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Cheats of Winamp

Winamp Cheats


winamp mp3 player:
submitted by khalique_aamer@yahoo.co.in

select the top block of winamp and press"NUL" then Esc "L" then Esc "soft".
you will see a message on the top insteed of winamp

this is the skincheat:
Submitted by: RAMI
Email: jermy_100@hotmail.com

The skincheat is a little easter egg in Winamp. To activate
it type Nullsoft (with Esc after each "l" to close the dialog)
while the Winamp window is active. Now the title bar of the
main window changes into another. What appears now the skinner
decides. Typically it is a text, short information about the
skinner or something else.
If you do the skincheat and the Winamp default skin is
loaded this text appears: "it really whips the llamas
ass". Try this with your other skins

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