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Cheats of StreetWars

StreetWars Cheats


Update by: Mniminolas Abdulvadejus
Submitted by: kurniawan

CheatMode 1:
Write these cheat when u choose Gang Color(team)and then
press enter.

Code Result
worker928 = can buy worker for free and unlimited.
pickup036 = take police beacon of enemy.
weapons563 = enabled all weapon for your gangster.
tenants872 = enabled all tenants.
loans458 = loan money for unlimited.
estates216 = can buy land for unlimited

CheatMode 2:
Go to "Play game" and when you are selecting team color,
type one of the following codes and press enter:

Code Result
speed364 - Allow speed up game in network mode
worker928 - Allow buying of workers at any time
pickup036 - Allow picking up of enemy beacons
weapons563 - Allow buying of any weapon for gangster
tenants872 - Allow selection of any tenant at any time
loans458 - Allow borrowing of any amount with bank
estates216 - Allow buying of an estate without conditions

Within the game, you can toggle cheats on/off by pressing C.

After every cheat, by pressing enter, you will here a click.
That means the cheat is on.

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