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Cheats of Startopia

Startopia Cheats


Quick Plant Grow:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

If you want to have a quick good harvest, then just put
a not-fully-grown plant (anything) into a bio-plant-pot.
They will then have a significant growth rate.

Submitted by: nightraider

Hold Down the F11 key and type "RSHIFT" if you have been
successful a random message from VAL will drop down -
This means you can now use the right shift key while cheating.

Speed the game up:
How to enable it: Hold down F11 and type "RSHIFTSPEEDUP"
(a VAL message will drop down once you have typed RSHIFT
and another one when you finish typing SPEEDUP.

What does it do: If you hold down the right shift key and
press the ">" key the game will speed up, the longer you
hold it down the faster it goes.

Others are... RSHIFT then
> = Speed up

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