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Cheats of Swords of Glass

Swords of Glass Cheats

Swords of Glass

Starting Out:
First, save yourself some files, create a BATCH file
(.bat, essentualy macros for DOS) that copies all the
DAT files, that way, should you loose a powerfull
character, you can just restore the DAT files, (or
you can use it to get multiples of items via the VAULT
in the Store)Then Run the gameOkay, once you get to the
"Menu" or "Town" screen, press (C) for Create (if you
havent already), give him a name, and then distibute
points.You need an IQ of 9 to be a magican (or be a
warrior that can read/learn spells), or a Strength of
9 to become a warrior. A high DEX is important for
using bows, and Hit points are always important.
Try to get a Strength of at least 5, this allows you
to use a knife.If you dont like this character,
(D)elete it, and make another.For first Timers, I
reccomend 1 warrior, and 1 magican, make sure your
magican knows Vida and Pocofuego, Mapa isnt as important
Go to the (S)hop, and (B)uy:
A knife (if you meet the min STR)
A Bow (if you meet min DEX)
Arrows (if you can buy a bow)
A toga (dont want to run around naked, do we?)
Not Essental:
Chalk (can be handy, for obvious reasons)(G)ive the rest of
the money to the warrior Warrior:
A Sword (Duh!)
A shield (either Full or Normal)
Any Armour you can buy
A Bow (if you meet min DEX)
Arrows (if you have a bow)(L) eave the shop, and (B)egin
After the "enter if you dare" screen, you are in the Dungeon,
get your warrior to turn to find the path that has the lines
on the walls, go straight down (DO NOT TURN), and enter the
door, that in front of you is treasure, run into it, if your
lucky, it will come with a bonus, if your very unlucky, you'll
get poisoned, or worse....make you magican follow the Warrior
now, and get them facing the same way on the same square,
Press (U)tils, (F)ormation, and 0.
This will now move your team at the same time.Baddies:
okay, so youve found a baddie, heres how to beat it:
Humanoids( Brawler, Orc, Golem, Archer):
At a Distance: Shoot it with arrows, or charge it.
one square ahead: Ingage it in hand-to-hand by running into
it (knifes, swords, etc, increase chance/damage)Bugs/Bees/Gnats:
Okay, POCOFUEGO, or simular spells are the Easiest way, although,
if your skilled enough, a sword (or simular) will also to the
trick.Ghosts: Very hard to kill HTH, and impossible with bows,
POCOFUEGO, or simular work the trick.Land Sharks and Crockodiles:
At a Distance: Bows (pref. Poision Arrows), or HTHDogs/Weasels/
Rodents: "RUN THEM OVER" (HTH)Snakes:
Garter: Run it over
Rattlesnake: Depends on what you have, get rid of it ASAP as
it can poison you.Rolling Smoke: POCOFUEGO, or HTH (if you
dont have POCOFUEGO)
Ooze: Get rid of it quick, as it can disentergrate your items,
HTH or Arrows.Im Hurt:
Okay, you have a few options:
VIDA, or simular, heal around 3-5 HP
A Potion (eg Vida Potion, Salud Potion) found in the Dungeon
will also work
Leave via the stairs, and go to the "HOTEL" and purchase hit
pointsLevels: To go up a level, you need to get a certain
amount of experience (level 2 is about 700 exp.), and go to
the Hotel, there you will be told that you are up a level,
be given new spells (if you are a magican), and get to spend
more points.

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