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Cheats of Swat 3 - Elite Edition

Swat 3 - Elite Edition Cheats

Swat 3 - Elite Edition

Update by: Ignace Laplaese
Submitted by: Hüseyin Aslan

Press [Shift] + ~ during game play to display the
console. Then, type one of the following codes

Cheat Result
SWATLORD - Invulnerable team
BIGGERPOCKETS - For an unlimited period ammunition
DOUBLESHOT - Faster firing
NC17 - Stronger bleeding
NOSHADES - Night missions are bright
JOHNWOO - Slower play process
IAMLEET - Mission win
WHOSYOURBOSS - Units do not obey any longer
HOTSTUFF - Suspects are more difficult to kill
RABIES - Killer rats
JUSTIN - Suspects never give up
CASUAL - Summer clothes
QUIT - Play immediately terminate

Submitted by : rickHH

Don't be stingy on the tear gas and flashbang grenades.
You've got ten of each; use one of them whenever you
enter a room.

Always make sure you've got someone to cover your back.
You never know when a bad guy will turn the corner while
you're busy reloading.

Don't forget to report in on all terrorists and hostages.
It's not enough to handcuff hostages; you've also got to
call for trailers to collect them. Ditto with terrorists.

Unless stealth is necessary, always load up on the firepower.
You never know just how useful it is to shoot through a wall.


When you are in the Chinnese Theater go to projector room.
When you come to through the door go to last projector and use F7!!
Then open that boxes :-) and the secret door's will open.
If you don't understand the cheat then email me!!

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