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Walkthroughs of Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion

Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion Walkthroughs

Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion

Platform: Pc
Email: rjessett@hotmail.co.uk

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Version 1.05
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2005 Richard Jessett
Table of contents:
1. Version history
2. Introduction
3. About the game
4. Aim of the game
5. How to play the game
6a. The characters in the game
6b. The weapons in the game
7. Winning the game
8. Starting a new game
9. Collecting clues
10. Making a guess
11. Where to go first
12. Multiplayer mode
13. Tips
14. Thanks
15. Contact info
16. Legal stuff


1. Version History

Uploaded 4/1/06: After along time of increasing this guide’s size it
got accepted, hooray! Well hope it helps.

Updated on 7/1/06: Now that it’s uploaded I can update it, ive changed
some things added a bit here and there and also received an email
telling me some info, which ive updated in my guide, full credit is
giving to Jon L.


2. Introduction

This walkthrough has been designed by me as I love this game and also
by the fact that there are few walkthroughs for this game. I have
designed this guide to go into detail about how to play this game and
to give you some good tips on how to play cluedo. This game is
obviously the computer version of the board game classic and has been
converted brilliantly. So, I hope you enjoy reading my guide it is also
quite helpful to you.


3. About the game

Cluedo is an age old classic board game that is very fun to play, this
computer version is no less fun to play than the board game version.
All the six characters are in this game, witch by the way is played on
the classic board. All the rooms are still the same and it features
some good cutscenes giving a good effect to make you have a greater
time playing this game. The game was designed by Hasbro interactive and
was released to the USA in 30/9/98. On this computer version you can
play online with up to six players.

4. Aim of the game

The aim of the game in cluedo is to solve who the murderer was before
any of the other players guess it. You go around the board rolling the
dice and entering rooms. You get one guess per go and get to collect
clues to help you guess right. The aim of the game is to make an
accurate guess at who the murderer is.


5. How to play the game

At the beginning of the game, a character, weapon and room will be
randomly chosen and you only find these out at the end of the game. To
solve the mystery/win the game you have find out who committed the
crime, what weapon was used and what room the murder was committed in.
You will be dealt some random cards and you can then cross those
characters/people/rooms of your list, thus eliminating them from your
murder enquiry. During the game you move from room to room to make your
enquiries. Once inside a room, make a "suggestion" on your turn by
calling a character and a weapon into the room. You can then question
your fellow players as, one by one, you ask them to reveal if they have
a card that matches the room you're in or the character and weapon
you've named in your suggestion. Your turn ends when one of these is
matched by another player's card. Keep note of your findings and carry
on playing. By keeping track on what you've seen and deduced you can
eventually make a guess at who committed the murder, what they used and
where they performed the murder.

6. a) The Characters in the game

The characters in the game are the suspects that you must suspect of
committing the crime of murder, one of them is you and another one is a

Here is the list of the characters:
1. Col. Mustard (Yellow)
2. Prof. Plum (Purple)
3. Rev. Green (Green)
4. Mrs. Peacock (Blue)
5. Miss Scarlett (Red)
6. Mrs. White (White)

The murderer is random and so is the room and weapon so there is no
limit to the amount of times you can play this game.
6. b) The weapons in the game

The murderer needs something to murder with so they use one of the
weapons possible. It is your job to find out which one of these weapons
was used in the murder. Here are the weapons:

1. Dagger
2. Candlestick
3. Revolver
4. Rope
5. Lead piping
6. Spanner

These weapons are all possible to have been used in the crime use all
the clues you get to cross of weapons and eventually determine which
was used.
6. c) The rooms
Three are nine rooms in the game, each being possible to have had a
murder take place in it. Its good to be dealt some rooms at the start
of the game because then you can have a better decision as to where to
head first. Here are the rooms in the game:

1. Study
2. Hall
3. Lounge
4. Dining room
5. Kitchen
6. Ball room
7. Conservatory
8. Billiard room
9. Library

In your game any of these rooms could have had the murder take place in
them. It is your job to find out where the murder took place with clues
and the cards your dealt. There are a lot of rooms so as I say it's
better to have lots of information on the rooms than only a little. The
rooms are quite an important part of the game, depending on who you are
you shall start in different positions.

7. Winning the game

To win the game you must make a correct guess at who you think the
murderer is, a tip I would give you on this would be to only make your
guess when you are really certain, and always keep an eye on what the
other computer players are doing. Not watching the other players could
cost you a match. When you guess correctly you will know, but if you
guess wrongly you shall be shown a card from one of the computer
players which in a way shall help you but in another way throw you off
track of your prediction of whom the murderer is.

8. Starting a new game

To start a new game simply click start a new game on the main menu and
you will be asked to choose your character. Pick whoever you want it
really doesn't make much difference. I always chose Prof. Plum so chose
him if you can't think of who to choose. Once you have picked your
character the game shall start. First look at your options (clues) and
make a very rough guess, there isn't much chance you will get it right
straight away so give it time.

9. Collecting clues

As you go around the game you will be given all sorts of clues,
including cards and other player's moves. On the cards if you make a
wrong accusation you shall be shown a card crossing out one of the
things you guessed from the murder enquiry. Watching how other players
act is a good way to pick up clues. For example if you are in one room
all on your own and all the other players are in another room you
probably have something wrong.


10. Making a guess

At the start of the game you will not have a clue who the murderer was,
what they committed the murder with and where they committed it. It’s
usually right near the end of the game that you start to get close to
guessing the right murderer. So what do you do until you start getting
an idea of who the murderer was? You make lots and lots of probably way
off guesses. In cluedo you will never get the right guess first time.
So you will just have to make lots of guesses from any hunch you may
get while playing. Happy guessing!


11. Where to go first

Depending on whom you chose as your character you will be put in their
starting board position. No position is better to start at than another
though once you've read your clues there are several ways you can go
that may determine whether or not you win the game. I would advise you
to go into the first rooms you come across because the sooner you start
guessing the better. Also as I have said before if all the computer
opponents' start heading for one room (this rarely happens) go with the
flow and follow all of them.


12. CPU-Players

I also want to point out that CPU-controlled characters, regardless of
their difficulty setting, never suggest their own suspect or weapon
cards. This is important for when the computer makes a good suggestion
that no one can disprove - you can automatically deduce they at least
don't have the suspect/weapon they suggested thus becoming aware of
2/3rds of the solution.

-info form Jon L

13. Multiplayer mode

The method of playing the game over the internet is highly
inconspicuous. Clue can still be played on the MSN Gaming Zone at
www.zone.msn.com/directplay in the Direct Play game room. However, this
avenue is being shut down by the end of this month. Alternatively, by
using the version of Windows Messenger (as distinct from MSN Messenger)
that comes with Windows XP (4.7), it is possible to send invites to
your contacts to start a game of Clue. These are the only methods I
know of through which Clue can be played via the internet.

-info also from Jon L, thanks


14. Tips

I'm going to give you some tips on how to do better at this game though
sometimes the outcome is really just down to luck. Here they are:

1. Always watch what your opponents are doing, the places they go and
where they move to and what they guess could give you valuable clues on
winning the game.

2. Pay attention to what clues you have in your hand and what clues you
have been shown.

3. Never skip the option to have a free guess, it could provide you
with more information

4. Enjoy the game don't worry if you lose, it's a great game with great


15. Thanks

I would just like to say thanks to a few people before I end this guide
with all the legal stuff and contact info. Here are some people I would
like to thank:

CJayC, for creating gamefaqs

People who email me, thanks for the info I usually will put in my guide

Jon L, for emailing me and giving me info on multiplayer and CPU-
players abilities.

Hasbro interactive, for making such a good transfer from board game to
computer game

Myself, for writing this guide and especially buying this game


16. Contact info

If you need to contact me about the walkthrough you can at
rjessett@hotmail.co.uk only contact me about the guide or things to
change in it don't email me unless it's something to with the guide or
the game, if you contribute anything to the guide full credit shall be
given to you.

Don’t be shy to email me I don’t bite, im a nice guy, although try not
to email me in foreign languages that I don’t understand, I only speak
English, thanks.

Also you may occasionally see me wandering the message boards, my name
is 00692, bit of a weird name, so see you around.

You can check out my reviews, codes and guides by looking at my
contributor recognition page here:



17. Legal stuff

This FAQ cannot be used on any sites other than the ones listed:


If you would like to use this guide on your website you will have to
ask me first.

Any site that posts this FAQ without permission will have he
appropriate legal actions taken against them.

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2005 Richard Jessett

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