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Cheats of Supreme Snowboarding

Supreme Snowboarding Cheats

Supreme Snowboarding

All boards:
Submitted by Nick Bullar

Open up the supreme folder then open up data.
Open available boards.
Change it to read:
Then save the file and exit. When you return to the game you shall have all
boards plus one bonus hidden one!

Here are the cheats for this game. Type them at

Code Result
siipiveikkoliitelee - Enable Hard Tracks
hiihtoope Enable - New Rider (Guide)
imhotepmaailmojentuhoaja - Debug Mode (Press E During Game)
seivaavideograbbi - Take a Photo
exterminaattori - Unknown

Activate All Levels:
First open up the /Saved_Data/ map in your "Supreme" folder.
Then open up "Avaiable_Levels.txt" and change the offsets to:


Save and exit that file.
Then open up "Defaults.txt".
Change the line that says:

available_tracks = 3;
available_tracks = 7;

Submitted by: nightraider

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