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Cheats of Superbike 2001

Superbike 2001 Cheats

Superbike 2001

Submitted by: Ams

When u are using the cheat "EAPOWER" The Bikes Speed Moves Upto
350 Kmph averagely.Aprilia is the Fastest Bike its speed goes
upto 400 Kmph On Fast tracks like Hokenheim & Monza.

Submitted by: rickHH

When taking sharp corners, follow this pattern: decelerate,
brake and turn, then accelerate and straighten out on the
way out of the bend.

Stick to the "behind-bike" viewpoint. As nice as the "in-head"
and close-up cameras look, it's easier to play from afar.

Watch replays of races. Looking at telemetry information
during replays, it's easy to spot mistakes and learn new

Extra speed:
Enter EAPOWER to get great acceleration or top speed
for all your bikes. Your bike may reach 216 mph (350 kph).

Extra Grip:
Enter GRIPPY as your name and you'll get extra cornering

Enter LAGUNA as your name and all of the riders will have
big heads, hands, and feet.

Extra Stopping:
message: Enter STOPPY as your name for extra braking power.

Sharp turns:
Set the game to the behind view. Decelerate, brake and turn;
then accelerate and straighten out when leaving the turn.

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