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Walkthroughs of Command and Conquer Generals

Command and Conquer Generals Walkthroughs

Command and Conquer Generals Walkthrough

- PC Version

This walkthrough is best viewed with : Notepad
Font - Fixedsys
Size - 9
Style - Regular

- - - - - - - - - - -

Walkthrough researched and developed by DarkTim.
Email Address : platinumdarktim@yahoo.com.au

This C&C Generals Walkthrough is Copyright ©2003, All Rights Reserved.
©2003 Dark Phoenix Corporation.

<<< Submissions are closed and no longer accepted for this walkthrough >>>

Version : 3.00 [Final Version]
Completed : Sunday 1st February 2004

- - - - - - - - - - -

Warning: This walkthrough contains spoilers!

* * * Main Menu of Command and Conquer Generals Walkthrough * * *

* Hold 'Ctrl' + 'F' to make the find window appear.
* Choose which sub-section you want view in this walkthrough.
* Type in the three digit alphanumeric code given for the section you want.
* Click the 'Find Next' button twice to end up in the certain section.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Section A - Introduction"
A01 - Overview of C&C Generals Walkthrough
A02 - Submitter Acknowledgements

"Section B - Getting Ready"
B01 - Introduction to C&C Generals
B02 - PC Requirements
B03 - Options Menu
B04 - Mission Scoring
B05 - In-Game Hotkeys
B06 - Tips 'n' Hints
B07 - Submitters Tips 'n' Hints

"Section C - Training Mission"
C01 - Training Mission

"Section D - United States of America Statistics"
D01 - Introduction to United States
D02 - USA Structures
D03 - USA Units
D04 - USA Upgrades
D05 - USA General Promotions
D06 - USA Superweapons/Special Attacks
D07 - USA Miscellaneous

"Section E - United States of America Campaign Missions"
E01 - Mission 01 = Operation : Final Justice
E02 - Mission 02 = Operation : Treasure Hunt
E03 - Mission 03 = Operation : Guardian Angel
E04 - Mission 04 = Operation : Stormbringer
E05 - Mission 05 = Operation : Blue Eagle
E06 - Mission 06 = Operation : Desperate Union
E07 - Mission 07 = Operation : Last Call

"Section F - China Statistics"
F01 - Introduction to China
F02 - China Structures
F03 - China Units
F04 - China Upgrades
F05 - China General Promotions
F06 - China Superweapons/Special Attacks

"Section G - China Campaign Missions"
G01 - Mission 01 = The Dragon Awakes
G02 - Mission 02 = Hong Kong Crisis
G03 - Mission 03 = A Flood of Violence
G04 - Mission 04 = Broken Alliances
G05 - Mission 05 = Scorched Earth
G06 - Mission 06 = Dead in their Tracks
G07 - Mission 07 = Nuclear Winter

"Section H - Global Liberation Army Statistics"
H01 - Introduction to Global Liberation Army
H02 - GLA Structures
H03 - GLA Units
H04 - GLA Upgrades
H05 - GLA General Promotions
H06 - GLA Superweapons

"Section I - Global Liberation Army Campaign Missions"
I01 - Mission 01 = Operation Black Rain
I02 - Mission 02 = Aid Supplies Drop Zone
I03 - Mission 03 = Chinese Occupied Capital of Kazakhstan
I04 - Mission 04 = Incirlik Air Base
I05 - Mission 05 = Toxic Waste Containment Facility
I06 - Mission 06 = Splinter Cell Controlled Region
I07 - Mission 07 = Soviet Era Rocket Facility

"Section J - Skirmish Mode"
J01 - Skirmish Settings
J02 - Skirmish Maps
J03 - Battle Honours

"Section K - Final Walkthrough Notices"
L01 - Version Updates
L02 - Walkthrough Credits

"Section L - Copyright Notices and Permitted Sites"
L01 - Copyright Notices and Permitted Sites

"Section A - Introduction"
A01 \ * * * Overview of C&C Generals Walkthrough * * *

Welcome fellow readers and gamers to my second walkthrough, which is based
on the Real Time Strategy game, Command and Conquer Generals.

I was impressed the first time I played this game, with the 'mixture' of
excellent graphics and great gameplay. The amount of units, weapons and
structures included in the game just astounded me! The unit variance between
the US, China and the GLA is very different - a big improvement from Red
Alert 2. The visual and sound effects in the game are excellent although
some of the voices for the characters sound a bit cheesy during gameplay.
In my opinion, Command and Conquer Generals is a great comeback from the
flaws of the previous C&C titles like Red Alert 2 and Renegade - which
didn't do all too well.

You may also notice that Electronic Arts did not put in real-time FMV's in
the game - like they have done with Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2. This is
because they believed that these sort of movies would take you out of the
action you are participating in during the game. Using in-game cinematics
however changes this as you are always in the 'action' and you easily find
out what is going on in the mission to come!

In this walkthrough, you will find helpful information based on all three
sides, the campaign and skirmish modes of the game - so come in and have a
look to see if there is anything for you in here. I got rid of the
multiplayer section as I do not play online and there is too little
information based on multiplayer.

If you are interested in giving any feedback, feel free to do so. I won't
probably be accepting anymoresubmissions, because this is the final version
of the walkthrough and I must continue with other recent walkthrough projects!

I hope you enjoy the walkthrough!

A02 \ * * * Submitter Acknowledgements * * *

Thanks to the following people for contributing in some way towards my

- - - - - - - - - -

William B. - For editing and spell checking some of my walkthrough. I
have spell checked it myself before the first release of
this guide, but I was in kind of a rush to release this
guide so this very helpful person has come by to 'erase'
any of those stupid errors I made, so therefore he can
make my guide a lot more useful that what it already was :)
This guy is also responsible for submitting in a few very
detailed submissions related for tips towards the game.

Emanuela C. - This person - besides asking me for permission to post an
Italian translated version of this guide on a website, was
the one who translated it to Italian in the first place
making it easier to read for some people out there who are
Italian and have trouble understanding the English

James G. - Checking the rest of the entire walkthrough of spelling
mistakes and other small errors I have made in my own

n1b1sk1 - For submitting a variety of different things for this

Zerk - Asking to post this walkthrough on their website!

Krzysztof - Asking to post this walkthrough on a website and for also
translating this walkthrough into a polish version!

Eduardo V. - Asking to post this walkthrough on a website and for also
translating this walkthrough into a spanish version!

I also thank the people below for submitting, giving feedback, sending emails
to me asking questions etc, which are related to my Generals walkthrough.

- - - - - - - - - -

Jaspar Y. - Pointing out some possible errors in the skirmish medals
section, and also submitting easier ways of getting these
medals from what I have said in the first update.

Daniel B. - Correcting my error of the fact the tunnel networks can
transport vehicles besides units as well.

Dario D. - Asking permission to post this walkthrough on a website.

Atma D. - Submitting in some general tips for the game.

Sean C. - Submitting in some general tips for the game.

Phil S. - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

Michael A. - Pointing out some errors in my guide as well as things I
have typed too commonly in the first version of my

wizard4it - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

andro artanto - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

Dave B. - Sending in some general tips for the game.

Michael D. - Spotting numerous errors on my guide and for some feedback.

Mohit A. - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

Ali M. - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

Joe B. - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

Russell S. - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

Switch - Submitting an amazing amount of general submission tips.

Dave A. - Asking to post this walkthrough on a site.

Guy J. - Asking to post this walkthrough on a site.

Roper337 - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

Ceff - Asking to post this walkthrough on a site.

Oliver H. - Asking to post this walkthrough on a site.

Paul D. - Pointing out some general errors.

Steven - Asking to post this walkthrough on a website

Danny - Submitting in numerous general submitters tips.

David S. - Submitting in a lot of general submitter’s tips.

John H. - Submitting in a lot of general submitter’s tips.

Darren M. - Submitting in some basic cheats.

Nasir S. - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

Jimmy - Pointing out an error I made.

Frank T. - Asking permission to post this guide on a website

Eddie M. - Submitting in some general tips for the guide and for the
nice feedback.

Bert J. - Asking permission to post this guide on a website

Matthew N. - Sending an email regarding something about Command and
Conquer Generals.

sticktendo - Submitting a rather helpful way of passing the first
US mission.

Aindréas P. - Pointing out an error in my mission walkthrough.

The Mafia - For some nice feedback and also pointing out a potential
error in my mission walkthrough.

Ives G. - For submitting in 'extensions' to some of my unit
descriptions and for the great feedback!

Whit L. - For sending in a helpful general tip on easy ways of
defeating GLA etc.

Roger M. - For supplying basic walkthroughs for the last 2 GLA
missions but will probably will be included in the next
update of this walkthrough.

Ryan L. - For submitting in a tip and for the nice feedback of my
walkthrough :)

Mat T. - For some great submitting for passing USA mission 7
in an easier way!

Alex B. - For submitting in some tips for my guide.

Bernd W. - Asking permission to post this guide on a website

Hilary G. - Sending an email regarding something about my walkthrough!

Jarid - Sending in a general tip for my walkthrough!!

Agent Neo - Asking to post this walkthrough onto a website.

J.J Johnson - Sending an email regarding something about C&C Generals!

David - Sending an email regarding something about C&C Generals!

Henry L. - Submitting in some tips for my walkthrough.

Paveway - Submitting in the mission walkthrough for GLA campaign
mission 7.

Daniel B. - For submitting in some tips for my walkthrough.

Robo - For submitting in some tips for my walkthrough.

Eli B. - For submitting in some tips for the mission walkthrough.

Craftsman - For submitting in some tips for my walkthrough and for
the feedback.

Calypso - For submitting numerous tips for my walkthrough and for the

Daniel P. - Asking permission to post this walkthrough on a website.

Addi K. - For the great feedback about my walkthrough :)

Richard G. - Asking permission to post this walkthrough on a website.

addy - Sending an email regarding something about my walkthrough!

John C. - Asking permission to post this walkthrough on a website.

Madwarrior - For submitting in some tips for my walkthrough.

Greg N. - For submitting in some tips for my walkthrough.

Gary S. - Asking permission to post this walkthrough on a website.

Timothy K. - For submitting in a tip for my walkthrough.

Jonathan C. - Asking permission to post this walkthrough on a website.

"Section B - Getting Ready"
B01 \ * * * Introduction to C&C Generals * * *

The game is set 20 years into the future.

The threat was more deadly than anyone had imagined.

While the United States of America intercepted the missile over the
ocean - an explosion the size of Texas bloomed over the Atlantic like some
amorphous flower - the thwarted terrorist attack would nonetheless reset
the world stage. The bio-terror agent developed by the Global Liberation
Army had the potential to wipe out hundreds of millions of people across
the globe.

As the 21st century matures, the superpowers are not quite so super
anymore. The three main players on the world stage - the United States of
America, China and the political terror organization known as the Global
Liberation Army - are each vying to bring its own vision of truth and
stability to the world, each side prepared to fight in its own way and for
its own ideals.

As China tries to push the Global Liberation Army out of its borders and
the United States gears up for police action halfway across the globe, the
GLA - the most efficient and slippery terrorist organization ever
seen - entrenches itself for the final conflict it has anticipated for

It's a conflict that will determine the course of history to come, a history
not fussed over by bespectacled professors but hammered out by men of
courage and cunning on the battlefield - by the generals.

B02 \ * * * PC Requirements * * *

Here are the basic requirements for the game. Take into account though that
the minimum requirements are not actually the lowest requirements you need
to play the game - as I have seen computers with lower specifications
than the minimum requirements and they still run the game.

- - - - - - - - - -

*** Minimum System Requirements ***

Operating System : Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP
[Windows 95/NT not supported]
Processor/CPU : 800 MHz Intel Pentium III Processor
AMD Athlon Processor equivalent
CD/DVD Rom Speed : 8x CD/DVD-Rom
Hard Drive Space : 1.8 Gigabytes hard disk space
Additional space for saved games
Additional space for Windows swap-file and DirectX 8.1
Video Card : 32 MB AGP video card - NVIDIA GeForce 2 or ATI Radeon 7500
A Recent chipset with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
Sound Card : DirectX 8.1 compatible PCI 16-bit sound card
Input : Keyboard

- - - - - - - - - -

*** Recommended System Requirements ***

Processor/CPU : 1.8 GHz or faster Intel Pentium IV
AMD Athlon Processor equivalent
RAM : 256MB RAM or more
Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 3 or better Direct3D capable video card

- - - - - - - - - -

*** Minimum Multiplayer Requirements ***

Internet : [2 to 4 players]
56kbps or faster direct internet connection
Network : [2 to 8 players]
TCP/IP compliant network
RAM : 256MB RAM for three to eight player games
Discs : One set of game discs per player
Both discs cannot be used simultaneously for multiplayer

- - - - - - - - - -

*** Recommended Multiplayer Requirements ***

Internet : [5 to 8 players]
Cable, DSL or a faster direct internet connection

B03 \ * * * Options Menu * * *

This section describes all the different settings in the Options menu from
the main menu of Command and Conquer Generals. The overall performance of
your computer will determine what it can handle without the game slowing down
too much, so experiment with all the settings before you start playing the
game and adjust to the settings in which your computer can handle the best.
This is not the type of game you would want to experience slow gameplay!

- - - - - - - - - -

- - - Control Options - - -

Scroll Speed : This determines the overall speed of the mouse while
playing. Putting it lower will make the cursor move slower
while putting it higher makes it move a lot faster.
Personally, I like to put mine just above the half way point
for the best comfort during game play :).

- - - - - - - - - -

- - - Audio options - - -

Music : Changes volume of the games music.

Sound FX : Changes volume of sound effects throughout the game.

Voice : Changes the volume of peoples voices during game play.

- - - - - - - - - -

- - - Display Options - - -

Resolution : Determines the resolution of the game play. The higher the
resolution, the sharper the objects will appear. This
affects the game overall so make sure you have a good 3D
card if adjusting it at the highest level or you will
definitely experience constant slowdowns. You should
also have a monitor that can support high resolutions
with a good refresh rate.

Brightness : Lowering the brightness will make the game screen darker
while sliding it up will make it brighter. Also varies
depending on the type of monitor you are using.

Detail : If the detail is higher - then you will get the best
experience out of the game, but the disadvantage of
this is that a fast computer is needed to make it run
at optimum performance.

- - - - - - - - - -

- - - Custom Detail Options - - -

2D Shadows : This toggles 2D shadows in the game.

3D Shadows : This toggles showing the dynamic 3D shadows that
units and buildings have in the game. Can improve
performance if switched off.

Cloud Shadows : This toggles the appearance of moving cloud shadows
on the ground during the game.

Extra Ground Lighting : This toggles the appearance of detailed lighting on
the ground during the game.

Smooth Water Borders : This toggles smooth water borders along the shores
during the game.

Behind Building : This toggles the silhouettes of any units that are
standing or moving behind structures.

Show Props : This toggles the appearance of trees and shrubs that
are scattered throughout the various levels in the

Extra Animations : This toggles extra effects like tree-swaying motions
in the game.

Disable Dynamic LOD : This toggles the automatic adjustment of the games
detail level. Leave this unchecked for optimum

Texture Resolution : Moving the slider to the left will reduce the visual
clarity of the textures in the game, but it will also
improve overall performance.

Particle Cap : Moving the slider to the left will reduce the amount
of particle effects, like explosions and dust
clouds, which appear in the game, but it will also
improve performance.

- - - - - - - - - -

- - - Network Options - - -

Online IP : The Internet Protocol address used to connect with
players via an internet connection.

LAN IP : The Internet Protocol address used to connect with
players in network games.

Firewall Port Override : This box is where you type in your Firewall Port

HTTP Proxy : Using this option will use a HTTP Proxy to connect
to an online game.

Refresh NAT : Click the button after changing Firewall Settings
or ISP etc.

Send Delay : Only use this option if you have a firewall
activated. This checks if you can connect to a
network or online game to other players while having
a firewall active. You might need to refer to your
firewall ReadMe or Manual for more information.

B04 \ * * * Mission Scoring * * *

When you complete, fail or exit a mission halfway through the game, the end
of mission scoring screen will come up giving you statistics of each side
that participated in the game.

- - - - - - - - - -

Units Created - The amount of units that have been constructed in the
mission. These include infantry, tanks and air units.

Units Lost - The amount of total units that have been killed in
action during the mission.

Units Destroyed - The amount of enemy units that have been successfully
destroyed by another team.

Buildings Constructed - The number of structures that have been constructed.

Buildings Lost - The number of structures that have been destroyed by
hostile fire or friendly fire.

Buildings Destroyed - The amount of enemy structures that have been
destroyed by the team.

Supplies Collected - The total amount of supplies that have been collected
in the mission. It adds up so it shows you how much
you would have made without spending anything at all.

B05 \ * * * In-Game Hotkeys * * *

I should really give a big thanks to 'n1b1sk1' for sending me all of these
hotkey combinations that can prove really useful in the game!

I should really give a big thanks to 'n1b1sk1' for sending me all of these
hotkey combinations that can prove really useful in the game!

- - - - - - - - - -

- - - Selection Commands - - -

Select a unit - Left Click
Add unit to selection - Hold Shift and Left Click
Select all onscreen units of a type - E or Double Left Click
Select previous/next unit - Left/Right Arrow keys
Select previous/next dozer/worker - Up/Down Arrow keys
Select all combat units - Q
Selected units into group - Hold Ctrl and press any Number key
Select groups - Any Number key
View [not select] numbered group - Hold Alt and press any Number key
Select and Jump to numbered group - Double tap any Number key
Jump to last radar event - Spacebar
Select command centre - H
Rapid scroll - Hold Right Mouse button and drag

- - - - - - - - - -

- - - Unit Modes - - -

Force fire mode - Hold Ctrl and Left Click
Attack move mode - Tap A and Left Click on location
Guard mode - Tap G and Left Click on location
Stop units - S
Scatter units - X
Waypoints - Hold Alt and Left Click on location
Set unit formations - Position, select unit, Hold Ctrl + F

B06 \ * * * Tips 'n' Hints * * *

I will give only a few tips to help you in the game. These might not be
the best tips but I will always allow submissions from other people. I have
picked some of these tips up while playing the game.

- - - - - - - - - -

- If you are using China, when using the Dragon Tanks, be careful not to
make any other of your units cross the path of fire they spray especially
when using flame wall attack - all dragon tanks are resistant to its own
fire attacks but units like Battlemasters and other infantry will get
fried to a crisp eventually as these units do not have 'fire proof'

- Whenever you have the chance to do so, place any infantry you have into
nearby buildings to garrison as defence, instead of building additional
structures like Patriots and Bunkers as this will cost more and will use
more power.

- It is best to have a mix of infantry when you put them into a building
which can fit 10 units. Put around 3 riflemen and the rest as rocket
troops. This is handy if you verse both USA and GLA as the USA use
infantry a lot and the GLA use toxin tractors often.

- If you see a toxin tractor or flame thrower heading towards a garrisoned
building of yours and cannot stop it, tell your units to evacuate the
structure straight away as these two armoured units have to just fire
once at the building to kill the units inside the building.

- Each side has its own advantages and disadvantages so if you only want to
use one side to get use to, try all 3 to see which side fits you best. To
be honest, I actually use all 3 sides as I know all the different sorts
of special things the units can do and different attack patterns that
I can use in different situations. This is because I have been playing the
game a lot recently due to making this walkthrough.

B07 \ * * * Submitters Tips 'n' Hints * * *

The following informative tips have been submitted by "William C."

"China Tips"

- - The Hacker "Farm" - -
Creating a hacker farm is a very lucrative way to increase funds when playing
as the Chinese. Like any farm, it's fairly pricey to get started, but pays
for itself in minimal time and then you reap large amounts of money.
Once your base defences and a formidable offense have been created, you may
notice that your funds begin to linger as the supply docks run low.

At a mere $625 each, a hacker can generate limitless income. Depending on
your computer's performance, a novice hacker with an Internet connection
can gross $5 in about 6 seconds.

1 Hacker = $5 every 6 seconds

That being said, 10 Hackers fresh out of your barracks can generate $50
in 6 seconds.

10 Hackers = $50 every 6 seconds = $8.333 per second

At this rate, it takes a short 75 seconds to pay for a new hacker.
More hackers can be added to the "farm," but after a while, the hackers
begin to gain experience, attaining $6 as a veteran, $8 as an elite, and
$10 as a heroic.

Hence, if your hacker farm is started soon enough to reap the full
benefits, 10 hackers attaining heroic level reaps the following gross

10 '3 Star' Hackers = $100 every 6 seconds = $16.666 per second

At this rate, these ten lowly hackers can pay for a new Battlemaster or
Gatling tank in 48 seconds, and can double the size of your hacker farm
in six minutes and 15 seconds (actual time, not game time). Infinite

Now, along with any other "investment" in C&CG, you'll want adequate
protection. Consider adding a Propaganda tower and a couple Gatling Gun
Turrets to keep your hacker farm company. As with any piece of real
estate, location is important, so make sure your hacker farm is not going
to interfere with other players on your map, discretely tucked away in
some corner behind your base.

And remember, a happy hacker is a productive hacker :-D

"United States Tips"

- - Law of Distributed Chinooks - -
Any general with common sense builds the supply center adjacent to the
dock or stack of supplies that is to be delivered to base. Regardless
of civilization, this minimizes delivery time to and from your base to
the dock. However, unlike the Chinese or the GLA, the U.S. Chinook
helicopters *MAY NOT* use multiple units to harvest from the same source.

The first part of the Law of Distributed Chinooks states that for a
large supply dock, *2* Chinook helicopters is the appropriate number, one
to wait while the other loads up, and they switch when Chinook 1 is
dropping off supplies. Any more than this in the sequence will be wasted.

The second part of The Law of Distributed Chinooks states that more
multiple supply piles, *1* and only *1* Chinook should be assigned per
pile. These supply piles are usually assigned starting values of $3750.
Suppose that there are three such piles in a particular area. Building
two extra helicopters to accompany the free one that comes with the
supply center is appropriate, as long as routes are defined.

If all three Chinooks were selected and told to harvest from the same
pile, it is a violation of the first part of The Law of Distributed
Chinooks. Conversely, a better strategy would be to distribute each
helicopter to a separate supply pile, increasing your yield per trip from
$600 (where the other two are waiting) to $1800 in the same interval of
time. At this rate the following is true:

3($3750)/3(600) = 6.25 trips, so by the 7th trip (about two minutes, 30
seconds actual time), all three supply piles are depleted and you have
acquired the full $11250 before another player gets to the supplies.
Remember to sell your supply centers when they are no longer needed to
reduce power load and the need for protection.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Sean C."

A good strategy when using the USA against GLA. Use the pathfinder to
snipe the three stinger soldiers in the stinger nest then send in
Comanche’s to take out the nest while nobody is in it - the people
come back, but if your choppers are waiting nearby, they will not get
back in time to defend the nest.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Atma D."

- - Blitzkrieg attack - -
Start by using USA, and then get airfield as quick as possible and start
building those Comanche’s! Attack your opponent flank which is his
economy backbone then he'll start to ruin :) This will also prevent
enemy ground unit rush.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Switch"

Chinese Nuclear Missile combined with the artillery support level 2 or
level 3 can obliterate any super weapon structure.

The GLA are quite helpless here, only having the SCUD storm, while the
USA can simply fire a Particle Cannon, drop their Fuel Bomb or send in the
A10s - any combination of the three will do just fine. The USA might also
decide to sacrifice a few bombers if the destruction of a super weapon
is a must - try a few Auroras!

The Rangers can flash bang the GLA Missile Sites to kill those annoying
rocket troopers inside, basically leaving the structure useless.

The USA Laser Missile Upgrade seems to affect the missile barrage of the
USA Comanche’s.

There is a strategy that works best with the GLA Rocket Buggies : hit'n'run.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Danny"

Always build on higher grounds. Your units will be able to fire before the
enemy on the ground can fire. Remember though, Colonel Burton of the USA
can climb up and down mountains.

Look for 'Choke Points'. When you build your base look for narrow alley ways.
If your enemy is launching a large rush, then deploy your units at one end of
the choke point. The enemy drives in and then try’s to turn back, but it
cant because of the infantry/tanks behind. Large scale assaults can easily
be destroyed this way.

Always build your structures away from each other. If they are close they
can easily be destroyed quickly by splash damage from super weapons etc.

If you are in, for example, the bottom right hand corner of the map - Always
build your more expensive structures towards the end of the map. The enemy
will only be able to get them by using super weapons.

When collecting supplies from the supply piles, rotate the supply centre so
that the entrance is right up against the pile. The units collecting the
cash won’t have to move as much.

If you are on the offensive, you have the better chance of winning. Don’t
waste too much money on base defences, instead build tanks and units to
defend your base. As these are mobile you can also use them to attack.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "David S."

- - Use Mobile Units Instead of Stationary Defences - -
Structures like the Patriot Missile Defence System, the Gatling Cannon and
the Stinger Site should be used sparingly. This is because smart enemies
will either flank them or take them out with artillery. Instead, use mobile
units. They can be moved (hence the adjective "mobile") so if the enemy
tries to attack your base from the side you can just move your units to
engage them.

- - The Power of Rocket-Armed Infantry - -
The $300 "man with a missile" can go a long way. When 5 are garrisoned into
a building, they can easily take out a group of 3-5 tanks. When 10 are
placed into a building, their power to stop tanks and other vehicles are
unmatched. The Rocket Soldier's only weakness is that they can be easily
killed. If there are no buildings around, just line some tanks in front
of them so they won’t get run over. The USA's rocket soldiers are especially
useful due to their "laser lock" ability.

- - Spending Money - -
Unless you're saving your money up for something, SPEND IT! Money unspent
means almost nothing in battle. You'd be surprised at how many people, when
in the heat of battle, can just let their money pile up without them
realizing it. Even if you think your army is big enough, you never know.
So keep popping out tanks, infantry, air-crafts etc., so that if the enemy
unleashes a surprise attack, you'll be ready for it. Also, when possible
in the tech tree, make multiple Hackers, Supply Drops, and/or Black Markets.
This is because the more you have, the more money will be falling into
your hands. These things pay for themselves, so it’s wise to get them
as early as economically possible, because when the map's supplies are
depleted, and huge battles are fought over the final $1000 at supply
docks, these assets will be your best friend.

- - Simple, Yet Effective "The Two Line Battle Plan" - -
I often use this strategy myself because of its simplistic effectiveness or
in other ways of saying it, effective simplicity. The strategy can be used
with all three armies, making it even better. Like the name suggests, the
strategy requires two lines of units. In the front line, have a healthy
mix of anti-tank, anti-infantry, and anti-aircraft vehicles. Your front
line should be thin (3 lines at most), but powerful - so this would be
the part where you would bring in your upgraded Marauders, your
Overlords, your Paladins and not to mention any heroic or elite units you
might have.

In the rear line, have artillery (siege weapons). Advance the two lines
parallel to the enemy's base, and move in just close enough so that your
artillery can start eating away at your enemy's structures. DO NOT ALLOW
THE ARTILLERY TO CROSS THE FRONT LINE. The front line is in front for a
reason - to engage your enemies units. Naturally when you start to waste
away at your enemy’s structures with your artillery, they're going to
retaliate. Its the front line's job to protect the artillery. DO NOT LET
THE FRONT LINE STRAY AWAY THE ARTILLERY. It’s imperative that you keep
the artillery alive, so let your enemy comes out of its base and into
your attack force. If you think that the enemy will flank you to get
to your artillery, feel free to add a third line behind the artillery
and some sidelines to completely surround your artillery with units.

The third line can be replaced with Comanche’s if you are playing as the
USA. Anyway, when you have destroyed everything in range, move the lines
up little by little until you come into range of another building.
Destroy anything else within range and repeat. Keep moving the lines up
and defending the artillery until your opponent’s base has been
neutralized. As far as numbers go ALWAYS HAVE MORE IN THE FRONT LINE
THAN IN THE SECOND. Play around with the numbers too, to see if you have
a combination that suits you’re playing style better. The formation
command (ctrl+f), and the group command (ctrl+ number 1 through 0) is
extremely helpful in this battle plan.

- - Superweapons Aren't That Super - -
Don’t use super weapons alone, they are there to complement your
army, they are not an army by itself. The same thing goes for generals
promotions; using an artillery barrage, or a fuel bomb every so and so
minutes isn't going to win a war. Using super weapons and generals
promotions, however, is pretty effective.

- - Get Out of Your Base - -
As soon as you can, get out and conquer the map. If you can get your
units out on the map, then there are several advantages:

* Most of the fighting will be done away from your base.
* Oil rigs and other supplemental buildings will be easier to capture.
* Your opponent, knowing that you have units all over the map, will get
pressured making him/her more likely to make a desperate or stupid
* You might detect a surprise attack/ambush before it happens.
* You will have access to more supply docks and therefore your opponent
will have access to less supply docks.
* Being that you're already outside your base, your units can get to
attack your opponent's base faster

- - Rock Paper Scissors - -
In C&C:Generals, certain units are better at attacking certain
things, while certain units are weaker to "this" unit than "that"
unit, which is why when you are at war with a well rounded opponent
who has anti-everything units/structures, compose a
"Rock, Paper, Scissors" attack group. For example, if you were China
Vs. China, and your enemy had Gatling Cannons, Battlemasters, Gatling
Tanks, and maybe some Tank Hunters, the best way to fight against that
is to find the weakness of his units. Use Inferno Cannons against the
Gatling cannons, Tank Hunters/Battlemasters against his
Battlemasters, Battlemasters against Gatling Tanks, and Gatling/Dragon
Tanks against any foot-soldiers. This "paper covers rock", "scissors
cuts paper" tid bit is good against opponents who just send their units
in as a whole, without a regard to who is effective against whom.

- - Teamwork - -
When engaging enemy units with your own, send all of your units of a
certain type to attack the same enemy unit (or if he sends in all
vehicles, or all infantry, then in wont matter). Sending in your units
to attack as one is really effective in taking out your enemy faster
than they can they can take out you. This is probably the easiest
and most basic strategy out there that will kill you enemy faster
and reduce your casualties.

- - Other Info - -
When playing as the Chinese, I have found it best to use a small
handful of infantry on the back of an overlord and keep it behind a
larger force of several basic tanks and 2-3 Gatling tanks. That
way, the large force of tanks and Gatling tanks will remove any
opposition you come against, short of a super weapon, and you can follow
up with the infantry and take over any buildings you please.

You might ask why I don’t use overlords instead of basic tanks, there are a
few basic reasons:

1) Too costly
2) They are too slow, I find that the Gatling tanks end up very far
ahead and get slaughtered by a few basic tanks.
3) However, if you can afford to get 6 or more overlords, make one a
bunker overlord and the rest Gatling overlords (which, by far, are
the best all around weapon IMO)

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Darren M."

It is possible to edit the INI.BIG file in the game directory using a
hex-editor. Do not change the length of the file or the game will not boot
again. Just overwrite the text you need. Search for "build cost" and over
write it like

"build cost=2000"orig.

"build cost=0000"faked.

Do not delete anything. If you done it right, it will cost nothing to build.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Eddie M."

If you are playing as the USA and your up against China there is a
sneaky tactic that you can use to severely hurt your enemies base and
economy. First be sure to get scout drones to constantly watch supply
patches. Then build up your base as usual making sure you have good enough
defences to hold off enemy attacks. You keep getting more and more money.
When you have a good defence and flow of money build a Strategy
Center. After you get that up go to your barracks to train Cornel Burton.
Chances are by now your Chinese enemy has built another supply depot in
another resource patch.(Use the spy drones/satellites to find where it
is.) Once you know where they built this extra supply area send Cornel
Burton over before they have a chance to build detectors or any buildings
that can threaten Cornel Burton. Have him place remote demo charges
onto the supply trucks. Once that is done use Cornel Burton's Assault
rifle to take out the local supply center forcing the supply trucks to go
back to their main base to drop off their load. Now you got something
similar to a GLA bomb truck except they wont fire at it because its their
own vehicle. With the demo charge on it you get a permanent scout as
well as a deadly weapon. When the truck(s) drive into its base denote the
charges effectively destroying the trucks as well as several structures
surrounding it. I have taken out an air field and a war factory with one
truck armed with a remote demo charge. This will wreck havoc on the
enemy as units and structures will need to be rebuilt, their flow of
supplies was disrupted or destroyed, and now they can't mass produce a large
offensive force to attack you and you gain the upper hand. Repeat this
with different supply areas until the enemy catches on. You can cause
thousands of dollars in damages and win the game by spending $1500 on one

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Whit L."

I have used this against the computer AI very successfully and against
human opponents as well. This strategy is particularly good against
the GLA.

1. Build up your base defences and economy first, use patriots and groups
of rocket defenders to thwart early rushes.

2. Select the paladin tank with your initial general point.

3. Build small groups of paladin tanks (at least 5) and send them out
to probe the enemy's base. This will distract your opponent and, more
importantly, gain you experience so you can get promoted.

4. Don't waste money and time building Humvee's, they are too easily
destroyed and do not figure into the overall strategy here.

5. Build an airfield if you must, but it is not vital to this strategy.

6. Here the key part...once you get to 3 star general, use your points
on pathfinder and A-10 upgrades.

7. Now it's time to build your main invasion force. Build 6-10
paladins and arrange them in a line formation. Build 5 pathfinders
and form them up behind the paladins.

Build combat drones for your paladins then head toward the enemy base.
The paladin's laser combined with the pathfinders great range make this
force almost invulnerable to infantry and extremely effective against the
GLA SAM sites. The combat drones seem to distract the computer opponent
a lot and it will go after them most of the time. Be sure to rebuild
them when they get killed because they heal damage to your paladins.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Jarid"

When playing as USA, put 5 rangers or air defenders (it doesn't matter which
or what type of unit) into a humvee and load it into the chinook. This means
that you can fit up to ten troops and 2 humvees at a time!, instead of the
normal 3 troops [separately] and 2 vehicles plus 2 troops.

This trick combines the two choices you have into one!

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Eddie M."

1. As you know when you buy a supply center it costs $2,000 and you get
a $1,200 chinook with it. So you are really paying $800 for the supply
center itself. When you sell the supply center you get 1/2 of $2,000 or
$1,000. Therefore you got a chinook for a $1,000 instead of $1,200. Not
a big difference, but if you need a lot of chinooks to transport guys
the savings could add up.

2. As most people know capturing a oil refinery helps a lot during the
game buy reducing the amount of money it takes for all vehicles. Well
if you capture an oil rig and your enemy is about to destroy it, order
up a ton of expensive vehicles until you can't buy any more. Then after
its gone you can cancel the vehicle construction except you'll get the
full price back, effectively adding 10% extra cash to you're total.

3. As everyone knows the United States Super Weapon is very different from
the GLA's and China's, because it fires a beam instead of a missile.
It is very destructive, but there is one flaw. It needs constant
power, if the power goes out so does your beam (I found this out the
hard way when a building completed that pushed my base over the power
limit). Any way if you are playing as USA against another USA player
who has a particle beam try to sneak in Cornel Burton. Have him plant
remote charges onto several of the cold fusion reactors. After that be
sure to hot key Cornel Burton. When you here the voice particle cannon
launch or whatever it says, quickly get Cornel Burton to detonate the
charges. Now it will take them an extremely long time to fire it
again, because they have to rebuild the power plants and wait four
minutes after that to fire. It protects you and your ally from that
super weapon, allowing more time to build up your forces and take
out their superweapon and base.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Henry L."

Humvees for the US are very useful for engaging tanks and protecting your
crusaders from air attacks when you put rocket guys in them. I recommend
3 rocket men and 2 rangers, or if you know that your opponent is
using mainly tanks, fill all 5 slots as the ranger, it's recommended
putting 5 because the ranger can already engage infantry.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Daniel B."

- - GLA perfection - -
1. You know how the GLA has technicals and quad cannons? Well, if you have
a technical or a quad cannon fire for a long time it will actually fire
faster, sort of like a gattling tank but just not as noticible. Not
really a hint, but cool nontheless.

2. If you are having trouble gathering resources all you have to do is
build 6 workers at the supply stash at the start of the game. The
workers insure that you have a good enough cash flow and you will
always have enough workers for building.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Robo"

- - Hackers - -
When you are the Chinese, making lots of Hackers is good. They are very
unprotected though (that will change in Zero Hour). They can easily be
killed (especially against the GLA). Anthrax Bombs, Scud Storms, Nuclear
Missles... can all easily kill them. These things can also damage your
base. You should put Hackers in semi-remote parts of you base. You should
make groups so that if the enemy does target a group of Hackers with, let's
say an Anthrax Bomb, you will still have others. Also, you should build
Gattling Cannons around them to protect against Paradrops and Rebel
Ambushes. Remember, if you put the groups too close, they will get
killed. You should get about 3 groups of 9.

- - Destroy Secondary Supplies - -
Hackers are very easy to kill. If you are trying to crack open and enemy
base, or stop and onslaught of enemy units, use an Anthrax Bomb or
something on enemy Hackers. This herts their supplies a lot. For the
others (Black Market and Supply Drop Zone) you should use super
weapons, Fuel Air Bombs, or A-10's. Rebel Ambush works too.

- - The Easy Way Out - -
I have found that the easiest way to win, especially in the later GLA
missions (5 and up), is to use paradrops and Rebel Ambushes to capture the
enemies base. It's simple. You use a Rebel Ambush on near a remote part
of the enemy base and use the Capture Building to take enemy buildings.
You can watch as the enemy destroys their own buildings or you can try to
keep the buildings. This is very effective with Rebels after the Camoflauge
upgrade. You can then just have them sit there while the enemy destroys
their own buildings. A cool thing is that if their is a jet in an
Airfield, and you capture it, you get it! If you are about to destroy
and enemy base, but have another enemy to defeat, and the enemy you are
defeating is a different army than yours, capture their Command Center.
Then use two armies to defeat your enemy. This works extremely well with
the GLA. They can combine their cheap tanks with the Commanches. You can
also do this to be a Super Weapon super power. Please note that if you are
trying to get Generals Points, this is not a good way to do it. You don't
get anything for capturing the building.

- - Flash Bangs - -
When you are the U.S, use Flash Bangs a lot. These are extremely effective
against infantry and garrisoned infantry. A more widely known fact is their
power to kill all the Stinger Soldiers in Stinger Sites. This can substitute
for Pathfinders jobs in this area, so you can use those Generals points for
other things, like level 3 A-10 Missile Strikes.

- - Power - -
If you are trying to take out an enemy base, a good way to do this is to take
out the power. You can even use an EMP Pulse! If you are trying to keep the
power on, spread em' out. If they are close, you are asking for a Nuke to
hit em'. If they are spread out, they will not be so tempting. If the power
is ever out in an enemy base, attack!

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Craftsman"

- - Father of A Nation [GLA] - -
Use Jarmen Kell to snipe a dozer, if u don't think you can get an infantry
into it before they get it back or blow it up (Usually the case) then
sacrifice Jarmen by putting him in it. Immediately after Jarmen takes over
the dozer, click to start building a command centre of your enemy race
in your own base. Even if your dozer gets blown up before it leaves the
enemies base you've still got the structure scaffolding in your own base
there to build, just use one of your own workers to finish it off.
Hence, Jarmen has just Fathered another race and you've become

- - The Power of the Cross - -
Never underestimate the use of having a few ambulances scattered around
the base guarding territory, if you are playing against GLA (And to a
smaller extent China). There are a number of points of wisdom to this.

* GLA's SCUD loses at least half of their potency, only a direct hit
from a rocket kills the ambulance (Usually, especially if you add
the repair drones to them) Especially consider one at the exit for
the barracks or war factory to save your newly made units.
* GLA's Anthrax Generals ability becomes virtually useless (Still
takes out infantry but saves tanks and buildings).
* If you add the spy drone upgrade they become more handy against
heroes and ambushes.
* Ambulances have better armour than humvees so they can take more
* Enemy usually leaves them alone when attacking by air cos they think
they're harmless
* Effective against aftermath of nukes if you get them out of the
road or at the edges when the nuke actually lands. You'd be surprised
at how unhealthy it is to live with toxic substances.

- - The red line that broke the Overlords back - -
You know, the straw that broke the donkeys back ... oh never mind.
When you have an overlord rush a handy trick that has tipped the
balance more than once as follows:

1. Engage them with main force (Paladins backed up by Tomahawk's)
2. Once focused on main force, bring in a couple of groups of rocket
troopers just off their flank (use humvee's to get them there and
then evacuate them) set up the laser lock taking out the gattling
if there is only a couple. Usually you would go for speaker towers
first but if you can take out the gattling's, the rest becomes much
easier or if there is too many gattlings go for the speakers
(basically sacrificing rocket troopers but hopefully turning the
You'd be really surprised how quickly a group of 5-10 rocket troopers
with laser lock and search and destroy / bombardment strategy on can
take out an overlord.

Note(1): Only works once or twice against a human because they can soon
learn the potency of the rocket troopers and train their gattlings
on them.

Note(2): Same theory works slightly with comaches and their rocket pods
(instead of rocket troopers), but it's not as effective because
the commaches takes about as long as a single rocket trooper to
kill with a gattling but costs 5 times the price. But if it is
all you have and means you survive ... oh well.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Craftsman"

- - Tip 1 - -
If you play as the Chinese, this is a good stragedy to use every time.
Send your first builder to build a powerstation - while he's doing
that, build another builder, and make him construct a barracks. Whoever
finishes first will build the supply centre (note: those supply trucks
are not very mobile, unlike the GLA workers or USA chinooks, so don't
build your supply depot right next to your supplies. Give them some room
to move around).

While the supply centre is being built, start your defenses (build another
builder if you need to). Line your defense with gattling guns and
bunkers, usually one after the other. Build lots of rocket infantry and
fill up all the bunkers with them. With the rocket infantry bunker and
the gattling gun combo, you have a nigh-unbreachable defense that barely
any units can breach. Not even planes can get through. Choke point areas
maximise the effect.

So after that is done, sit back, take your time building the rest of your
base and build units, as the enemy foolishly try to attack your base and
get utterly slaughtered, wasting their money.

- - Tip 2 - -
Also, if you play as either the USA or the GLA, use your spy satellite or
radar van to uncover as much as the map as you can. Try to find the enemy
base and keep an eye on them at all times, so you can know what to expect.
If you check their base every few minutes, you can see if they're making a
super-weapon, and use a general ability or super-weapon to get rid of it
before it's even built.

- - Tip 3 - -
Can't breach their defenses? Then create two or three different general
abilities/super-weapons ... maybe even build ones of the enemy buy capturing
their command centres/supply depots ... and then launch all your special
moves on the defenses all at once! Try to aim for their weakest point in their
defenses. When their defenses are utterly destroyed, then get your nearby
waiting units, and simply move on in. You save units using this method, and
even if you fail, the enemy will waste money building their defenses all
over again.

- - Tip 4 - -
If you play as China, along your front-lines or any special areas you want
to hold, build a radio tower there. That will heal all your units and keep
them in good shape as they slaughter the enemy.

- - Tip 5 - -
As USA, use a ground force/helicopter combo. Use your ground units to destroy
the GLA stinger sites, as well as anti-aircraft units, then pull them back.
Then send in your helicopters to slay the helpless fools below.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Greg N."

- - Defence - -
1. A row of bunkers occupied by tank hunkers, behind that you have gattling
guns (sometimes set in the V formation) at the back of that have one or two
nuke cannon, then behind them you have a speaker tower (to heal them and
give them a faster fire rate). This will take out aircraft, infantry, short
or long range artillery - basically anything. It may be worth it to have
four MIG's guarding an area near your defence, incase of an all out attack.
Make sure that your MIG's have all upgrades (Black Napalm and MIG Armour)

2. Put black lotus at the front, then behind her a row of: Gattling tank, then
an overlord, then a speaker tower, then another overlord, then another
gattling tank - in that order. then behind that row place a nuke
cannon, behind that place a trooper crawler, inside have 8 red guards. All
your gattling will take out infantry and air. Overlords and nuke cannons
take out tanks. Nuke cannons take out artillary and defense. The troop
crawler can pop out infantry to replace the driver Jarmon Kell shot. You
can use black lotus as a scout out whats ahead and what to nuke. you may
also place 4 migs guarding an area near your defence.

- - Offence - -
Chinese Cluster Barage - First get the generals promotion for the highest
rank Artillery Barage. Also get the Cluster mines. Then select an area in
the enemies base that you wish to destroy. Order the clustermines to drop
the mines in that area, followed by an Artillery Barage in that same area.
It may be a good idea to clear away defences with the MIG's group fire storm
attack, or use MIG's to scout out for weak points or a large group of
enemies - [if you find a large group of tanks and infantry that you wish to
destroy, order an EMP bomb in that area to prevent the tanks from moving, then
place mines on them, then the artillery] Do not actually lay the mines on the
building as they will be destroyed on impact and will cause the attack to
fail. Hence making this attack most suitable for large group of enemies.

- - - - - - - - - -

Submitted by "Timothy K."

A nice stragtegy to use against a human player is if they are building
units very close to your defenses, build artillery and take them out and
then attack.

This will frustrate them making them more likely to make a really stupid move.

"Section C - Training Mission"

The training mission is a good thing to play to get use to the American
units, which is a good side to use for beginners. It is a very simplistic
mission so you won't need to save it and can be done with no fuss at all!

C01 \ * * * Training Mission * * *
Mission Overview: \____________________________

Mazar, De-Militarized Zone
Operation : Silent Dawn

- - - - - - - - - -

- GLA controls a chemical weapons plant.
- Destroy the chemical weapons plant.
- Eliminate the threat.

- - - - - - - - - -

Generals Promotions
- Paladin

- - - - - - - - - -

Constructible Units
- Worker
- Ranger
- Humvee
- Crusader
- Paladin

Constructible Structures
- War Factory

Mission Objectives: \____________________________

- Liberate the American Base.
- Use a Dozer to construct a War Factory.
- Destroy GLA Bio-Weapons Factory.

Mission Walkthrough: \____________________________

At the start of the mission, you start off with a rather small group of
paratroopers to which you must aid towards the construction dozer to the
east of the start. Head downwards to where the Technical is near all
the barrels and shoot the barrels to destroy it.

Behind the group of enemies - there are about 4 Humvee’s. Put your guys
inside them and head towards where the stinger site is. Shoot the barrels
again for a quick result. Destroy any other Technical units that come in
the way. After destroying the first stinger site, head towards the barracks
and touch it to 'liberate' it. Then an air strike will clear off the area
of vehicles ahead, so kill any other remaining infantry in this area to
liberate the power plant, supply centre and construction yard.

Once you capture the barracks, you will receive 10000 dollars to spend new
units on. Build some rangers and put them into the remaining Humvee’s for

Once liberating the whole base, use the dozer to build a war factory.
This will be the place for constructing armoured ground units.

After the second cut scene, build a Crusader and 2 Humvee’s. For each
Humvee, build 5 Rangers each - which means you need to build 10 Rangers
altogether. Go right from your base towards the final objective - to the
GLA Bio-Weapons

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