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Cheats of Starsiege - Tribes

Starsiege - Tribes Cheats

Starsiege - Tribes

Equipment tips:
The plasma gun is a must -- its high power and rapid fire
make for a tremendous weapon once you penetrate the enemy
base. The grenade launcher is also very powerful and versatile.
The blaster is weak for most combat -- you will often find
yourself blown apart by the enemy's plasma gun or disc launcher.

The repair pack should be distant third choice for most gamers.
The energy pack offers a increased range of flight and can keep
you alive as most opponents cannot hit you in air. The second
choice should be the shield pack, especially for players that
have use the "action hero" approach and go off on their own.
Properly used, its effects are devastating.

Grenades and beacons are very valuable to any player class.
Dropping a few grenades while hovering over an opponent is a
great way to walk away from the fight. Beacons are great for
marking a target for a heavy teammate to blast with the mortar

Capture the flag mode:
In capture the flag mode (Raindance, Fog of War), sell
your chaingun and bullets and buy a "Energy Pack".
This will help you get to the flag and escape. Also,
make sure that you are using light armor. Once you get
to a tower (Raindance) you will notice a room by the
opposing flag. Throw a grenade in the room and this
should stun your opponent long enough to grab the flag
and get out.

Avoid moving too slow:
If you have a player using "heavy armor" you will need an
energy pack just to get out of your base. Using medium
armor with a shield pack is suggested so you can take just
as many hits without being very slow.

Game Tips
Go into a game with your own tribe or subtribe ready to gopeople
you've played with and trust. Tribes has a built-in IRC module
that is helpful in forming a team. To get everyone into a team
game, one person needs to find a game and join it; then you
can simply click on the auto message sent back on IRC to join
the same game. That doesn't mean you'll all be on the same team,
but if the game isn't totally full, you can switch teams.

You'll find yourself most mobile in the light armor.
Practice and learn how to utilize your jump jets (they take a
little practice to master), because they are your best defense
against enemy lasers and the like.

You get a few seconds prior to the start of a game before
things start cranking; use this time to communicate, set up
the command hierarchy, and quickly plan your actions.

If you can manage a fully communicating team in a capture-
the-flag game, break into three groups: a defensive team
to watch your flag, an offensive team to seize the opponent's
flag, and a special ops team to place sensors and generally
cause havoc in the middle of the battlefield.

Get to know the battlefields! Understanding how to flank
an opponent requires a solid knowledge of a given map's
terrain and objectives.

Never underestimate the value of having one teammate always
man the command console and operate the remote turrets.
I was single-handedly able to defend our flag base for ten
minutes utilizing a hilltop rocket launcher.

If possible, have your offensive team outfitted in heavy or
medium armor. Because their movement is slow, bring them in
to position (not head-on though!) with the heavy transport.
The team will need the extra armor to stand the defensive
fire of your foe. Have a few teammates hang back and cover
them with the disc launcher weapon, and you'll get the flag
in no time. Finally, if possible, have a medium transport
(faster than the heavy) ready to ferry the flag holder back
to your base.

The best way to find a tribe to join is to hang out in
Dynamix's #tribes IRC channel. You'll be able to chat with
a ton of folks who share your particular strategies and
approaches to the game. Just don't be afraid to speak up
and be heard.

Practice using a targeting laser and enlist several
teammates armed with heavy mortars to rain down terror on
your opponent's base. The chaos will keep the enemy

Remember that taking out your opponents' generators is a
great way to throw a wrench in their gears (it will require
a major infiltration of their base, though). With generators
down, sensors and turrets won't work, and the opposing
players can't rearm or nab any fresh ammunition from the
remote stations.

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