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Cheats of Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D Cheats

Wolfenstein 3D

Submitted by: Enigma Question
Email: tbcat2001@yahoo.com.ar
Press M+I+L to obtain everything
(doesn't work in all versions)

Start game with
WOLF3D -next [Enter] (v1.0)
WOLF3D -goobers [Enter] (v1.1)

Hit [Ctrl]+[Tab]+[Enter] (v1.0) or
[Alt]+[Shift]+[Backspace] (v1.1)
to activate all these cheatkeys :

Use [Tab] + a letter :
[G] God modus
[I] Free Items
[W] Warp level
[E] End level
[S] Slow motion
[F] Coordinates
[B] Border color
[Q] Quit to Dos
[T] See sprites
[M] Memory usage
[C] Statistics
[N] Walk t. Walls (v1.0)
[V] Add VBL's (v1.1)
[H] Hurt yourself
[O] Overhead map (v1.0)
[X] Exta items (v1.1)

(v1.0) means : works ONLY on version 1.0
(v1.1) means : works ONLY on version 1.1 or above

Note : These cheats are disabled in some versions
but [L]+[I]+[M]
still works in ALL of them !

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