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Cheats of Subwar 2050

Subwar 2050 Cheats

Subwar 2050

Once you enter the game, and answer the copy protection
question, turn CAPS LOCK on and type "UP PERISCOPE"
(without quotes). From the pilot roster the keys are:

[ - Previous Mission
] - Next Mission
= - Revive KIA or MIA Pilot

There are probably more keys to use, but I don't know them.
Experiment and find out.

Hex Editing a SaveGame

Get a hex editor and open up your savegame file
(ie: swslot0.sav)

Byte - Description
1-16 Pilot Name
25 Pilot Picture (10 pics total; 00-09 hex)
27-30 Money (signed int; is backwards)
31-32 Something to do with medals, kinda screws up.
33 Campaign (00=Training; 01=North Atlantic)
35,38 Mission; Both must be the same (hex 00=mission 1)
NOTE: Every campaign has 9 missions except for
South China Seas which has 11.

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Goto dos and type:
E 0199 66 66 66 66 66 66 66
E 0120 ? ?=Mission number
E 0122 ? ?=Campaign number

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