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Cheats of Warrior Kings

Warrior Kings Cheats

Warrior Kings

Submitted by: Gareth Homewood

Type the following cheats in the game:

Code Result
GIMMEGIMME - for resources
DOYOUSEE - for reveal map
MAKEMENAILS - Tough mode

Submitted by: Jonathan Papworth
E-mail: sam.jon@btopenworld.com

Open up the saved games file and open with WORDPAD.
search for the word MOTHER. Scroll down until you
find a list of items. you want

item "food"
item "wood"
item "gold"

you can change the number after these. changing this
will effect the amount you in the game. save the file
and load up the saved game you have just changed and
then you will have an unstopable army.

Submitted by: Jacques vd Horst
E-mail: jeil@pop.co.za

Open up the file thats name is saved and go to user. Open your file name with
Wordpad, go down until you see the words:Campaign:"The House of Cravant"
Unlocked_Levels Then type these campaign levels names:

"Celestial Level 2 - Revoltion.lvl"
"Celestial Level 3 - Rescue Tomas.lvl"
"Celestial Level 4 - Guiscard Attacks Tomas.lvl"
"Celestial Level 5 - Crusade.lvl"
"Celestial Level 6 - Valley Of Demons.lvl"
"Celestial Level 7 - Knights Of Sacred Sepul.lvl"
"Celestial Level 8 - Telamgna.lvl"
"Level 1 - Flight To Angland.lvl"
"Pagan Level 2 - Angland Invaded.lvl"
"Pagan Level 3 - Retreat And Regroup.lvl"
"Pagan Level 4 - The Tharingain Wilds.lvl"
"Pagan Level 5 - Sneaky Succubi.lvl"
"Pagan Level 6 - Recruit Pagans.lvl"
"Pagan Level 7 - Kill The Bishop.lvl"
"Pagan Level 8 - The Patriarch's Mercenaries.lvl"
"Tech Level 5 - The Siege Of Mordonis.lvl"
"Tech Level 6 - Ambush.lvl"
"Tech Level 7 - Bombards At Dawn
"Tech Level 8 - Tomas The Fanatic.lvl"
"Tech Level 9 - Defeat The Patriarch.lvl"

Have fun with this HexCheat!

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