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Cheats of UFO - Aftershock

UFO - Aftershock Cheats

UFO - Aftershock

Submitted by: Haspa

Start the game with the enable_system_console=true command line parameter.
Start the game and press ' to display the console window.
Note: Press ö in the German version of the game or æ in the Scandinavian
version of the game to display the console window.
Enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the
cheat function.

Code Result
? - List All Commands
untouch - Invincible Soldiers
full_store - All Weapons, Full Equipment
full_heal - All Units Healed
win_mission - Win Mission
add_resource #, #, #, # - Additional Resources
build_all - Instant Project Completion
full_stores - All Items in Base Storage

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