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Cheats of Street Racing Syndicate Cheats

Street Racing Syndicate Cheats Cheats

Cheat: Cheat List

On the main menu, press Up, Down, Left, Right for the cheat box. Enter the codes below for the desired effect:

* RENESIS - Unlock Mazda RX-8 in Arcade mode
* SICKJZA - Unlock 1996 Toyata Supra RZ in Arcade mode
* IGOTGST - Unlock 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T in arcade mode
* MYTCGTS - Unlock 2004 Toyota Celica GT-S Action Package in arcade mode
* GOTPOPO - Unlock Police car (Police V8 Interceptor) in Arcade mode
* SICKJDB - Unlock Subaru S202 in Arcade mode
* FIXITUP - Free car repair (can be used once per profile)
* GORETRO - Pac-Man vinyl
* LETMEGO - Police warning instead of ticket (the first 3 times)

Unlockable: Cars

To unlock the desired car, perform the actions listed below:

* Mazda RX-7 Bathurst - Get all first place finishes in the Los Angeles Iron Man challenge in Arcade mode.
* Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed - Get all first place finishes in the Miami Iron Man challenge in arcade mode.
* Mitsubishi Evo VII GSR - Win the Los Angeles checkpoint mission in Arcade mode.
* Nissan Skyline V-Spec II Nur - Win all three Nitro Xtreme Crew Meet series in Street mode.
* Subaru STi - Win the Street Revolution Crew Meet in Street mode.
* Toyota Trueno Apex - Finish first place in in the Philadelphia Iron Man challenge in Arcade mode.

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