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Cheats of StokedRider

StokedRider Cheats


Submitted by: conner54

Just rider over a fallen tree to lumberslide

Get the letter 'S' by doing 3x 180 spin
Get the letter 'I' by doing 3x 360 spin
Get the letter 'C' by doing 3x frontflip
Get the letter 'K' by doing 3x backflip

Every letter will earn you additional 10secs playtime

Just get some air and press [SPACE] while midair
depending on goofy/regular the alien will style now!
Those style-points will fill the logo in the left-down
corner. Once the logo is 100% filled you will be
rewarded the AMPLIFIER BONUS. AMPLIFIERS will multiply
your score. Repeat above steps for higher AMPLIFIER.

Repeat any trick 3 times to get a session-bonus

Speed-bonus: Kick old tree for 5 times

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