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Cheats of Stealth Combat

Stealth Combat Cheats

Stealth Combat

Submited by Jacques v.d Horst

Get all Levels
Go to my computer doubble click on Local disk C or thust C
and go to program files and then you see Deck 13 doubble click on it
and doubble click on Stealth Combat-Ultimate war. You will see the
file Campaingn doubble click on it and then you'll see the file jared
and open it with Word Pad. Then you see
the word EMA_Missons:

Ema 1 0
Ema 2 0
Ema 3 0
Ema 4 0

And so on but you also get:

GA Missons:

Ga 1 0
Ga 2 0

and so on
so change the 0 to a 1 and if you go into the game and play it
the levels are all complete.

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