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Cheats of Summoner

Summoner Cheats


Dungeons & Dragons Spoof:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

At the main menu choose to view the credits and then press X.
You will be taken to a hilarious animated skit of a few of the
characters from Summoner playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Easy EXP and Bacite Tails:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Make sure your party is at level 13 or 14 and go to Ikeamos Swamp.
Make sure you have completed the ring of light quest. Fight the
Bacites until you have had enough and leave. If you kill all of
them, leave and come back in. They will have regenerated.

Reuseable Tract:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

If you pause the game and enter the inventory screen and use a
magical tract (e.g lightning tract) on a monster and leave the
game paused the tract doesn't get used, so you can go back to the
inventory screen and re-use it.

Another spell casting cheat:
Solomyne, Submitted the following Information:
Email: solomyn@qwest.net
Works great with lightinig books. Pause the game,
select the lightning book in the inventory menu, use
and then cast on a critter or other asorted bad guy.
They will take damage imediately, with the game still
paused. You can effectively target and kill multiple
baddies wbefore unpausing.

Eliminate Casting Time:
Right after casting a spell, go to the menu inventory
screen. When you return to the game, the spell will
instantly take effect. Use this trick if you need to
get off a spell immediately.

Defeating the rider:
When you come back to the main land and head towards
Lenelle, you will normally run into the rider on the
black horse. Purchase three or more Meteor and Inferno
spells. Use about three Meteor and one Inferno spell to
quickly eliminate the threat of the rider.

Easy way to get to Lenelle:
This trick will help you get to the town of Lenelle quicker,
and get the items and equipment you need. When you start your
trek to Lenelle, about half way or more, open your options
screen and save the game. When you meet the rider on the way
to the town, quickly open up the options screen and select
"Load game". This will help keep the rider off of your back
until you are ready to defeat him.

Easy money:
Go to the sewers and defeat Bacites for their tails.
Acquire about 30 or more and go visit Merden. He will
give you over 1,000 gold pieces for the number of tails.

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