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Cheats of Windows Solitaire

Windows Solitaire Cheats

Windows Solitaire

Draw One Card: Cheat mode (Windows 3.x):
Start a three card draw game. Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift]
and click on the deck to only draw one card.

Reset cards (Windows 3.x):
If all cards have been revealed in Vegas mode, and the game
was not completed, double click on the circle which previously
held the cards. All cards will return to their original
position at the cost of 100 points.

Submitted by:Darren

Automatic Win-When playing hold Alt+Shift+2 and all the cards will start
jumping off the piles as if you had won.

Easy win:
Submitted by: Prakhar Sureka

Press Alt+Shift+2 and bingo!You win the game.

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