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Cheats of Supreme Ruler 2010

Supreme Ruler 2010 Cheats

Supreme Ruler 2010

Submitted by: rasgabucha

cheat allowcheats
Type this before any other cheats

cheat shelovesme
Makes the World Market have 100%
relations with you

cheat shelovesmenot
Makes the World Market have 0% relations with you

cheat fullmapshow
Shows the entire map

cheat maxsat
Raise your recon sat level to max

cheat endday
Removes unit calculations from game(Makes the game go much faster)

cheat georgew
Adds 10,000,000,000 $ to treasury

cheat satellite
Sends up a recon satellite

cheat instantwin
Wins the map

cheat allunit
Allows you to build all units(Unfortunately, the AI can too)

cheat onedaybuild
All units will be built the next day(Most unfortunately the AI can too... mega lag)

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