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Walkthroughs of Deadlock

Deadlock Walkthroughs


Hints, Cheats and Tips Submitted by: kumayl hassan E-mail:

1. Introduction
2. How you start the game is critical
3. Developing Resources and Technologies - Time is of
the Essence
4. My favorite Attack Strategy - so far this has
worked every time
5. When all else fails, Cheat!

1. Introduction
I am an avid WarCraft and Command and Conquer player.
I have never played Sim City, Civilization or other empire
Building games. I really like Deadlock. I have been playing it
for about a week now and thought I would share some of the
things that I have learned. It is pretty easy to beat the
computer, though each game takes a long time, just by using a
few techniques. Iam sure there are others and if you have some,
please feel free to share them with me. Who knows? There may
even be some cheat codes or something that Accolade hasn't told
us about yet.
I should tell you that my approach to winning Deadlock is
always to destroy all of the enemy forces. You can win by
building the most City Centers first, but I am a war gamer and
I play Deadlock to win by destroying the enemy, one by one. The
strategies presented herein are employed with this in mind.
In the beginning I lost most of my games because I wasn't
familiar with the paths to upgrading my technologies. I wasn't
even familiar with what the technologies could do, and honestly
I have been playing as a human mostly and am not familiar with
the special abilities of all the races. Once I was familiar
with the technology pathways, I learned that it is fairly easy
to win if I just got off on the right foot.

2. How you start the game is critical First and foremost is
where I start building my first settlement.
In a game against 2 or more computer opponents, it is going to
be a lot harder to win if I have to take them both on at the
same time. I have learned that if I situate myself so that I
only have to deal with one of them at a time, it increases my
chances of winning greatly. I usually pick a corner of the map
where there will only be one computer opponent to deal with at
first. Once I have defeated him, I can move on to the next one.
The other advantage of this technique is that sometimes the
other or more computer opponents will get into fighting each
other and leave me virtually alone while I build up my forces.
Having some time at the beginning is important since the
computer opponents start out with more guys than we do. I try
to leave some distance between me and my enemy's settlements so
that I can prepare a defense before they attack. The more
spaces between you and them, the more time you have before they
are close enough to attack you.
The AI seems to know if I have a weak defense and will come
into my settlement and attack early in the game if that is the
Remember that before you build a factory, Colonizers are the
best defensive unit you have. I try to have a couple of them
patroling critical settlements until I can build other units
and defensive weapons.

3. Developing Resources and Technologies - Time is of the
Essence Once I have started a game in the right way and have
some time to develop resource I make it a priority to get a
good supply of the basics right away. I don't do much offensive
planning until later. You really need higher technologies and a
lot of resources to wage war. I usually go for Synthetic
Fertilizer then Molecular Bonding and Nuclear Fusion first. I
inspect each square before I build a Farm, Power Plant or
Surface Mine to make sure I get the most resources possible
from that square or group of squares. I will sometimes colonize
an area that is several sectors away from me just so I can take
advantage of better sources of Food, Wood, Iron, etc. Before I
colonize any area, I inspect as many areas as I can to check
their resources and to look for Shrines that contain free
technologies. Even if they may be several (as many as five)
areas away, I will usually opt to go for an area that has a
Getting a free technology right in the beginning, along with
the ability to immediate begin researching other technologies
is a real boon early on in the game and well worth the risks
involved in creating a settlement somewhat distant to your City

4. My favorite Attack Strategy - so far this has worked every
time As the enemy begins to move closer to my City Center, I
also build new colonies closer to him, trying to end up with
one colony that is two areas distant to him. This colony will
be my offensive/defensive front. Hopefully, I can engage the
enemy from that colony and he will not attack me anywhere else.
Here I build a strong defense with Laser Defense at first and
my First research for weapons is Rocketry. Once I have Rocketry
I build for silos for lauching rockets. I also build four more
silos on an adjacent colony so that I can launch 8 missles at
once if I choose. Each colony can launch a maximum of 4 rockets
at once. Each Scatterpack missle costs $100 and 25 tons of iron
so you have to have a good income of both money and iron to
employ this. But I love this strategy because it basically
incapacitates the enemy until you go in and take him out.
I start with 4 missles each turn, targeting the nearest colony
ofthe enemy and build up to 8 missles each turn, hammering away
at the same colony over and over. This keeps him busy repairing
his colony which costs him resources and usually consumes all
of his attention. Usually he will not attack back, unless he
too gets missles, in which case I speed up my attack strategy.
I hate missles coming at me. By this point in the game the
opponent usually has Energy Deflectors and AntiMatter
Deflectors. However, the missles still do damage that drains
his resources and keeps him off of my back while I prepare for
his downfall. The continual missle volleys alone will often
debilitate his colony to the point that you can just waltz in
and take it over with a small army. I have destroyed City
Centers with the missles alone. I then begin developing a small
army of SAM Troopers and Fusion Cannons. Once I have about 6 -
10 troopers ( or Battle/Assault Troopers ), and four or more
Fusion Cannons, I am ready to take out that colony of his for
good. I hammer him with 8 Scatterpacks while attacking with the
troopers and Cannons. That usually does the job - an entire
colony of 5,000 enemy taken out in one turn.
As a human it is important to give each trooper the Bezerk
command for attack. The human047.sav game that is included with
this text file demonstates this stategy beautifully. You can
see the battle on Purple Plains being won while I am hammering
away on Delta Swamp, softening it up for the eventual kill that
will come later. In this game I was up against three computer
opponents. Check out the resource production levels, the number
of missle sites, etc. and you will see how this works.

5. When all else fails, Cheat!
Here is a cheat that I found in the program that will work
wonders most of the time in battle situations. Heres how it
Each time at the end of your turn when you press the End Turn
button, the computer saves the game in a file called
Autosave.sav. If there is a battle to be fought, the battle
will be the first event to occur after the game is saved.
Therefore, you can fight a battle and if you don't like the
results, Load the Autosave.sav game back in and replay it. Each
time the battle is played out, there will be a different
result, probably because of the random factors programmed into
the AI. I have played some battles as many as 8 times and
watched the outcomes.
In many cases, I will win or lose the battle depending on the
random factors. There are MANY RANDOM FACTORS that you may not
be aware of. If you try this a couple of times, you will see
what I mean. You may not always be able to win a battle using
this method, but you will get your choice of the most favorable
outcome available. There is more I could talk about, but I
think this is enough for now. There is still so much that I do
not know about this game. There are alot of things that I would
do to improve it too. I get tired of all of the micro managing
of resources, probably because I am impatient. At least we
don't have to micromanage each unit during battles. If you like
this game and have anything to share about it, emailme at

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