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Cheats of Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars Cheats

Syndicate Wars

Submitted by Daguer - Daguer@caramail.com
Cheat 1:
Login name: Pooslice
(sound effect, you can change the
name too whatever you like)

In research screen:
0 (zero) - Makes more things available for research
U - Does a days research

press . (full stop) - 1000 dollars

In game:
Alt+C - Completes level
Alt+T - Teleports you to where the mouse points

Cheat 2:
type "0" in the weapons screen and have all the weapons
type "0" in the cryo screen and get all
in game: press "q" and your agents revive and get all
the weapons "shift + q" same as above + the triple of

Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

1.Get yourself to a DOS prompt. (you can also do this in Windows text editor)
2.Type cd c:\syndwars (or where ever your Syndicate Wars directory is located).

3.Type edit play.bat

4.Add /m to the end of the line so it looks like @main /d /g /m.

5.Exit out of the editor and save changes.

6.Start up your game and type play at your Syndicate Wars prompt.

7.Either start a new game or load a saved game.

8.Once in the game, go to the equipment screen.

9.Press the "." key. Now each time you press the "." key it will give you
$10,000. You can use it as many times as you like (until you max out the
money that is).

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