player rank info.
The following table shows the values and their effects:

00 = Trainee
01 = Cadet
02 = Ensign
03 = Officer
04 = Lieutenant
05 = Flight Leader
06 = Captain
07 = Squad Leader
08 = Gold Leader
09 = Major
0A = Commander
0B = Colonel
0C = General
0D = Line Admiral
0E = Fleet Admiral
0F = Supreme Allied Commander

Note: Even if this value is changed, the game will
continue "promoting" the player at it's own rate.

At hex 53 through hex 57 is the info for the medals
(Bronze, Silver, Gold). The following table shows the
values and their effects:

0 = No Medals
1 = 1 Bronze
2 = 1 Silver
3 = 1 Gold
4 = 1 Bronze
5 = 2 Bronze
6 = 1 Bronze and 1 Silver
7 = 1 Bronze and 1 Gold
8 = 1 Silver
9 = 1 Bronze and 1 Silver
A = 2 Silver
B = 1 Silver and 1 Gold
C = 1 Gold
D = 1 Bronze and 1 Gold
E = 1 Silver and 1 Gold
F = 2 Gold

So, as each byte consists of 2 hex numbers, a hex 4D for
example would be:
1 Bronze plus 1 Bronze and 1 Gold for 2 Bronze and 1 Gold in that byte.
Apparently the maximum number of possible medals is 19, so
a hex FF FF FF FF FF would be 19 Gold rather than 20 Gold.

If you're going after an AT-AT, come in low and slow.
Release your cable just as you start to turn; once the
cable is set, you'll switch to a distant view and the
controls won't be as intuitive, so you'll already want
to be turning to keep your bearings. When trying to
wrap a tow cable, you'll find that a left-turning path
will work the best.
Because you get rated on your shooting accuracy, you
have to be careful when taking on TIE fighters, as you
can find yourself missing an awful lot. Try to figure
out their patterns and get in behind, so that your shots
will have a higher hit percentage. Avoid taking on the
AT-ST and the AT-PT on a head-on run or you'll get chewed
up by their blasters. Instead, make a sideways strafe. If
possible, make a visual ID of all turreted blasters or
missile platforms as soon as you enter an area. Fly low
or from the side and take them out first; then you won't
have to worry about being shot out of the sky during a
dogfight. Don't count on your wingmen to do much at all
against airborne foes. When you find yourself in a major
furball, fly defensively and always tackle your targets
from their weakest sides. Gradually picking away at the
enemy is the best way to disperse a major force.

Submitted by: Dafydd While

The CHICKEN is well protected but slow. Now I'll tell
you how to get as fast as an X-Wing. Press W thn E.
This is perfect as the CHICKEN takes 16 shots to kill.
This is only good against targets on the same height as
where your standing.

Submitted by: lunchbox

To have unlimeted secondary wepons, type in IAMDOLLY to
have ## lives. Now go to any level that has a ship with limeted
secondary wepons. Use them all. Now crash.(don't worry though, u
have ## lives) Now u will have fully replenished secondary wepons!
No more bad accuracy marks!

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