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Cheats of Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time Cheats

Wheel of Time

Cheat Mode:
To activate a cheat, press the tilde key [~] and enter its
corresponding code at the system command console.

Result Code
All spells - allammo
Breathe underwater - amphibious
Disable invisibility - invisible 0
Enable invisibility - invisible 1
Fly mode - fly
God mode - god
Kill all monsters - killpawns
Kill indicated classes - killall
Level select - switchlevel
No clipping mode - ghost
Normal view - behindview 0
Select new coop level - switchcooplevel
Sends message to other players - say
Set game speed - slomo <0.0-1.0>
Summon indicated class - summon
Third person view - behindview 1
Toggle time on and off - playersonly
Walk mode - walk

Various Cheats:
Put these cheats into the console window

Code Result
allammo - Ammo, guns
god - Invincible
fly - Fly mode
walk - Walk mode

Third Person View
Press the tilde (~) key to open the console.
Type 'BEHINDVIEW 1' to activate 3rd person view.
Type 'BEHINDVIEW 0' to activate 1st person view.

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