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Cheats of X-Files

X-Files Cheats


To allow more saved games
Hold SHIFT and click on the load/save game
icons to open a normal save dialog window,
allowing more than three saved game files
to be used during the game.

To bypass password
On the word "Welcome" at Willmore's workstation,
right click on the letter "O" to bypass the
password entry.

Notebook Password

"OK!! I give up!! How the heck do you get the thing to do
the thing with the--with the THING?" you might be asking
yourself. You won't find the Spoilers to be nearly as cryptic.
They are there for you when you are truly Quagmired (and are
starting to feel a little like Queequeg). Fear not!
The solution for your problem is at your fingertips.
But don't read any further than you need to, or you might get
more than you bargained for!

I'm standing in the hall! Now what?
Go sit at your desk.

What the bleep is my password?
On the bulletin board to your left: Shiloh.

Where is all my stuff?
Gun, badge, and cuffs in desk drawer.
Lots of cool stuff in cabinet in conference room: Binoculars,
NightVision Goggles, Lockpick, Evidence Collection Kit, Flashlight,
and the Digital Camera.

I can't leave the building!
File the APB using your computer, physically hand the case
files on your desk to Cook, and go to Skinner.

I can't get Scully's password!
No one can. It doesn't exist. Or let me know if you
figure it out, please.

Skinner won't leave the hotel!
Just go back to the Field office. He will follow.
Make sure you get the phone info from the girl with 'tude.

What's computer crime's number?
Phone has a menu. Use arrows on phone to move through it.

What do I find at the warehouse?
Find blood stain on floor, bullet in post just above,
Moreley butt to the right,and some crates near the door.
Use your evidence kit to collect stuff. Go to the office
where Skinner is and go upstairs. Ooo. Dark. Use your
flashlight. Find the crowbar. Open the crate with the
crowbar. Use evidence kit again. Go out the back door of
the warehouse. Oooo. A boat. Go show your badge and talk
to the guy. Ask all the questions. Drag the evidence icons
from the top of the screen to his face. If you don't have
all the other evidence the first time you question him,
you'll have to come back for a second interview.

After the warehouse, I'm stuck!!!
Some say there can be a bug here. I've run through it in
several different orders, and always managed to go on to
disc three. Don't forget to drag the evidence icons to a
person to talk. Run a check on Wong in the ING, then talk
to Skinner in the conference room. If he doesn't get the
phone call and leave at that point, then go back to the
warehouse and talk to Skinner again. Drag the evidence
icons from the top of the screen to his face. Then drop
off evidence at Crime lab (if you haven't already), go
back to the office and talk to Skinner again.

What do I find on the little boat?
Yellow slicker that says Tarakan and a bottle of pills
in the cabinet.

What do I find on the Tarakan?
Way downstairs, find a sphere in a crate. Middle level
find a log on the table and a log in the safe. Middle
deck look at burn marks on wall. Upstairs find fingerprints
and call John Amis about them.

I keep dying in the truck!
Get in the truck, crawl out passenger side and look at side
of truck. Get back in truck and look up. Eventually, you
find a piece of paper with two numbers. Keep it. Then get
out the passenger side quickly.

I keep dying at Gordon's!!
Find the shovel first. Then pick up the paper and get
thrown around. Use the shovel to beat out the panel near
the floor. If you use the pliers on the lock you turn
into Clay's BBQ.

Where is everybody? I'm stuck!
Find Cook in field office conference room. Talk to him for
info, but you will end up going with him.

What do I find in Smol's Warehouse?
Two objects: gun and logbook and conduct two thorough
interviews with Smol, one after you run ballistics at Crime

Where the bleep is Smol?
Find spiral staircase on top floor. Another staircase goes
down right beside it.

Scully hates me!!
Show her the plam that X gave you.

What do I do in the train yard?
Climb the pole. Look at the tops of the cars with binoculars.
Find the 5 digit number. Find that car.

All I see is a body in the house.
Every day is like Halloween! Look up. Pull on the skeleton.

Those NSA guys make me die!!
I shoot them. Autumn is nicer: she was able to run. You can
run from the NSA guys. You get a use icon on the landing.
You then get followed in the dark in the woods. Gotta run
right then straight ahead twice and then hide in a tree.

I don't know the computer password.
Nobody does. All you need is the map.

In the room with the bodies Mulder radiates me and I die!!
Tell Scully to run. After you run from Mulder, get your gun
ready. Turn right. Shoot the guard.

Scully keeps grabbing me by the neck and I die!!
You're going someplace you shouldn't. Don't go near that
shelf in the closet.

Mulder keeps radiating me and I die!!
Got to lure him into that room.

I get him in the room, then Scully plams me and I die!!
This probably means you used your gun on Cook. You need
to go back to a previous save before you shot Cook. You
have to zap Cook with the cattle prod, not shoot him.
Anyone who gets a happy ending after shooting Cook (and
NO!! Plamming Mulder is NOTa happy ending fellow OBSSErs!!)
please let me know how. I can’t find it.

Cook radiates me at the big door and I die!!
Someone else can help you. Throw the plam to Scully.

Allow more saved games:
Hold [Shift] and click on the load/save game icons to open a normal save
dialog window, allowing more than three saved game files to be used during
the game.

Bypass password:
Right click on the letter "O" on the word "Welcome" at Willmores workstation
to bypass the password entry.

Talk to short Lone Gunman:
Dial 1-202-555-0147 on your cell phone, wait a moment,
and he will talk to you for a minute.

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