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Cheats of War Games - Defcon 1

War Games - Defcon 1 Cheats

War Games - Defcon 1

During your game enter these codes to activate the cheats.

Result Code
God Mode - unclejohn
Mission Select (Note 1) - saladtossed
Build Any Unit (Note 2) - twobyfour[unit type]
$10,000 Added To Resources - chaching
Increased Armor - mrmuscle
Decreased Enemy Armor - bigsofty
Increased Speed - coffee
Decreased Enemy Speed - beer
Increased Firepower - shaft
Decreased Enemy Firepower - shank
Full Map - morningafter
Faster Unit Ordering - hermes

(Note 1): First activate the cheat, now exit the mission
and then go the main menu and then press Ctrl + H + W,
now click the load button and select any mission you want.

(Note 2): The valid unit type names will include dragoon,
centre, defence, and some other designations which are used
in gameplay.

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