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Cheats of World War 2 - Iwo Jima

World War 2 - Iwo Jima Cheats

World War 2 - Iwo Jima

Lanshire, Submitted the following Information:
Email: noogie2@charter.net

To enable the cheat codes start a new game and press the `(tilde)
key type in \"Developer 1\" without the quotes and press enter,
then press the ` (tilde key) again. Exit your game and go into the
Setup menu and configure the Keyboard you will need to scroll down
to the cheat codes and assign keys the cheat commands.

Code Result
give (weapon) - Give Weapon (See List)
give (weapon)ammo (ammo amount) - Give Ammo for Weapons (See List)

NOTE: Certian weapons aren't evalible in all levels.
To get them just type their name and drop the word ammo.
For the amount of ammo type 1. Also, most weapons can
only hold a max of 200 ammo.

Those weapons are:

(Example: give bazooka 1)

Weapons List:
Flamethrower ("gasoline" also works)

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