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Cheats of Warlords 3 - Darklords Rising

Warlords 3 - Darklords Rising Cheats

Warlords 3 - Darklords Rising

Press F8 during play and type in the following codes:

Cheat Code Result
JUST FOR GRANT - all your creatures become 9/4 tanks,
and take only 5 turns to produce
NAME THAT SONG - soundtrack changes to a different song
TOUGH BEING GREEN - changes water color to green

If you play the Bane's Revenge campaign, you'll quickly find
that the victory conditions of the first scenario are deceptive.
Your goal is not only to hold as many rooms of the castle as
possible; there's one room in particular that will grant victory
to the side that holds it for ten turns.

In some scenarios, the enemy heroes will start out with significant
advantages (especially the distance they can move per turn).
This allows them to explore a larger number of Ruins, so compensate
by questing early and often. Make sure you undertake quests that are
of easy or average difficulty; these types of quests can be completed

Pillaging an enemy castle is your best bet (unless you're on a quest
that specifically demands that you do otherwise). This is especially
true if it's a castle in which the enemy has invested a great deal of
gold for production of units.

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