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Walkthroughs of Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 Walkthroughs

Battlefield 2

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FAQ/Strategy Guide
For PC
Version 1.41
By Chris Zawada
User: antseezee
E-mail: antseezee@epix.net
Website: www.antseezee.com
Created: 10/22/05
Last Update: 11/19/06
Copyright 2006 Chris Zawada

Author's Note
Ever wonder how it would feel if you could take all the elements of modern war,
and shove them into one game? A few years ago, Battlefield 1942 was one of the
first games to incorporate a full 3D FPS inside a realm with useable vehicles,
troops that could gun fight, and attempt to represent most aspects of war.
Battlefield 2 is the sequel to Battlefield 1942, except it places almost
everything from the Gulf War / modern era in an updated engine. With
particularly sharp graphics, seven classes to choose from, and over twelve
maps, how can you not indulge your gaming taste at a stab with this game?
Battlefield 2 was one of the most highly-anticipated PC games of the year,
mainly because it's based around free first-person shooting multiplayer, with
all of the fun aspects other games lack. Combine this with quality
presentation, and the ability to warrant ranks as you play. This is the
ultimate war simulator at the moment.

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
with what you want to know!

=11/19/06= v1.41
There were 2 patches released since this guide was last updated. The v1.4 patch
was released and this actually added a new map, Road to Jalalabad, and fixed
some crashing issues. Patch v1.41 was released a few days ago and this fixed
stability issues for servers. Unfortunately, it was released as a standalone
patch, and not an incremental meaning it has a large file size.

- The new 1.4 patch adds the map, Road to Jalalabad
- The new 1.41 patch fixes stability issues
> Added map strategy for Road to Jalalabad
> Updated the Modifications list with more information

=6/08/06= v1.3
Hardly any changes to add for patch 1.3 except the new commander options. I
have primarily sticking to beta mods being released, such as Project Reality
Mini-Mod, and US Intervention. More mods are being released as the summer moves
along, so hopefully the FAQ will progress as well.

- The new 1.3 patch adds a new commander ability (Vehicle Drop). Other
items were tweaked for balancing issues. Few medals were tweaked for
requirements, however, I did not update the requirements in the
guide. SQUAD HOPPING has been removed, along with joining squads when
> Added PRMM, USI, OPK mod reviews
> Added few more Q&A on mods & general BF2 gaming in Common Questions
> Armored Fury was released recently. Euro Force was released a few
months ago.

=3/07/06= v1.2
Added a tad amount of changes due to the 1.2 patch a few weeks ago. Patch 1.21
is coming out on the 10th supposedly, so expect another guide update to
compensate for it:

> Added new weapons to Chapter 4 (2 available in the patch)
> Added mods to modifications chapter
> Updated ranking requirements

=11/28/05= v1.1
Updating the FAQ according to the recent v1.12 patch released for the
combination of Special Forces & BF2. Interestingly enough, I like the concept
of how some expansion weapons were implemented for SF owners. However,
flashbangs have been the biggest complaint by most players. Added the following

> Added new weapons to Chapter 4 (5 available in the patch)
> Also added SF Weapons section in Chapter 4 (thanks Black_Duck_1)
> Added few questions to Common Questions section

=10/29/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Took a good week of continual typing, but I got through most
of it. I do plan on adding plenty of strategies and user submissions as they
come in.

=10/22/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. I've owned this game since mid-July, and even bought a $1250
Dell laptop just to play this game. I tried to hold back from writing a FAQ,
but there's no reason not to at this point.

- I've now added a Quick Search function to the guide. Press CTRL + F, and
type in the designated (#.#) to be quickly forwarded to that specific section
of the guide.

- Table of Contents -
1) Introduction
2) Game Basics
> Controls
> Screen HUD
3) Maps (3.1)
> Strategies
4) Classes/Weapons (4.1)
> Strategies
> SF Weapons
5) Vehicles (5.1)
> Strategies
6) Features
> Awards
> Ranks
> Stats
> Recording Videos
> Making Mods
> Single-Player
7) Modifications (7.1)
> Descriptions
8) Common Questions
> Troubleshooting
9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
10) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction -
Few gaming titles have managed to combine first-person genres with elements of
navigating, engaging targets, and managing a strategic aspect on the conflict
at hand. If a game has done all three of those elements, it probably did not
incorporate great multiplayer support, suffered from fairly bad graphics, or
simply did not perform up to expectations. Battlefield 2 is one of the games
that does perform up to expectations, simply because of the amount of depth
behind the project, and the amount of fun that results from it. The Battlefield
series originated with BF1942, which employed the same elements, except on the
primitive WWII front. While it was not as detailed, the game was simply awesome
to play online with friends, as you grunted it out from building to building in
numerous areas.

BF2 is the sequel to 1942, except it takes time in the present day era. You'll
find many common modern weapons (not super-modern, but Gulf War eraish),
recognizeable vehicles/boats/helicopters/jets, and scenarios that could
"almost" happen in our current situation. The practical idea is that you spawn
as a lone soldier on either one of three coalitions (USA Forces, Chinese PLA,
or Middle-East Coalition), and must proceed to eliminate the tickets of your
opponents. Tickets act as reinforcements, or the amount of lives your team has
in reserve before you run out. If you have 245 tickets left, your team can only
accept 245 deaths before you run out of reinforcements and lose. On each map,
there are several flag points that must be captured. If you have more than 50%
of the points, the rate of your opponent's tickets decrease faster. These flag
points also act as spawn points. Capturing a spawn point that holds a tank or
airbase is essential to victory, and will often help more than holding two
minor flag points with no vehicles. The idea is to capture all, or hold a
majority so the other team runs dry on reinforcements.

Ideally, the game is set from a gameplay element. You can ride small transport
vehicles, fire mounted machine guns, use anti-aircraft stingers, or simply run-
n-gun on foot. With classes to choose from, this will alter your playing
strategy. Will you setup an ambush with C4 charges as a Spec Ops, or clear out
urban buildings as a default Assault man? This is why Battlefield 2 is quite
popular, and more specifically, it was designed for practical online play. The
game supports up to 64 players on one server, and single-player is quite weak.
Only buy this game if you plan to play online.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-64 (w/ online support)
Developer: DICE
Released: 2005
Rarity: common
Special Features: Voice, Online, Account-kept Stats/Awards/Ranking
ESRB: Teen
Cover Art on box:
- Shows soldier holding rifle in air with several vehicles in background

> Windows XP
> Intel Celeron D / P4 1.7ghz or better
(Pentium M's & AMD's work fine, P-M's are faster than P4)
> 512MB RAM +
(Recommended is 2 GB from my experience. 1 GB makes
improvements but stutter lag occurs on high settings)
> 8x or faster CD/DVD drive (depends on which version you buy)
> 2.3 GB free HD space (recommend 7200 RPM HD to prevent stutter lag)
> DirectX 9.0c
> nVidia GeForce 5700 or better, ATI Radeon 8500 or better
(There is an official list of supported video cards available
via google. People have managed to get it to work on some
lower-end mobile version cards, but the graphics were so bad I
could splatter a chalupa and not tell the difference. MX
series or GeForce 3+ do not work with this. I know for a fact
that someone got it to work with a 64MB video card, not sure
which brand. 128MB or better is recommended.)


- 2) Game Basics -
What I have always loved about PC games is the fact that you can use a keyboard
and mouse. The amount of keys gives you an overwhelming amount of options to
choose from when selecting what goes where. This section will go over the
involved controls, the screen setup, and an overview of the game modes.

/Controls - General Gameplay/
E - Enter/exit vehicle
J - Say chat all
K - Say chat team
L - Say chat squad
V - Talk to commander (only if squad leader)
B - Talk to squadmates (only if in squad)
Page Up - Vote yes during poll
Page Down - Vote no during poll
Caps Lock - Bring up squad management screen
Tab - Shows scoreboard
Prnt Scrn - Takes screenshot and puts in My Documents/BF2/Screenshots
Enter - Bring up spawn management screen

- VOIP must be enabled, and you must have a MIC plugged in to talk to
teammates. You can only hear people in your squad (you must join one), or as a
squad leader, you can talk to the commander on a direct line. There is no way
to hear everyone on the same team or in the same game. Voting yes or no during
polls is usually done for kicking players or voting on a map. You can restrict
polls from popping up via the Options menu. The squad management screen let's
you create your own squad, join another, or view who is in what squad. It also
shows what vehicles are grayed out and available on the map. The spawn
management screen let's you pick a new spawn point after you die to spawn at.

/Controls - Navigation/
M - Show or hide big map
N - Zoom on big map or your mini-map
Q - Brings up spotter menu
T - Brings up squad order/spotter menu
C - Cycles camera views

- The big map basically fills your entire screen with the navigation map. It's
useful for seeing what your enemy has, and where to go next. The spotter menu
is probably the most useful in terms of recon. Aim your mouse over an enemy
target, or fairly close to it. Hold Q and left click the mouse. You will
publicly spot an enemy for your teammates, and it should show up as a flashing
icon on their radar. This is useful for spotting air vehicles, tanks, or
snipers. The squad order/spotter menu is specialized for giving orders to
squadmates. Waypoints can be set. The camera cycler is useful for changing
views in vehicles, or at certain positions.

/Controls - Infantry/
W - Move forward
S - Move backward
A - Strafe left
D - Strafe right
Left Click - Fire weapon, use item
Right Click - Zoom with weapon, secondary function
Space - Jumps
Double-tap W - Sprints
G - Picks up kit
R - Reloads
Mouse Wheel - Cycles weapons, used to change firing modes
Left Control - Crouches
Z - Prones

- I highly recommend sticking with the W,S,A,D moving configuration. These four
keys are used to move your character, while the mouse is used to look around
and aim. Use them in conjunction for maximum performance. Sprinting takes away
stamina faster, and you cannot use a weapon, however, you move quickly and can
evade bullets easier. Proning lays you flat on the ground, and makes it tougher
to hit you, but your upper-body is more exposed to hits. Crouching makes you
semi-accurate, but you're still a hunched target. When reloading, the entire
clip is used to reload, regardless of your current ammo amount. It's better to
reload once you are low on ammo, rather than reloading and wasting a good 20
bullets if you only wasted 8. To pick a different firing mode, re-select your
primary weapon, and left-click. Some guns only have one firing mode though.
Certain weapons have scopes that zoom a great distance when right-clicked.

/Controls - Land and Sea/
W - Accelerate
S - Decelerate/Reverse
A - Steer left
D - Steer right
Mouse - Move aiming turret
Left Click - Fires main weapon
Right Click - Fires secondary weapon
Left CTRL - Ducks in turret hatch
X - Dispenses smoke
F1-F6 - Switches from position 1 to 6

- Controlling land and sea vehicles is simple. Move the actual vehicle with the
W,S,A,D configuration, and rotate the turret using the mouse. Aim with the
mouse and fire, or if under fire, dispense smoke to take the aiming abilities
of an opposing force away. If you're in a turret hatch, you can hold down the
left control to duck for cover. You'll only be exposed from hits above you.
Vehicles have seating positions to sit in. The F buttons rotate from slot to

/Controls - Air/
W - Accelerate
S - Decelerate/Reverse, Hovers (Harrier only)
A - Steer left
D - Steer right
Mouse - Pitch forward/back, Roll left/right
Left Click - Fires main weapon
Right Click - Fires secondary weapon
Left CTRL - Ducks in turret hatch
X - Dispenses flares
F1-F6 - Switches from position 1 to 6
Double-tap - Afterburners

- Air vehicles work almost exactly the same as ground vehicles. The W,S,A,D
configuration controls the navigation of the vehicle, but not as you'd think.
Accelerate increases the engine speed or rotating power. In order to move
forward in a helicopter, you must tilt the mouse forward and hold down W to
accelerate forward. If you want to hover, tilt the mouse to an even level
vertically, and hold W for a bit. As for flying jets, hold down W to keep the
engine speed fast and steady. Pull the mouse up & down to dive the jet up or
down. Tilting the mouse in the left direction cause the jet to turn left.
Tilting the mouse in a diagonal direction will pull in that direction while
turning, but remember to hold down the arrow keys to keep the engine steady.
Letting go of your engine acceleration can cause stalls or fallouts.
Afterburners are a little known feature, but they boost the engine on a jet to
maximum capacity. Use them for tight maneuvers, avoiding enemy jets, or taking
off. Landing can be difficult. Try to use the slowdown key about five seconds
before landing, then let go, let it land evenly on the ground, and hold down S
to brake. The harrier, or F-35 jet, can hover by changing the engine position.
Hold down S, and it will levitate in the air. It's a very non-responsive
control when hovering though, so do it with clear surroundings.

/Controls - Commander/
Caps Lock - Brings up Commander screen
1-9 - Picks squads 1 through 9
Left CTRL - Hold down to select multiple squads

- Use the mouse for everything under the commander screen. Use keyboard
shortcuts when selecting squads. Right-clicking on a squad tab allows you to
issue direct voice commands telling them of their status.

>> Commanders can lay down ARTILLERY (explosive killer)
RADAR (sweeps to show enemies/vehicles)
UAV (shows enemies/vehicles to players)
SUPPLIES (drops supply crate)
VEHICLE DROP (drops portable vehicle)

/Screen HUD/

|[ ] / \ |
|[ 1 ] / \ |
|[ ] | [2] | |
| \ / |
| \_____/ |
|[ 3 ] |
| |
| | |
| - - |
| | [4] |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|_______ _______|
|[5] | | [7] |
|[6] | ||||[8]||

Meaning KEY:

[1] - Status Indicator - Shows who got killed by what or whom

[2] - Minimap / Ticket Indicator - Shows amount of tickets left for
each team, who has a depletion
rate on their tickets, and also
displays your mini-map with all
icons, flag points, and what not.
Useful for navigation.

[3] - Text Indicator - Shows typed messages, enemy spotted commands,
or green text for squad issued orders.

[4] - Aiming Indicator - Your crosshair

[5] - Health Meter - Shows your health bar with white vertical bars.
You die when the meter runs empty.

[6] - Stamina Meter - Shows your stamina bar with white vertical
bars. When you run out, you'll run slow, and it
must regenerate naturally past the flashing mark.

[7] - Ammo Indicator - Shows your ammo bar with white vertical bars.
When you run out, you'll automatically reload.

[8] - Overheat indicator - Shows your weapon heating status. If this
reaches full, the weapon will cease to work
for a short time interval. You can also see
the firing mode the weapon is in.


- 3) Maps (3.1) -
The territories you constantly engage throughout the game are called maps.
Battlefield 2 comes with a flurry of maps ranging from rural areas, coastal
sweeps, isolated islands, and desert settings to provide a partially universal
setting. The recent patch added Wake Island as one new map to the default
bunch. This section will cover the various maps, with some key strategies to

NOTE: All maps will be based off of the assumed 64-player versions.

__________________________________/ DALIAN PLANT \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. China
> Rating: ***
> Description: "Dalian Plant is practically a nuclear plant facility near the
coast of China. The U.S. are attempting to take over the area
for control of the power grid for a majority of northern

:> Key Bases (USA):

- Holding the two south bases right on the beachline are crucial to success
on this one. The middle beach base will spawn an additional attack
helicopter for your team, along with a tank. You'll also receive another
tank if you get the point to the south of this. Control these two points,
and resistance should not be that tough with armor & air superiority. If
anything, pound all you got on the central Chinese base to the left, as this
is where they will get their 2nd helicopter.

:> Key Bases (China):

- Holding the central base closest to your non-cap spawn is essential, as
you'll get a boost with another attack helo. Make use of the fast moving
transport vehicles to race to the surrounding points. You'll have a tough
time defending the flanks, especially the beachline where Blackhawks, boats,
and enemy jets will approach. It's nice to grab the south beach point, but
is extremely difficult due to artillery strikes.

- The problem with this map is that it can go lopsided for either team. A
majority of the time, you'll find the Chinese to be the strong team at hand,
simply because they have ground control thanks to their local base. Americans
have to race across a few hundreds meters of ocean water before they can reach
the shoreline. If the Chinese can rush and hold all points, it's practically
impossible to breach any area. If you find yourself getting pinched in as the
Chinese, try to take a transport helo from your main base, and sneak it behind
to the north beach point. This is often unguarded.

:> Sniper Spots

- If you find yourself getting stuffed in by the Americans, get on the
mountain to the right of your main spawn, and snipe down on the Americans
closest to you. There are 2-3 cranes on this map and cylinders you can use
for height advantages. Unfortunately, this is an armor-dominant map, so
you'll find few infantry targets unless a team is down to their last capture
point. Try sniping pilots who try to fly away with an abandoned helicopter.

_______________________________/ DAQING OILFIELDS \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. China
> Rating: **
> Description: "Daqing Oilfields is a resource-crucial point, as it contains
numerous oil refineries and points of interest that could
benefit either faction in the conflict."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- I've found that holding the point to the south & right of the main
refineries is what you need to do to succeed. These two points are
practicaly chokeholds that lead to the rest of the points. Not only that,
but tanks spawn at these points that can really alter the ground gameplan in
the end. There's an additional helopad to the northeast corner, but it's
isolated, and truly insignificant.

:> Key Bases (China):

- Holding the main and upper right helopad will be crucial to success. You
need additional air support on this one to deal with the armored threats
that the Americans have. The main central point, while providing nothing
else than common grounds is essential to boost morale. It's difficult to
take back, which is why you want to grab it first, and protect it at all

- This one tends to go either way. Since both non-cap spawns are on the ground,
either team can get ambushed by eager soldiers. You'll find both airbases to be
under attack extensively, hence why there are so many mounted AAs on this one.
Whoever controls your bomber will most likely be the combat leader on this one,
so make sure you have a good pilot. The point to the south of the refinery is
crucial as it has 3 spawning armors inside it, along with a refueling helopad,
and tall cylinders to snipe from. If you can hold this point on either team,
you'll probably control a majority of the points. Don't forget about the
additional helopad to the upper right. It gives a boost against the armor
beneficiaries of the US.

:> Sniper Spots

- No cranes on this one, but the ground is dark and moist. There are forests
that border some of the points. Make use of the treelines to prone and snipe
away. You'll be very hard to detect. Also, you can try infiltrating their
main base, and sniping pilots who hop in the choppers or aircraft. If
anything though, you'll find a useful sniper spot on the three tall steam
cylinders at the point to the south of the main point. If this doesn't work,
bail out of a transport helo above one of the large oil drums at the center
point for an authentic height advantage.

__________________________________/ DRAGON VALLEY \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. China
> Rating: ***
> Description: "Dragon Valley is a historic region of China, but also contains
a crucial refinery with strategy military points that can lead
to victory."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- To be honest, there are 3 bases you need on this one to succeed. The first
is the Chinese airport. While it's not necessary to grab it, doing so will
make it SO EASY to win on this map. Try sneaking a Blackhawk along the far
perimeter to cap the flag. This airport contains numerous armor vehicles,
jets, helicopters, more than you can ask for. However, the two realistic
points to capture are the base on the left yellow road that has a mounted
AA, a dock, two garage slots, a TOW, and a building perimeter enclosure.
This is great for making advancements into Chinese territory. The second
point is the second Chinese main base, which has their transport helicopter
and several houses. Taking this limits their air superiority.

:> Key Bases (China):

- Simply hold the high points on the map. Hold the top mountain spot to
prevent reinforcements from flooding through. Really, you don't even need to
push the Americans off of the land, just hold the highest points and your
airfield on this one.

- Chinese win this about 70% of the time, simply because they have such a
starting advantage. You can easily sneak a transport helo in on the lone
American ground base, and take it immediately at the beginning. Chinese have
too many armor bases, which let's them push through and take any American
advancements. The only time I see the Chinese lose is when the Americans take
and hold their airbase. No air support really turns the Chinese team into a
split rival. Try sneaking up along the left ridge that inlets to cover with a

:> Sniper Spots

- On both sides of Dragon Valley are tall mountains that can be sniped down
from upon. Try doing this. Make use of the height points to look down and
snipe on the opposition. You can snipe men on the carrier from the high
point as well. There are several cylinders and steam stacks you can climb at
the Chinese airbase if you manage to infiltrate that perimeter. There are
also partial rural forests in the steppes which can be used for ghille

__________________________________/ FUSHE PASS \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. China
> Rating: **
> Description: "FuShe Pass is a mining crucial area containing uranium
deposits, critical ores, and items of interest to either side."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- Get the highest point closest to the non-cap American base. This location
spawns out armor including AA. Then, take all points south of the river.
This will practically give you complete control of the map, both air &
ground wise.

:> Key Bases (China):

- Get the point directly north of the main spawn, as this village center
contains armor and extra helicopter support. Then, try to take over some
points on the southern ridge. Points to the south of the river are difficult
to take back, which is why it's essential to grab them early and make sure
no one grabs them back.

- Honestly, I find this to be a split map. Sometimes Chinese will push the
Americans back to where they cannot take over on the offensive front. On the
other hand, the Americans will simply dominate, pushing the Chinese back to the
village center. If anything, air support has the biggest effect on this one.
Jets tend to shoot down opposing helicopters and opposing bombers. Try using as
much armor as possible on this one, and this is one of the few maps where AA
has a huge effect on the outcome.

:> Sniper Spots

- If you find yourself getting stuffed in by the Americans, get on the
mountain to the right of your main spawn, and snipe down on the Americans
closest to you. There are 2-3 cranes on this map and cylinders you can use
for height advantages. Unfortunately, this is an armor-dominant map, so
you'll find few infantry targets unless a team is down to their last capture
point. Try sniping pilots who try to fly away with an abandoned helicopter.

__________________________________/ GULF OF OMAN \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. MEC
> Rating: ****
> Description: "The MEC forces possess a key airport near the gulf that could
be used to fuel counter-attacks. The Americans want to take
this beach-head, and control the area to prevent the MEC from
doing so."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- If anything, you need at least one beach base to keep the MEC distracted.
I find it best to take the one on the far left where a lone tank spawns.
While it is an isolated location, it's close to your artillery (if repairs
are needed), has a stinger, and a boat for an alternate route through the
map. Once you have one beach point, try to get the center construction area
with the giant crane. This is another isolated location that rarely gets
captured back and forth which could be a strong rear flanking point against
the other MEC positions. You'll find the coastal points along the right and
near the hotel too tough to take with one assault.

:> Key Bases (MEC):

- If anything, the MEC absolutely need a majority of the beach points, and
at least the hotel area on the right. The hotel area is such a key position
as it gives you the most armor to counter-attack. It also has isolated lanes
which can be defended easily against American attacks. The beach points will
hold your anti-air defenses, which is what you'll need to shoot down the
incoming Blackhawks. They're also heavy casualty areas where you can sweep
back and forth racking up kills.

- A split map that depends on who gets the best start. Both teams have fairly
average air capabilities. However, you've got to remember that the Americans
are isolated with their base carrier on this map. Even though they start off
with a split amount of beach points, they'll lose them quickly due to MEC
rushes. Focus on capturing or holding the Hotel point based on which team you
are. Really, holding that point decides the match, as you get armor, closeness
to the opposing spawns, and a nice established base all at the cost of one
point. I find boats to merely useless on this map. Stick with the choppers, or
traverse on foot. Armor is the best way to go, but there are usually lots of
Anti-Tank or Engineers on this one.

:> Sniper Spots

- If you have patience, head to the center crane near the middle point of
the map. There's little action to engage here, but if you're lucky, the
Americans will capture this point, and you'll stack kills like you're making
a triple decker Wendy's Burger. The hotel roof has a ladder on the south
side that gives a very useful, but tough to get up to point. Americans
always tend to pick me off before I can reach the top. Other than that,
you're not gonna find many height advantages. The entire area is practically
coastal, or very smooth. You can bail out of an air vehicle and try to land
on an oil drum in the non-cappable MEC spawn. You can also access a
warehouse roof on the left portion of the map north of the left beach point.
This point, while useful, sees little action unless down to your last point.
Finally, you can always harass poor innocent souls that spawn onto the
carrier deck.

__________________________________/ KUBRA DAM \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. MEC
> Rating: *****
> Description: "A current dam-in-construction happens to be a key chokehold
for advancement for either the USA or MEC forces. Whoever holds
this point can flood the opposing forces like a dock on the

:> Key Bases (USA):

- You need to take the MEC airbase regardless. You may be able to hold most
of the points except that one, but taking that literally crushes their
ability to operate. Try sneaking a Blackhawk along the flanking ridge, close
to the boundary lines. You can manage to get one in there, drop your troops,
cap the point, and then limit the MEC air capabilities. There's a neutral
chopper in the center that can be taken by capturing the center point
through the dam tunnel. This point is difficult to take, but there is a
sewage tunnel beneath that is actually right underneath the flag, and counts
as a capture zone. Stand here, take the point, let some reinforcements
spawn, then flood the remaining MEC points. You may want to try taking the
secondary base where the AA spawns with a double-slot garage about two
clicks to the west. You'll get several armor vehicles here and also provide
access to a majority of the points.

:> Key Bases (MEC):

- Hold the upper right building that is under construction with no windows.
A TOW, AA, and jeep should spawn here. It's the only true building that
provides access to all other points because it has a triple-roadway segment.
It branches out to every point, and you can parachute or drop down for the
points near ground level. I highly recommend destroying the bridge near the
first neutral point right next to the US non-cap spawn. You don't want armor
crossing easily to your height positions. Make it difficult, or make the
Americans traverse in their Blackhawks so your jets can shoot them down.
Don't forget; your airbase means everything on this one.

- This is my personal favorite map out of every one in BF2. It has detailing,
height, tunnels, lots of armor, lots of places to snipe, and key areas that act
as chokehold points. It can go either way, based on who pushes further or who
infiltrates the rear positions. It's slightly tougher on the MEC side since you
gotta deal with holding your rear airbase from sneak attacks. You'll have
moderate air superiority in terms firepower, but don't expect extreme
navigational abilities. There are narrow tunnels on the MEC side of the dam
that lead to dead ends. You'll find one neat one you can fly through (only
perform during emergencies) if you have the elite skills. If you have snipers,
I recommend defending the low points by positioning themselves on highground
spots. There are several cranes on this one, one near the central, one on the
dam, one near the airbase. Pick one that is closest to the action. If anything
though, attack helicopters will do the most damage on this one. You can access
the neutral center one by climbing the rear stairwell & ladder by the center
point, or dropping down from the dam road on top over the left ledge. There is
also a secret tunnel underneath the central "ground-level" capture point. Go
into either large turbine tunnel near the base of the dam, and cut a right/left
into the inlet tunnel that connects both turbine tunnels. If you stand in the
center of this tunnel, you can actually lower & capture the central flag a few
meters above your head. This way, you won't even be seen or equated in the

:> Sniper Spots

- Three cranes to choose from, and two mountain valleys that aim downward at
ground points. This map is a sniper's dream. There are mountain valleys in
the American spawn as well, and a farther range to deal with near the MEC
airbase. Personally, any of these points are fine. DO NOT prone on top of
the mountains. Prone where the bushy grass is. The sun horizon tends to
reveal your position as a sniper on this one, and people will usually spot
you for other snipers to deal with. If you can hold the Americans back,
snipe across the destroyed bridge. You can also try dropping into the
wreckage of the destroyed bridge, and proning on a twisted steel beam.

__________________________________/ MASHTUUR CITY \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. MEC
> Rating: ****
> Description: "A key city is about to be occupied by USA forces. The MEC rally
together like Bravehearts in an attempt to defend the city."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- Blackhawk, Blackhawk, Blackhawk. Hold your main airbase, and closest tank
spawn point for domination. Despite blackhawks getting nerfed in the patch,
have your helo circle a MEC point a few times laying down Vulcan fire. Drop
out 2-3 troops to capture the point, let them hop back in, and move to the
next point. There are lots of Anti-Tank players on this map, but the
Blackhawk should be able to gun down infantry easily. The center mosque
position goes back and forth between teams, so I wouldn't worry about it too
much. Focus on the MEC building spawn as this is where most players choose
to go. It also is close to their key commander assets, artillery, and
provides lots of relative position in terms of mass destruction.

:> Key Bases (MEC):

- All I can say is hold your main building base, and helopad. Other than
that, it honestly comes down to luck. The MEC transport helo is not a very
good mobile device, even though it can be used for transporting. You'll find
the American's Blackhawk to be the real threat to deal with on this map. As
long as you hold both of these points, you can try to push onward into
American territory. The transformer power complex to the south which has
your tank is actually a critical point but not necessary to hold. Try
destroying the bridge closest to your hotel position, and only make use of
the southern bridge.

- Another enjoyable city map. You'll get into many close encounters. Luckily,
there are only two tanks on this one, no APCs, and lots of transport vehicles.
Mount a vehicle somewhere in the distance, get on the .50 CAL, and gun down
infantry/helicopters. Snipers are somewhat prevalent on this map, so try to
move at all costs. Believe it or not, the Stingers are highly effective for
either team on this one. It's just that there are few patient players willing
to sit in a Stinger to shoot down a transport helo that attempts to capture the
opposing spawn. I've also found that mining one of the bridges can be a smart
idea as long as your team is not in the lead flag-wise. The tanks should be
your main weapons into breaching opposing territory. Lead them slowly and
efficiently, dropping supplies for automatic repairs. Whatever you do, DO NOT
let one team get two tank spawns. This spells disaster, as you're just handing
them the ability to rape and conquer.

:> Sniper Spots

- There are lots on this one. Both airbases are on top of hills where
snipers can defend against infantry rushes with ease. Both tank spawns have
tall mountains that overlook the positions, meaning snipers can pick off
spawning soldiers. If anything though, you'll find a useful sniping point
via a ladder near the USA tank spawn. The ladder leads up to a roof, where
you can climb to a very top aclove that overlooks all the buildings on the
map (including the busy mosque area). There are 3-4 roofs you can climb to
via ladders on the MEC side of the dried river. If none of these places
please you, try climbing the ladder to the water reservoir green drum near
the American main base. If you're desparate for innovation, bail out of a
chopper and land on the mosque roof. This spot is so unstoppable it's not
even funny.

_________________________/ OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. MEC
> Rating: **
> Description: "A grouping of MEC-occupied islands must be overtaken by a
nearby USA airbase. Unfortunately, the toughest challenge will
be navigating to these lone isles without getting blown to

:> Key Bases (USA):

- Taking either air strip of the MEC should be your ideal goal. The MEC's
bomber spawns at the closest airstrip with its own garage. Take the nearby
middle segment point if possible, but be forewarned that there is tons of
nearby armor to deal with. You need to reduce MEC air superiority at all
costs, since this will be their main counter weapon against your armor
advancement. Make use of the Blackhawk, but try to sneak capture the rear
points if possible. Most troops will either stay near the middle portion of
the island, or near the frontal part. As for your attack helicopters, they
should try to pelt key positions. For the most part, you should try to sweep
left-right with the islands, or from the rear and close in on the middle
points like a swallowing herd.

:> Key Bases (MEC):

- Hold your airbases. It seems ideal, but few MEC teams manage to hold both
air bases without losing one in the process. You have to remember that the
only defense you have against American jets, helicopters, and aerial
assaults is your own air support. Make use of the firepower advantages on
the MIG & chopper. Roam back and forth across the island in your tanks,
relaying support whenever it is needed. Hell, jump on a jeep and gun down
the Blackhawks that try to fly in low for a drop-off. All I can say is do
your best to defend the island. Everything on island capturing is done like
bunny hopping. Everyone flocks to one point, and everyone flocks to the
next. Flank and capture a recent flocked position for little resistance.

- I'm not too fond of this map, mainly since it's air-designed, and MEC tends
to win a majority of the time. The Americans have to breach the initial
defense, which is tough on the front portion. There are TOWs that prevent APCs
from simply plowing through, and most people may even bring a tank to the
forefront to shoot boats. The only hope the Americans have is landing a
Blackhawk somewhere, capping a point, then letting reinforcements spawn
through. If you lose an airbase on this one, you really lose a chunk of your
tickets. It takes so much sacrificing to try and take back an airbase, after it
has been stolen. You'll find spawn camping to be a big priority on this one,
specifically against the Americans who will all be crunched at the helopad
waiting for a chopper or jet. Artillery strikes make a difference on this one.

:> Sniper Spots

- Unfortunately, the range of islands and water limits sniping advantages.
There is a fairly high peak between the MEC helopad & establishment base,
but it's nothing major to make a difference. This map has few troops that go
on the ground, unless you're at a major base. Do your best to use the side
hills for height advantages, or the treeline near the forefront of the
mountain to snipe downward. It doesn't have sniping spots, but a good sniper
can treat this map like a ghille suit.

_________________________/ ROAD TO JALALABAD \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. MEC
> Rating: *****
> Description: "A nearby MEC town is being threatened by a roaming U.S.
attack. Before the actual town can be reached, one must
traverse the long dusty plane full of snipers and legitimate

:> Key Bases (USA):

- The US will start off with one uncappable base that has several vehicles,
and a few guard towers to protect their establishment. You may notice that
the design of Road to Jalalabad is actually sniper friendly. The first half
of the map starts off with a rolling hill that ends up near a coastal oasis,
with some occasional boulder stacks here and there. What you want to do is
sneak a transport vehicle into the main town, and capture one of the
interior points (the Hotel is a GREAT spot to snatch up) or the Town center.
Taking the rear mosque is challenging but also worth the effort as a tank
spawns here. Once you have an interior point, the rest of the flags should
fall with ease, and your kill count will increase.

:> Key Bases (MEC):

- Don't let them get a rear flag. Rush the Lake flag, and flank from the
southern army base so that you can trap the Americans inside their own
uncappable zone. Simply guard this long plane with multiple snipers, and
spam grenades at some of the large rock quarries where other Americans may
be hiding inside. Watch the boundary flanks for squads trying to sneak by.
If this map is played with No Vehicles mode on, your chances of victory are
much higher. If there are vehicles, landlock them with AT mines at key
pathways (the water access route from Lake to the town).

- What makes Road to Jalalabad such a successful map is the fact that it's big,
it's one of the few sniper-friendly maps, and it gets to be one heck of a
hellish fight if both teams are combating in the long desert plane. If one team
does manage to infiltrate the town, it gets even more interesting as more close
quarter battles occur. Nonetheless, this is one of the best maps along with
Wake Island, and Strike of Karkand due to its unique yet refreshing design.
Many servers play this map with No Vehicles mode on due to the sniper wars that
go on.

:> Sniper Spots

- If the town has been breached, there is a ladder on the south side of the
burning hotel that can be climbed for a VERY high view. There are also
multiple adjacent buildings with ladders that give you a medium height
sniping point. You will find 2 tall buildings that can be climbed south of
the mosque area, and these buildings give great shots to anyone approaching
from the Lake flag or from the Town Center flag. There is one elevated
garage with ladder access in between the Lake flag point and well flag point
to the south. This spot is decent for protecting the interior of the town.
Otherwise, you can actually snipe very good on just the long flat plane that
leads to the US's uncappable zone. Use the rock quarries for cover, or hide
behind palm trees.

______________________________/ SHARQI PENNINSULA \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. MEC
> Rating: ****
> Description: "USA forces have seized a key television station that was
boasting propoganda. The MEC wants to take it back so they can
send out more eroding brainwaves."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- All you need to hold on this one is the tall TV station. It has a helopad
spawn and a wide point of view. You can easily defend it against the
ground, and sabotage the inner stairwells in case you do get overrun. While
you may eventually lose due to a loss of reinforcements, hold the TV station
at all costs for the best chance to win. I do recommend capturing the
building in construction to the west as your secondary spawn point. Few MEC
forces will breach this area, and if they do, will most likely be gunned
down. Other than that, this map comes down to counter-rushing, taking a
point, defending it for a bit, and then repeating to rack up lots of kills.
Artillery should be your friend to counter the mass rushes of the MEC

:> Key Bases (MEC):

- You're going to want to capture bases sort of like you're pinching a taco
shell. Get a point on the south/north, then work inward. The support points
are generally easier to take over, and you can spawn your reinforcements
closer to the battlefield. I found it too difficult doing a head-on assault
into the triple spawn point to the west, or the TV station to the east. The
support positions lack armor support, but they do have lots of navigating
treadways that head off to the rest of the city.

- Sharqi is similar to Mashtuur City, except the conflicts on the ground are
more close-combat based. Both teams only have one attack helicopter spawn, and
it does make a difference how you utilize them. Remember to abuse and cruise
with the MEC chopper. AA stations are mounted across the map, but few players
utilize them to full potential. You can take the TV station easily with the
help of the MEC chopper, laying gunner grenades on the infantry below. It can
also spawn camp the American helo when it respawns, which means your infantry
can rush in towards the ground to capture the point. Taking the TV station
eliminates most chances of a victory for the USA. From a vice versa point of
view, the Americans have to hold the TV station. It's the only point that is
based on one-side. The other side is bordered by a cliff and the ocean. Hence,
you truly only have one side of a threat to deal with, and you get the superior
height advantage for your snipers, plus a tank spawn by the TOW. Your commander
can make a world of difference on this one, specifically where he/she lays down
artillery fire. Try to check it over the center positions, especially the
commonly taken point that only has one stone wall bordering it.

:> Sniper Spots

- There are several on this one. If you're playing the USA, spawn at the
centered hollow building, and make your way up to the top of the yellow
crane. This position will be extremely efficient as it overlooks the busiest
sections of the map. Be careful not to give away your position though as
players do check the top of the crane out for snipers. There are about 5-6
building tops you can also utilize across the map by climbing the base
ladders on each. An interest spot to note is by the south point near the
water edge. Climb up to the corner building that looks towards this flag.
This is a common flanking point for troops, and your position is rarely
revealed as an American (or MEC). Another great USA sniper position is on
top of the TV station spawn. It may be a common artillery point, but you can
bail out. To make your accuracy better, jump and prone onto the railing edge
before it slants downward. You'll be exposed, but be extremely accurate and
capable of picking off MEC troops that rush your position.

______________________________/ SONGHUA STALEMATE \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. China
> Rating: ***
> Description: "A key chokehold has reached a standstill between the USA &
Chinese forces. A dense fog covers the field like liquor on a
grumpy drunk."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- Keep the two closest bases where you spawn. You need the two transport
helicopters spawn simply because you're rewarded with two shiny Blackhawks.
Blackhawks will be your main transport, do lots of killing damage, and help
capture points a tad easier. Many of the oddball outposts may have APCs you
can make use of, but this map is primarily dominated by holding your own two
helicopter bases. Matter of fact, purposely defend them as others will try
to take them back.

:> Key Bases (China):

- I hate to say it, but the MEC strategy is the same on this one. Hold the
two points that posses chopper spawns, try to make use of the jalopie
helicopters, and defend the points from American captures. The only other
hint I can give is to man the mounted AAs more frequently as Blackhawks are
fairly tough to take down. It may also benefit you to try and sneak-flank an
American helopad and take it over. The only problem is that you'll probably
lose a rear base in the same effort.

- Personally, Songhua has always been a favorite of mine, but a map that I'd
only play for an hour before getting bored. It's one of the most balanced ones
with the addition of the recent patch, as Blackhawks don't dominate it anymore.
Seems like transport helicopters are even now that personnel have to bail out
to increase the capture time. Stingers are also more capable of shooting down
the helos, so you'll find more infantry battles in the distance. Mines are
highly effective on this one, especially on the roadways that dip slightly into
the water. Make use of an APC that spawns nearby if you hear a chopper flying
overhead. There are a few spots on this one that you can flank from the rear
via tall hill points. Both secondary helopads have these reinforced positions
that are great for looking down on the valley ahead. If you find yourself
getting dominated in the ground game, capture a few side flanking points to
surround the base positions near the center of the map.

:> Sniper Spots

- In terms of sniping points, there are not many. To be honest, there are no
roofs you can climb on this one with exception to the large fish factory on
one side of the map. Treat this map like a mobile sniper type, as you're
going to have to move around to actually find infantry. If possible, camp on
one of the hills overlooking a popular spawn point, aka the secondary
helopads. If not, position yourself near the center in one of the dense
bamboo jungles. You'll be nearly impossible to see, at the sacrifice of some
added height for more targets to sight. Other than that, avoid being a
sniper on this one. Heck, the enhanced fog makes it tough to see at a far
range too, decreasing the ability of this class.

______________________________/ STRIKE AT KARKAND \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. MEC
> Rating: *****
> Description: "USA and MEC forces clash in the urban setting of a tightely
wound city, with a key bridge and river to cross. This battle
will determine who controls a majority of the territory."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- Thankfully you have a non-cap spawn on this one. I've found the two best
points to have is the point in the farthest northwest corner, and the bridge
point. Holding the bridge allows you to completely shut off the MEC's
ability to bring armor over (assuming you also have units covering the river
crosswalk to the south). The point in the northeast only relays
reinforcements, and can flank the other points from the north. The ideal
plan is to completely takeover every point to the left of the bridge. Then,
sneak a few soldiers across the crosswalk, and slowly but surely take over
each point on the right side. The MEC will have the advantage of more armor
initially, but this tab will be overrided as you take over more and more
points. In order to get the northwest spawn from where you initially start,
flank along the west, and go behind the buildings along the left to make it
up to this position. From here, it's just like taking candy from a baby.

:> Key Bases (MEC):

- You need three points on this one to hold. Keep control of the first point
right next to the USA's non-cap spawn. While it serves no usefulness, it
makes a GREAT distraction for USA forces, and acts like a MEC barrier that
is tough to pass by (assuming balanced defenses along all perimeters). The
second point to hold is the point directly above this. If the USA forces
take the force, just push downward. Not to mention, but this second point
also has a sniper's roof on top, and acts as a key distribution point near
the center. Finally, it would be best if you could hold onto the home base
that spawns your APCs, Tank, and vehicles.

- Strike at Karkand is a fun map mainly because it has no air support, all
ground-based, and feels like Vietnam in some sort of alternate universe with a
desert setting. The initial strike pits the USA at a disadvantage, but the
battle sometimes turns over to reveal a unique standstill at the key bridge.
The map is very condensed, has lots of close encounters, and also seems easiest
to accumulate the most points in the least amount of time. This is why you will
find many players who only play Strike at Karkand just to earn points at a
faster time rate. Vehicle whoring is a common normality on this map, so don't
complain. Often, engineers will hop into Tanks or APCs, ask for a supply drop,
then camp next to the supply drop while firing numerous rounds into a spawn. If
this occurs, take out the supply crate first next to the vehicle, then work on
destroying it before the engineer can repair it efficiently. Snipers may exist
on this map, and if they do, it's either on a rooftop or bushy hill. Look for
both. Watch for Assaulters, as they'll try to grenade launch you. Making use of
.50 CALs on this one can make a difference, especially in the jeeps. Just
remember to bail out when the heat gets sizzling. Medics are the best class to
utilize on this map simply because lots of people die from infantry fire, which
means there are more possible revives available.

:> Sniper Spots

- There are a few buildings with rooftops that have ladders to access them.
I won't describe them in particular since they're fairly common sense. If
you're pinched across the river, just launch bullets from the ridgeline.
There's a tall sniper spot on a tower across the river at the point directly
west of the MEC home base. This spot rarely goes noticed, and you can hop
down onto some cylinders if you wish as well. If USA forces are rushing the
left flank, mount yourself on the hill, and snipe down towards the non-cap
spawn. The left side of Karkand also has a height advantage over the middle
sections. A busy spot to snipe down from is on top of the roof at the point
above the initial MEC barrier spot. While you'll most likely get shelled
out, the spot will have lots of USA forces trying to sneak up on it, and
you'll get a 360 degree view as well.

______________________________/ WAKE ISLAND 2007 \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. China
> Rating: ****
> Description: "Chinese forces have occupied a key island with a strategically
located airbase. The USA forces want to take it down to

:> Key Bases (USA):

- Chinese airbase, plain and simple. This is the only point you need on the
island to isolate Chinese superiority, as EVERYTHING practically spawns at
their airbase. You'll gain the advantage of a tank, extra helopad, their
airstrip, several vehicles, mounted MG towers to defend against a Chinese
counter-rush, and practically a mission complete status. All you have to do
is hold this point and allow your air support to shell down on the isolated
tips of the Chinese island.

:> Key Bases (China):

- Best strategy I've witnessed is to immediately grab the tanks on the two
tips of the island, get them near the edge where the brown bunkers are, and
fire at any boats or choppers that approach. The only infiltration tactic
the Americans will be forced to use is via air support, which can be shot
down with mounted AAs, or a mere AT rockets. However, watch for bombing
raids near the tips of the islands where Americans will try to destroy your
valiant tanks. If you happen to lose one side of the island, simply
chokehold them via the central airbase, and send reinforcements to disperse
out. Whatever you do, don't all flock to one side of the island. Since the
shape is much like a giant "U", the idea is to manage equal defense on both
sides without losing the central airbase. If you happen to get the chinese
transport helicopter, load it up, and try to land on their carrier. Cause
distractions, chaos, whatever you can do to prevent the Americans from
advancing to the island. Also, make sure your tanks gun and fire shells at
the artillery island that's in close proximity to your position. You'll
accumulate many points by simply firing in this direction.

- Wake Island was the only expansion map released via the patch to this date.
It is essentially a U-shaped island dominated by Chinese control, in which the
Americans must take back either from a small artillery isle, or their central
carrier. All I can say is that this map does NOT look balanced, although it
tends to balance out after a few minutes. Sometimes, the Chinese will dominate
and not even permit American captures on their island using the two-tip tank
approach. Sometimes Americans will sneak behind, capture the central airbase,
and spawn so many reinforcements that the Chinese are left isolated at the tips
of their islands for the rest of the game. All I can say is to make use of the
transport vehicles to rush from place to place. Use the two-tip approach
initially, then scramble the tanks as necessary to isolate American
advancement. As the Americans, use a Blackhawk at high altitude to infiltrate
behind enemy lines. Anti-Tanks are useful on this map since a lot of players
tend to use vehicles, or fly around. The Chinese artillery is right near the
inner hub of the U on a beachline, and can easily be accessed, so try to take
it out early and quickly. Sneak as American to the airbase; be brute as a
Chinese towards the advancement.

:> Sniper Spots

- There aren't too many on this one, because there are hardly any height
advantages on this one. Try going on the north tip, proning on the beach,
and sniping tangos on the artillery island. If you're near your airbase,
you'll find a few protruding hills with foilage you can use for moderate
cover. Unfortunately, the firing angles are fairly bad. One interesting spot
to snipe from that hardly goes noticed is on the downed WWII planes. Jump-
prone onto the bent wings of them, and get slightly in the air. You can now
sniper with a partial height advantage, enclosed behind a fighter wing that
looks like natural scenery. Unfortunately, these are positioned at spots
where there are little encounters until one team captures a point near them.

______________________________/ ZATAR WETLANDS \____________________________

> Conflict: USA vs. MEC
> Rating: **
> Description: "The moggy, mushy wetlands of this humid sector is a key
location for either the USA or MEC forces. Not to mention a key
pipeline runs through this location."

:> Key Bases (USA):

- You'll want to hold the second airbase location (aside from your carrier),
and snatch the central point if possible. The second airbase location will
reward you with a useful jet bomber, as opposed to light fighters from your
carrier. Use the Blackhawks on your carrier deck, and load a squad up. Flank
along the north side going parallel with the river. You can usually take a
point or two behind the central point of MEC territory using the Blackhawks,
but you must go undetected. Other than that, use APCs or DPVs to move
quickly from point to point. Remember that the center point yields the
advantage of an extra attack chopper, but you'll be the main target of
artillery strikes.

:> Key Bases (MEC):

- Center point is required in this battle. It's the only way to capture 50%
of the points for a standstill. You'll have to earn kills afterwards to get
the advantage. Most of the time, the Americans will push forward, or even
take this hill, so it's imperative that you take it at all costs. Your
pilots will be essential on this one to bomb the American squads as they

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