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Cheats of Wages of War

Wages of War Cheats

Wages of War

Cheat mode:
Type blood money to enable cheat mode.
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Code Result
BLOOD MONEY - Activate cheat codes
ADJECTIVES - Max out all mercs
BILL - Max out current merc
VERB - Extra ammo
LIBERTY - All weapons and max stats
FILL MAGAZINE - Abdul's magazine gets two of everything
ELBOW ROOM - 999 action points
NOUN - Max health
DEADMAN - Kill all enemies
SMOKE - 25 smoke grenades
TIMERS - 10 satchel charges and 10 timers
911 - 10 first aid kits
STATS - Max stats
MORTAL - Average stats
HOUR - Add one hour to game time
MMIN - Add five minutes to mission time
SET MINE - Place mine at current merc
OH DARN - 100 random mortar rounds launched
BANG - Activate all damage links
EXPLODE - Activate all destroy links
SEND IN THE CLOWNS - Clown theme
OH BOYS - Turn clowns off

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