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Cheats of Street Legal 2 Redline

Street Legal 2 Redline Cheats

Street Legal 2 Redline

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes in v.2.3.0 only.

Code Effect
iamcoolguy - 3000 Prestige Points and four new buttons in the club screen
kickassreddevil - Teleport to the Red Club and be in first place in the club
catchmywheels - Furrano GTS car in garage
bavariancheetah - Baiern GT3 car in garage
hellofromtokyo - Nonus GT2 car in garage
racingforreal - Duhen CDVC car in garage
iloverallies - Enula WRST car in garage
americanmuscles - MC GTLE car in garage
granturismo - Focer WRC car in garage
xtremetuner - Einvagen 140GTA car in garage
primemyride - Prime DLH500 car in garage
dragstarr - Hauler SD750 car in garage

The Race Of Champions:
Enter letmeroc then click the "Tuning" button to qualify for The Race Of Champions.
Note: You must have at least $100,000 for this race.

Money cheat get 100 000 $ fast !!!:
Submitted by: by The Hacker G
Enter BegForMoney and then click on the Tunning Button.

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