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Cheats of Wing Commander - Armada

Wing Commander - Armada Cheats

Wing Commander - Armada

[space] - Fire Current Gun
[enter] - Launch Current Missile
W - Change Weapon (Missiles)
G - Change Gun
T - Target Enemy
L - Lock on Current Target
A - Afterburner
D - Damage Report
C - Communications
, - Roll Left
. - Roll Right
[Gray+] - Accelerate
[Gray-] - Decelerate
[bkspc] - Kill Engines

F1 - Toggle Cockpit Display
F2 - Left View
F3 - Right View
F4 - Rear View
F5 - Chase Camera
F6 - Rotation Camera
F7 - Toggle Missile Camera
Alt-V - Version Number
Alt-O - Options
Alt-X - Exit

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