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Cheats of Super Bubsy

Super Bubsy Cheats

Super Bubsy

Cheat Codes (type in game):

GH44 = Invincible On/Off
DDB4 = Time Limit Off/On (no time bonus if off when episode ends)
DD6D = Episode 1
DF6D, CKBGMM = Episode 2
D46D, SCTWMN = Episode 3
D76D, MKBRLN = Episode 4
D06D, LBLNRD = Episode 5
D96D, JMDKRK = Episode 6
D16D, STGRTN = Episode 7
D66D, SBBSHC = Into The Canyon 1
DC6D, DBKRRB = Episode 8
DA6D, MSFCTS = Into The Canyon 2
D26D, KMGRBS = Episode 9
D36D, SLJMBG = Into The Canyon 3
DE6D = Episode 10
FD6D = Episode 11
FF6D = Episode 12
F46D, TGRTVN = Episode 13
F56D, CCLDSL = Episode 14
F66D = Episode 15
G00D, STCJDH = Episode 16 (none of the cheat codes work in this episode)
F00D = Ending Sequence
SLS, BBPAN, SHARK = Bubsy slides, flys or jumps in weird, uncontrollable

Saved Game Hex Cheat Codes (the only way to cheat
in episode 16)

Start a Super Bubsy game, hit Escape, choose Options, save a
game, edit the saved game with a hex editor.
Byte 18 hex is the number of lives. Enter any hex number up
to FF hex. The largest number displayed during the game is 99,
so if the the value entered is 64 hex or higher, the 99 will
continue to be displayed until the actual number of lives is
decreased to below 99.
Byte 20 hex is the episode number. Enter any hex number up to
14 hex. 13 hex is the last playable episode (and the one in
which no cheat codes will work). 14 hex is the ending sequence.
Bytes 34 hex and 35 hex are the time remaining. These values
are repeated in bytes 38 hex and 39 hex (reason unknown).
Apparently the highest value accepted is FF hex in bytes 34 hex
and 38 hex and BA hex in bytes 35 hex and 39 hex. Putting very
high values in these locations will result in items from the game
being displayed in the time remaining area instead of numbers
and a much larger time bonus at the end of the episode.

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