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Walkthroughs of Diablo II - Lord of Destruction

Diablo II - Lord of Destruction Walkthroughs

Diablo II - Lord of Destruction

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Dedicated to Max, my most loyal friend who has at last found peace.

¦ This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2005-6) ¦
¦ I don't mind it being lifted in its entireity, but if you do so, please ¦
¦ make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it off as ¦
¦ your own. Thanks ! ¦

¦ ¦
¦ ¦


¦ ¦
¦ ¦

Hi there. Welcome to my Diablo II: Lord of Destruction walkthrough. There
are a few things I would like to clear up before we begin if that's ok.

You might get the impression from reading this walkthrough that I'm intending
for it to be read exclusively by newbies ... I'm not - however, I have
DELIBERATELY made my commentary for Act One flexible enough so that it CAN
be read by newbies, and I (hopefully) explain things clearly enough for them
to be able to pick up the game and run ... however, I think that there are a
few things in there that even a more seasoned player might have not
considered ...

... I hope so, at any rate !! =)

From Act Two (since the acts are kinda formulaic - not BORING - just
formulaic) I have tried to speed up the walkthrough a bit so that people of
any standard can flick through it ...

Also, I should point out that I'm British. I say this because in the past
when I have done walkthroughs, people have commented that some of the terms
I use ... like ... slaphead for example, they just don't understand ...

... you can always e-mail me and I'll explain as best I can ;)

Also, when I give directions in this walkthrough - e.g. Alkor's hut is to
the north-east of your present location, I have tried to take into account
that the maps are always at an angle.

Therefore, imagine tilting the screen as if you were looking down on the
characters before you interpret my directions, or you *might* get a little
confused ;)

Right !! Thanks for letting me get all that out of the way - LET'S GO !! =D

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

This is obviously THE single most important decision you need to make in
this game. You can only play one character at a time, and as you will see
when we play, a LOT of effort goes into developing your character.

That being said, there are seven characters available to you to pick from.
I won't bore you with their details too much, but my comments on each are as
follows :-

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

NOT BAD !! Check out those DUDS !! And the hair !! We like her ... well
fitted armour is SOOOOOOO attractive =./

What's that ? Get to the point ?? Ok ...

The Amazon is a VERY well balanced character to play. She specialises in
both Bow AND Polearm skills, making her good in hand-to-hand AND at range.
She also has a good range of passive skills - i.e. skills which run all the
time in the background without having to be specifically called into play ?


* Very well balanced
* Offers a broad set of skills to choose from


* Lots of attacks costs mana, and given her ROF (Rate of Fire), if you don't
have loads of mana available to you to draw from, you can quickly whittle
down her reserves.
* She's not MEAN enough for my taste.


* There are certain bows in the game - e.g. Stag Bow, that can ONLY be used
by the Amazon.


* Whilst she can use arrows with her bows, the Amazon has the rather
fortunate fallback position of being able to CREATE magical arrows through
the expenditure of mana. This means that she SHOULD never be unable to
fire her bow, if you're able to keep her mana in check.


Given that the Amazon has both ranged and hand-to-hand skills, she favours
perhaps the greatest variety of choice for a Hireling ...

Rogue Sister - Perhaps my LEAST likely suggestion, as she offers
nothing that the Amazon doesn't already have
skill-wise - SCORE: 1/4
Desert Mercenary - Good choice - his hand-to-hand skills reach MAMMOTH
proportions in terms of the damage they can do if he
is properly equipped, and given that he HAS to get
into hand-to-hand, she can either fight by his side
up close and personal, or back him up with her ranged
skills. PLUS you can use his auras to great effect
if you pick him carefully - SCORE: 2/4
Iron Wolf Mage - The most versatile hireling you can get, as he boasts
both hand-to-hand combat skills, AND ranged
spellcasting abilities. I would suggest that you
might like to look to using him, as he can back up
your Amazon in any given situation. SCORE: 4/4
Barbarian Warrior - The strongest fighter I would say, so my comments are
pretty much as per the Desert Mercenary (bar
Barbarian's Lack of ability to use auras of course).
SCORE: 3/4

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

OMIGOD !! I tell ya, from the moment she did that first spin-kick at the
character select screen ? I fell in LOVE with the assassin ... I love
assassins as characters anyway ... they are so PRO ! So she was my first
character (and is still my best even today !!)

The Assassin boasts a specialised set of skills, with a broad variety of
martial arts attacks that can be used to great effect if you feel like
getting up close and nasty ... for those of you who are keen to stay away,
you can rely on her traps instead - there are plenty of those to amuse you
too. She ISN'T as versatile a character as the Amazon, but given the fact
that she's just so plain MEAN, I just HAD to play as her first of all.


* If you augment her skills intelligently, she can become DEVASTATINGLY
powerful as the levels go on ... PLUS her ability to place traps means
that she can pretty much avoid most difficult situations, by wearing
down her opponents with fire and lightning before they get close enough
to do her any real harm.
* She just looks so MEAN !!!!! =D


* Whilst she has a load of hand-to-hand skills at her disposal, when I was
playing her I found that - even though they were varied - they weren't
generally as powerful as her traps and, as such, I pretty much wound up
focusing on increasing her trap skills at the expense of her other


* Various hand-held weapons, including the hatchet hands, katar and quhab.


* The Assassin can automatically pick locks ... this means that she need
never carry around keys, and can automatically open locked chests ...
RESULT !!!!! =D


Given her versatility the Assassin should ideally look to choose a hireling
that reflects her style of play ... if you are a Trap Specialist, you might
like to go for the rogue sister (as I did) to afford you extra protection at
range ... if you focus more on the assassin's hand-to-hand skills, then you
might like to go for the desert mercenary or barbarian for more backup when
you are in the fray ...

As such, my comments are as follows :-

Rogue Sister - This is the hireling that I personally pick when I'm
playing the assassin. I feel that her powerful
long-ranged bow attacks work well in conjunction with
the way I play my assassin - inflicting OPTIMUM
long-range attack damage rather than getting up close
and personal. SCORE: 4/4
Desert Mercenary - Another good choice for the Assassin ... the Desert
Mercenary's Auras can provide her with benefits should
she need to mix it up a little, whilst his
hand-to-hand skills can provide her with enough time
to set up a couple more traps and wipe out some
enemies. However, I personally find that the Desert
Merc's tendency to just run head-first into combat
frustrates my style, as it would be better if he just
held back that little bit longer ??? SCORE: 2/4
Iron Wolf Mage - A well balanced hireling, 'tis true ... if you are
the type of player that chops and changes his/her
style of play to suit the circumstances, and has
spread your upgrade points pretty much evenly across
your skills, then this might well be the hireling to
compliment YOUR style of play. SCORE: 3/4
Barbarian Warrior - Bless him ... I'm sure there is SOMEBODY out there
that would have a 4/4 for the Barbarian Warrior, but
it AIN'T gonna be me sunshine ... I tried using him
with my assassin, but I found that my comparatively
weak hand-to-hand skills (because I'd loaded up so
heavily on traps) meant that I couldn't provide HIM
with the kind of support HE needed when he was wading
up to his neck into trouble ... SCORE: 1/4

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

Looking mean as you would expect for a death-peddler, the Necromancer
specialises in curses and command of the undead. He is the ULTIMATE when it
comes to mass-troop-management, and at high levels can have a small ARMY of
undead creatures following him around and mauling his enemies into little
bitesize chunks in seconds.

We like him ... but he ISN'T the easiest character to play ;)


* Being able to resurrect a small army of undead warriors to do your
bidding means that the Necromancer SHOULD not need to directly involve
himself in physical combat most of the time.
* His curses can weaken your enemies en masse and can dramatically turn the
tide of battle in your favour when used appropriately.


* Generally weak in hand-to-hand combat, the Necromancer should avoid this
wherever possible.
* His skills are focused predominantly in inflicting pain and agony on his
opponents, which leaves him kinda lacking in the "self-help" skills ...
in MY opinion at least !! :)


* Certain shields - almost invariably heads (e.g. the Demon Fetish and
Unraveller Head) - are Necromancer specific.


* One of the best combinations that you can have when using your Necromancer
but I can't remember your name !!) is to create a Blood Golem, and then
use the Iron Maiden curse on enemies that the Blood Golem is fighting ...
health is transferred from the Golem to you, and so whilst he's fighting,
you can heal at quite a rate of knots !! :)


Given that his forté is being able to command huuuuuuuge armies of undead
warriors and curse his enemies to b*llocks, my recommendation is that the
Necromancer focus on somebody that will be able to hang back from the fray,
and give him support ... as such, my comments are as follows :-

Rogue Sister - She's good !! Give her her dues, she's good ...
whilst the Necromancer's army of bad@ss goons is busy
killing things up front, she can provide good ranged
cover, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the
oncoming enemy. SCORE: 3/4
Desert Mercenary - Whilst undoubtedly a powerful hand-to-hand combatant,
he might not be able to get at the thick of the
action if the necromancer's boys have already sunk
their teeth into the enemy and, as such, his
effectiveness is slightly reduced I fear. SCORE: 2/4
Iron Wolf Mage - Perhaps the best match for the Necromancer is the
Iron Wolf Mage, simply because he can provide ranged
support for the Necromancer's minions if they are
swarming over his enemies, and if they FALL he can
take their place, allowing the Necromancer enough
time to create more ... SCORE: 4/4
Barbarian Warrior - Again, bringing up the rear it's the barbarian
warrior ... bless him, and all who follow him. I
fear that the necromancer's powerful magic, whilst
great in the troop-management area, might not lend
itself to working in harmony with the barbarian's in
yer face attitude. SCORE: 1/4

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

I was originally quite happy with my above scores for the Necromancer's
Mercenary compatibility, but then I got an e-mail from Cyrus Nunn who
pointed out that the Mercenary is actually a blessing in disguise for the
Necromancer, as his auras can lend support to the Necromancer's troops en
masse - if he has defensive auras, so much the better !! :)

In fact I believe his exact words were :-

"If you get a defensive guy, his spells can turn even ordinary skeletons
into serious meat(less) shields"

I like that !! :)

This has, of course, chucked my scoring totally out of whack, but Cyrus is
right - I had TOTALLY failed to consider it as an option. Therefore I am
going to RE-GRADE the four mercenary's for the Necromancer as follows :-

Rogue Sister now gets 2/4
Desert Mercenary now gets 4/4
Iron Wolf Mage now gets 3/4
Barbarian Warrior now gets 1/4

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

The undisputed KING of hand-to-hand combat, the Barbarian ROCKS when it comes
to bashing heads together, but his REALLY limited set of distance-based
skills means that he needs either good ranged support to make up for this
shortcoming, or just sack off range altogether and get stuck in there !!

I have to say that there are only 3 characters I have played in Lord of
Destruction that were able to kill Duriel in hand-to-hand combat WITHOUT
DYING EVEN ONCE. The others are the Paladin, and the Amazon.

GOBSMACKED is the word I would choose to describe how I felt when that
happened. ANYHOW ...


* His ability to use two single-handed weapons at the same time provides for
TONNES of fun combinations of weapons that can be brought into play, thus
increasing his appeal AND the amount of damage he can inflict.
* He has a WICKED set of passive skills that can increase his effectiveness
with almost any weapon ... AND he has the OH so entertaining Frenzy move
at higher levels (which is REALLY fun to use, trust me !!)


* As stated above, he is a bit pants in the ranged department ... he has no
real magic skills to speak of - his specialities are warcries and combat
techniques ... nothing so spectacular as a full thunderstorm, or chain
lightning, unfortunately.
* As a result, he has to get in close to harm his enemies, and this means
that he is frequently outnumbered.


* Helmets, such as the Lion Helm and Fanged Helm, are Barbarian-specific.


* His ability to search the bodies of the fallen for potions should not be
underestimated - it means that (if luck is on your side) you can heal him
back from near death VERY quickly. RESULT !!


This is a tough one ... the Barbarian is quite specific in terms of his
strengths - i.e. CARNAGE. He lacks the support of a ranged unit, but maybe it
would be better to just give him another hand-to-hand fighter to back him up
... let's have a think ... =./

Rogue Sister - If you want to give ranged support to your barbarian
(as I did when I was playing him), then the Rogue
Sister should not be overlooked. Using her wisely,
and in conjunction with available terrain, means that
you can pick off the pain in the @rse baddies from a
distance - like those who are lightning enchanted -
and thereby reduce the likelihood of your Barbarian
dying in combat. SCORE: 2/4
Desert Mercenary - A good choice, given that he can back you up in
hand-to-hand AND his auras give you an extra edge
whilst you're hacking and slashing away. SCORE: 3/4
Iron Wolf Mage - Whilst he is VERY versatile as a companion, I feel
that the Iron Wolf Mage's versatility when put side
by side with the Barbarian's clear-cut approach to
playing dilutes his effectiveness ... really speaking
I would think that it would be better to have an "all
or nothing" hireling to go with the Barbarian, and
this AIN'T the Iron Wolf Mage ... =./ SCORE: 1/4
Barbarian Warrior - What could be better than a Barbarian and his bro
kicking BUTT ????? Given that they are BASICALLY the
same character, you should find that they play quite
well together, and increase exponentially the amount
of damage inflicted when they are fighting
side-by-side. SCORE: 4/4

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

Ah yes, the Paladin. I must admit that when I first saw him I just laughed.
The BOLD way he goes down on one knee ... the shiny armour ... the ...
(spit spit spit) GOODNESS of it all.

BUT, I have been converted to liking him ... his auras are REALLY useful, and
he really surprised me when he managed to best Duriel in hand-to-hand combat
without dying ONCE, taking his place alongside the Barbarian and the
Amazon ...

He's quite a surprise entrant in my opinion, because as with the Barbarian he
is predominantly a close-quarters combatant, BUT he has the advantage of
having auras to support him whilst he's fighting, which can aid not only him
but his party as well ...

.... we like the Paladin :)


* His use of auras is GREAT ... he can use them to achieve good results on
his own, AND many of them can be used to aid his party too - this is a
good thing =)
* Whilst his hand-to-hand skills are not on par with the Barbarian in my
opinion, he has the Zeal skill, which is KILLER cool to watch. Stabby
stabby stab.
* His resist fire/ice/lightning auras


* The lack of ranged skills makes him a largely close-quarters character.
* He looks pants at first ... we just CAN'T like those green and yellow
pants =./


* Certain large shields (e.g. the Heraldic Shield and Aerin Shield) are


* Paladin Auras can extend beyond your party - e.g. on Act V your aura can
actually protect errant Barbarians as they make their way up the Bloody
Foothills, and so on ... this is kinda kewl !!


Given the Paladin's strengths being close combat and the use of auras, he can
lend strong support to any hireling he obtains ... however, my comments and
recommendations are as follows :-

Rogue Sister - One of the worst matches with the Paladin, as she runs
around a lot, and this frequently places her OUTSIDE
the range of influence of his auras. SCORE: 2/4
Desert Mercenary - Hmmmmmmmm ... not good I fear ... the Desert Mercenary
has his own auras that he can use to influence the
party, and this may put him at odds with the Paladin
in terms of which aura is in use. SCORE: 1/4


I may well have overlooked something with regard to the Desert Mercenary and
the Paladin, which Calvin82390 very kindly pointed out to me by saying that
the auras won't necessarily conflict as, if the Desert Mercenary uses an aura
like Holy Freeze, and the Paladin uses ... say ... a combination of Zeal and
Fanaticism, then the combination will actually work really well instead of
really poorly. I shall leave it to you, our discerning viewers, to decide,
but Calvin is right - if you play it right you can turn what I had expected
to be a thorn into your side into a real kick in the nuts for your enemies !!

Thanks Calvin !!


Iron Wolf Mage - My hireling of choice for the Paladin, owing (once
again) to his versatility. The Iron Wolf Mage can
attack up close, or fall back to provide long ranged
support for the Paladin. SCORE: 4/4
Barbarian Warrior - Whilst there are instances in which I would think the
Barbarian Warrior WOULD make a great hireling to be
paired up with the Paladin, the Barbarian Warrior as
a hireling is perhaps not as versatile a companion as
the Iron Wolf Mage, from the Paladin's point of view.
SCORE: 3/4

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

The Sorceress ROCKS. Plain and simple. Her mastery of the elements - fire,
ice and lightning - make her a REAL force to be reckoned with in the game and,
whilst she should avoid hand-to-hand combat if at all possible, she can hold
her own in MOST situations at higher levels.

The obvious downside is, as I've just said, that she's VERY weak in
hand-to-hand combat ... but trust me, as with most sorcerer characters, if
you play them well, you can kick BUTT regardless.


* Arguably the strongest magic user in the game ... some of her spells
inflict SOOOO much damage it's unreal !! =)
* One of her passive skills (warmth) increases the speed at which she
recovers mana naturally, and that's a BIG bonus if levelled up wisely ...


* Weak in hand-to-hand combat, as is to be expected really.
* Sounds very bitchy if you try and get her to carry too much stuff at
one time.


* Certain wands and staves are sorceress specific, e.g. the Eagle Orb.


* Telekinesis should not be overlooked for its usefulness, as it can enable
you to a) pick up items that are lying on the floor in a Jedi Stylee, b)
open/close doors, c) open/close chests and d) push back enemies. It's
VERY versatile and even if you just put one skill point into it, it's
worth having.


Important to bear in mind when playing the sorceress is that she should NOT
get into hand-to-hand combat if she can avoid it. Therefore, depending on
the PACE at which you play the game, my comments are as follows :-

Rogue Sister - Pretty much the same comments as with the assassin to
be honest with you, I find that when I am playing the
Sorceress I play carefully and deliberately. I don't
just rush around here there and everywhere, because
she DOESN'T have the kind of troop support that the
Necromancer can call into play, so the Rogue Sister
suits my needs best. SCORE: 4/4
Desert Mercenary - If you are diligent and keep an eye on him, he can
work quite well as a companion for the sorceress as,
even though he has a tendency to just barrel straight
into the enemy, he can lend you the protection of his
aura, and you can lend him the protection of your
Iron Wolf Mage - Almost ranking up alongside the Rogue, owing YET AGAIN
to his versatility, the Iron Wolf Mage can pair up
with the Sorceress very very well indeed. However, I
prefer to have my hirelings using their heads, and
therefore in order to compliment my "keep out of
harm's way with the sorceress" policy, I *really*
don't need the hassle of having to keep an eye on my
hireling, and this boi DOES sometimes just feel the
need to go off on one ... SCORE: 3/4
Barbarian Warrior - Poor, poor little Barbarian ... whilst a REALLY
attentive sorceress could put his strength to good use,
you would have to keep an eye on him 24/7 for fear
he'd get in over his head and this would leave you a)
stretched to keep him alive mana and health potion-wise
and b) having to focus more on him than yourself, and
in my opinion a hireling just shouldn't be causing you
that much concern. Sorry mate. SCORE: 1/4

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

Finally, we come to the rather peculiar-looking druid. Representing mastery
over nature and the beasts, this lad likes nothing more than to adorn the
corpses of dead animals and march about making cute comments about planting
the dead and other oddities ... he's funny, and I do kinda like him, I must

In game terms, the Druid is the SECOND best troop management character,
playing second fiddle to the Necromancer ... however, the druids support
troops are, I believe, marginally more powerful than the Necromancer's (with
the possible exception of the Necromancer's Golems), and so the two even out
pretty well.

The Druid also has a good, varied command over magic and the elements.
Finally he has reasonable hand-to-hand skills ... all in all a good all-
rounder, without being a MASTER of anything ... except the beasts ...
but you know what I mean :)


* Can command multiple troops at the same time - e.g. ravens, wolves, dire
wolves, spirits, etc.
* Possesses a variety of skills from reasonable hand-to-hand combat skills,
to varied magic abilities, to troop management skills. A good character
for a newbie.


* His lack of total mastery of any one aspect of the game ... he's more a
jack of all trades is our druid ...
* His ranged magical skills, whilst reasonable, are not as effective as I
would have liked them to be =./


* Some headwear, e.g. the Griffon Headdress and Wolf Head, are specifically
for the Druid.


* His ability to polymorph into either wolf or bear adds not only a physical
combat aspect to his character, but the wolf is quicker, and can be used to
get out of trouble, if you're in need of an out ;)


As he is quite a versatile character, the choice of a hireling will depend
largely upon your personal style of play, but I would make the following
suggestions :-

Rogue Sister - Good choice ... since the Druid CAN have multiple
units under his command at any one time, you might
find that the addition of a strong ranged unit is of
assistance to you. SCORE: 2/4
Desert Mercenary - Probably a BETTER choice, as the Desert Mercenary can
not only lend support to the front-line troops of the
Druid, but his auras can assist as well ... SCORE: 3/4
Iron Wolf Mage - Ideally though, wouldn't you be better with somebody
that was REALLY versatile ? Somebody that could
provide you with ranged cover to supplement your own
skills, OR get down and dirty in hand-to-hand ? If so,
then the Iron Wolf Mage is your boi ... SCORE: 4/4
Barbarian Warrior - Bringing up the rear, it's our trusty old friend the
Barbarian Warrior. I really DON'T have anything
against this guy - honest !! It's just that he has a
tendency to be a bit ... um ... direct ? And this can
leave HIM in situations in which he's fending off
attacks from all sides, and it can leave YOU in
situations where you are bailing him out, when you
SHOULD be able to just get on with looking after
yourself !! SCORE: 1/4

So there we have it !! My comments on the characters that you have to choose
from in the game.

I hope you found them of interest, and regardless of which one you've picked,
I'm sure you'll be KICK@SS !! So let's begin ...

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

Your journey begins at the Rogue Encampment. As you will quickly learn,
your path to find "the Dark Wanderer" is obstructed by Andariel - the Demon
Queen (one of the Lesser Evils of Hell and a follower of Diablo), who has
corrupted many of the Rogue Sisters, and blocked the path to the East behind
the Dark Wanderer.

It would appear that if you are to have any hope of following the Dark
Wanderer east, you will first have to help the rogues by liberating their


So ... first off, I would suggest that you mill about the town for a little
while to get your bearings ... introduce yourself to the shopkeepers and chat
with the townsfolk ... you will find that depending on the character you have
chosen, some people react to you ... a little differently than others ... for
example, if you chose the Necromancer, Gheed takes an INSTANT dislike to you -
if you chose the Sorceress then you will find that Akara is VERY happy to
meet you, and so on.

Anyhow, for your information, a breakdown of the townsfolk is as follows :-

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

AKARA - Leader of the Rogue Camp - she is a kind lady dressed in a purple
hooded robe, in the southeastern corner of the rogue camp. Akara
gives you several of the quests in the First Act of the game, and
sells the all important TOWN PORTAL SCROLLS you will be needing ;)
KASHYA - Leads the Rogues into Battle - she has little time for those she
sees as interlopers but, as you will find, her confidence can be
won through good deeds. Kashya will be responsible for providing
you with your first Hireling as the First Act progresses.
WARRIV - A travelling merchant who gets about quite a bit ... recently he
seems to have been outfitting the rogues with gear he obtains from
the desert city of Lut Gholein. Unfortunately of late he has been
unable to leave the Rogue Encampment as his path through the
Monastery has been blocked by Andariel's untimely arrival.
CHARSI - Charsi is the resident Blacksmith in the Rogue Camp. She can repair
your gear, and is quite skilled at fashioning new and interesting
items in her shop.
GHEED - A true merchant, Gheed is interested in precious little except his
profit-margin. You can "gamble" with Gheed - basically this is
where you buy an UNidentified item from him (usually for quite a
high price), and then find out it's UTTER CR@P !!

There ... now that I've given you the official line for each of the townsfolk,
here is MY view on each of them :-

AKARA - SOUND. Akara will replenish your life AND mana every time you visit
her, so if you have run out of potions but have a town portal scroll?
USE IT, go back to the town and visit Akara, and she will heal you
100%, free, no questions asked. WE LOVE HER.
KASHYA - Aside from the fact that she gives you your first Hireling (which,
in my humble opinion, is actually the best Hireling in the game -
the Rogue Archer), Kashya is, I feel, an overly opinionated waster.
She does NOTHING but gripe and whinge about your performance, and if
I could throttle her ? I would !!
WARRIV - Bless him ... he's in a bit of a fix isn't he ... nevermind ... we'll
freeload on his wagon once we've beaten the sh!t out of the minions
of Andariel ... Lut Gholein sounds like the happenin' place to be :)
CHARSI - She's pretty cool ... very friendly, but if you're anything like me
you won't really wind up using her that much ...
GHEED - Ah yes, Gheed. What's the saying ? There's always one pr!ck in
every bunch of roses ? Gheed is, in my opinion, useless. I would
NEVER gamble with him - especially when you see the prices he's
charging ... 50,000 GP for a RING !?!?!??!?! SHEESH !!!

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

If you are looking for :-

Healing Potions - then you should go to - Akara
Mana Potions - then you should go to - Akara
Town Portal Scrolls - then you should go to - Akara
Identify Scrolls - then you should go to - Akara
Thawing Potions - then you should go to - Akara
Antidote Potions - then you should go to - Akara
Stamina Potions - then you should go to - Akara
Keys - then you should go to - Akara
Weapons and Armour - then you should go to - Akara, Charsi or

Anything to do with Hirelings - then you should go to - Kashya

Someone to heal you - then you should go to - Akara
Someone to gamble with - then you should go to - Gheed
Someone to repair your gear - then you should go to - Charsi

You may also notice as you are walking around that there is (just to the
northeast of Warriv) a chest labelled "your stash". This is exactly what it
is. Basically it's a storage box for you to keep extra money and items in,
as you WILL find that you don't have enough space in your regular inventory
to carry all your items in. The stash ROCKS !! =D

HINT: ALWAYS deposit your cash into your stash, as you can a) draw on it
instantly, and b) you won't lose any if/when you die ;)

If you wind up filling your stash ? Drop excess gold on the floor in town
before you go back into the wilderness, for the same reasons ... just make
sure you remember to pick it up BEFORE you save and exit, or it (along with
anything else that you left lying around on the floor) will be WAPORISED !!

Also, you might notice to the east of Kashya that there is a waypoint ?
Basically because the Acts in Diablo II and LOD are so HUGE the game designers
came up with a quick system of teleporting back and forth between significant
points in the levels ... these are called WAYPOINTS and, once activated, they
will remain "on" for the rest of the game. You can even teleport between
different waypoints in different acts if you like =)

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

For your convenience, here is a VERY rudimentary but functional map of Act
One, geographically.




























¦ ¦
¦ ¦

Once you've spoken with Akara you will find that she has kindly given you your
first quest - The "Den of Evil". Basically, she wants you to go and clear out
an underground hideout in the area just outside the Rogue Camp, as she is
concerned that the denizens of that hideout are likely to pose a threat to the
safety of the camp in the near future.

NO WORRIES LUV - I'll get right on it !!

So ... leaving the rogue encampment for the first time you will find that you
have access to oodles more options. Basically, there are many things you
CAN'T do in town. Here's a quick run-down.

1) You will NEVER be attacked whilst you are in town.
2) You CANNOT attack anybody whilst you are in town.
3) You cannot use most of your skills whilst you are in town.

Basically you have to think of town as a stopping point that you can use to
replenish your supplies, hire and fire mercenaries, upgrade or sell items,
etc., etc.

OUTSIDE the town you can use all your special skills, kill practically
anything that moves, and so on.

Explore the area around the rogue camp and you will find it's inhabited by,
as you would expect, low-level baddies ... slow-moving zombies, little
porcupine-thingies that shoot their quills at you, imps (remember them from
the first game ?? Bless 'em !!) and other iddy-biddy bad guys.

This would be a good time to bring up the whole concept of levelling up.
Skip this bit if you're a veteran of the Diablo Games ... basically experience
points (xp) are gained for every kill you, or one of the members of your team
(when you have a hireling or minion working for you) perform. When you have
gained enough xp you will level up. When you level up in this game you will
gain :- 5 Statistics Points, and 1 Skill Point. Statistics Points are used
to increase one or more of your character's basic statistics - strength,
dexterity, vitality and energy. Your health and mana increase as your
vitality and energy increase. Your SKILLS are peculiar to your character
and come in three "schools" ... each character has access to three sets of
skills, and by the time you've completed the game you should be conversant
with pretty much all of them. Allocating a point to a statistic will
increase your level of power in that statistic ... allocating a point to a
skill will cause that skill to increase by one level.

As you increase in level you will notice that the number of xp you require to
reach the next level increases too ... by a larger margin than the previous
level. It's all very obvious, and that is one of the reasons I LOVE this
game so ... the interface is a simple point-and-click one ... the plot is
immersive, and the mechanics are logical and simplistic. BUT IT'S STILL SO

So ... what I'm trying to say is that you might level up once or twice before
you get to even START your first quest ... so always use your xp points
wisely. Once allocated, they cannot be removed ;)

Also, on one of your trips back to the town, I would strongly suggest that
you avail yourself of the opportunity to purchase either some more Town Portal
scrolls, OR a Tome of Town Portal. Basically the difference is that a Tome of
Town Portal can hold up to 20 Town Portal scrolls, thereby saving you space
whilst you're carrying them. Town Portal is NOT a spell that can be learned
in Diablo II: LOD - unlike in the first Diablo title.

If you go too far in the Blood Moor you will encounter Flavie - a Rogue who
is patrolling the entrance to the second area. She will tell you to turn back
and complete Akara's quest before venturing further into the wilderness. No.
You can't kill her. Go on ... hang your head and turn around ... go on ... I
won't tell ;)

HINT: If you start to take damage from bad guys in the immediate area, you can
always lure them back towards Flavie and she will try and help you out by
attacking them with her bow and arrow.

Eventually you will come upon the Den of Evil. It's represented by a purple
and pink blip on your map (press TAB to overlay your map onto the screen at
any time, and TAB again to get rid of it), and you can go down and start your
first quest whenever you're ready !!

It's a VERY easy quest to complete ... there are (give or take) some 40 bad
guys in the Den of Evil, and your mission is to kill each and every one of
them. Pay particular attention to the "Shamen" characters, as they can
resurrect imps of their corresponding type - e.g. Dark One Shamen can
resurrect Dark Ones. Therefore, the Shamen should be your primary targets in
any group that they are a part of.

Having said that, it's NOT that difficult a quest, and you WILL know when you
have succeeded ;)

You are then told to return to Akara to collect your reward. You can either
walk back to the town on foot or, if you've taken my advice and purchased
some Town Portal scrolls, you can simply warp your way back to the town.
Either way, go back and see Akara.

Akara is SO chuffed that you've sorted out her little problem, that she gives

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

Next you should go and speak to Kashya, who is eagerly waiting to give you
your second quest - Sisters' Burial Grounds. Basically Andariel has
resurrected one of the Rogue Sisterhood's highest ranking warriors - a close
personal friend of Kashya - Blood Raven. Blood Raven passed away in a tragic
toaster accident a few weeks back and, now that she has been brought back to
life she has started begun amassing an army of undead warriors in the Sisters'
Burial Grounds just off the Cold Plains AS YOU DO. There are THREE ways out
of the Cold Plains. Firstly through the Sisters' Burial Grounds; secondly
through the Stony Field; or finally through the Waypoint system. Do not go
to the Stony Field yet. If you get to the Stony Field ? You've gone too
far ;)

A couple of quick hints about manoeuvering around and about the map. First
off, if you are looking to get from A THROUGH B to C as quickly as possible -
e.g. from the Rogue Camp through the Blood Moor to the Cold Plains ? Then I
would suggest that you skirt around the edge of the area to find the passage
to the next area. It will be quicker as you won't waste so much time
engaging the HORDES of bad guys that obstruct your path, and the chances of
you dying are generally lessened too ............ RESULT !! =D

This is also a good time to bring up the concept of False Lairs, too ... so
bear with me ...

MANY areas in the game have false lairs in them ... the purpose of these
levels is to 1) throw you off-track, 2) increase the game's longevity (need
they bother ? I'm hooked already !!), and 3) provide you with the chance to
get better weapons and up your xp if you like ... in the Cold Plains you will
find something called "The Cave" - you don't NEED to go into this cave if you
don't want to ... it's entirely up to you. Each false lair contains a golden
chest at the end of it, and each golden chest is jam-packed with goodies ...
from gold to potions to magic/unique/set items (we'll get to those later).

Right ... so ... as you enter the Sisters' Burial Grounds you will notice
that you receive a Quest update. It's time to WHOOP @SS !! Again, your
mission here is quite a simplistic one - all you have to do is kill Blood
Raven. HOWEVER, this is not AS simplistic as it may at first appear, as
Blood Raven has the ability (remember Kashya's original briefing ?) to raise
the dead ! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees that's right ... SO ...
depending on which character you have opted for, this can prove to be
quiiiiite interesting. ALSO, as Blood Raven is a fallen Rogue Sister, she is
equipped with a bow and arrow (as it seems are so many of the rogues), and
can fire flaming arrows at you that do quite a bit of damage, so BE CAREFUL.

There are two false lairs in the burial grounds should you wish to explore
them - the Mausoleum and the Crypt.

I would suggest concentrating your attacks on Blood Raven herself as, once
she has fallen, she will let out several large bursts of energy which will
kill almost all of the zombies and other undead warriors in the Burial
Grounds - and CERTAINLY the ones in your immediate vicinity. Also, the longer
you leave Blood Raven alive, the more zombies and skeletons you will wind up
having to fight, as she will continue to resurrect them during the fight ...

She isn't a stupid opponent, however, as she will try and lead you INTO
groups of zombies and other undead fighters if you chase her ... you must
try and outsmart her ... and always keep an eye out for her arrows, as they
ARE quite damaging.

Once Blood Raven has fallen, you will be told to return to Kashya for a reward.
I *personally* always visit both false lairs in the Burial Grounds - just to
gain xp and goodies ... I don't waste my time with the ones out in the
wilderness, but these I make a special exception for.

When you return to Kashya, you will be rewarded with ................... your
first Hireling !!

YEY !!

Hirelings ROCK. You can only ever have one Hireling working for you at a
time, and they come in several different fruity flavours. In THIS Act your
Hireling will be one of the rogue sisterhood. They all look the same, but
they can either have fire or ice enchanted arrows, and they have the ability
to cast amplify damage on their arrows periodically as well ...

In MY humble opinion the Rogue is the BEST Hireling you can get in Diablo II:
LOD, but I am of course willing to accept that opinion in this regard is
quite sharply divided.

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

Now would, of course, be a great time to bring up a few points about hirelings.
A hireling is a follower - a subordinate character that follows you around
and provides you with backup as and when you need it. There are FOUR
different hirelings in Diablo II: LOD, and I will detail each one as and when
we come to it.

Your first hireling, the Rogue Sister, is an archer and, as such, can be
equipped with a bow to increase her damage at range. She cannot use any
"amazon specific" bows, however, nor can she equip any crossbows, but she
doesn't need arrows, as she has an infinite supply. She can also wear one
piece of general headwear - again, nothing specifically for another class -
e.g. no griffin headdress or lion helm for her ... and she can wear one piece
of body armour as well.

Your first Hireling is given to you automatically upon completion of the
second quest in Act One and, as such, you don't have the option of picking
her from the outset. However, if you go to Kashya and examine the list of
hirelings available, you will see that they have different skills ... some
can create fire arrows, other can create ice arrows, for example. You can
replace your hireling with another one for a fee should you wish or,
alternatively, you can buy another hireling with yours dies (or, if you're
happy with her, you can resurrect her).

PLEASE NOTE that if you swap Hirelings, anything your OLD hireling was
carrying is dismissed immediately. Therefore, it might make financial sense
(depending on what he/she is carrying) to sell off their items before
switching your hireling ...

Another thing about the Rogue Sister is that she (regardless of her
particular skills) has a chance of casting amplify damage when she is

The POINT I am trying to make is that you should ALWAYS look to pick your
hireling with care, as he or she will be with you for a long time ... IDEALLY
for the duration of your character's game life !!

¦ ¦
¦ ¦

To obtain your third quest you should go and see Akara again. Your third
quest in Act One is entitled "The Search for Cain". Remember Deckard Cain
from Diablo ? That doddering old geezer that identified your wares at a cost
and gave you loads of "sage counsel" (aka useless ramblings) ?? Well as the
last living Horadrim he seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention, both
wanted AND unwanted these days ... and Akara, bless her, thinks that you
should go and seek him out.

Why not ????? ONWARD !!

I will do this quest in three bite-size chunks for you, since we're still
newbies right ??

Okay ... here we go ...

FIRSTLY make your way through the Cold Plains to the Stony Field. Find and
activate the Waypoint first and foremost. Then look around for an exit from
the Stony Field called "The Underground Passage" - it will either be set into
the face of the mountain on one of the edges, or it will be somewhere in the
open ... if whilst you are hunting around you find a large group of stones
set into the ground ? Those are the Cairn Stones and will become of
significance in a little while ... they are protected by Rakanishu and a load
... basically this means that every time he is physically wounded, he emits a
charged bolt spell ... going against him in hand-to-hand can mean your death
if you're not careful ;)

Anyhow ... you don't NEED to do anything with the Cairn stones yet - you need
to move on and find the Underground Passage. Once you have found it, make
your way through it. You may as well kill off all the baddies you find to make
sure you get oodles and oodles of that lovely xp, and then leave through the
exit that leads to the Dark Wood.

SECONDLY find and activate the waypoint in the Dark Wood, and then find the
Tree of Inifuss. It's a HUGE tree that's protected by a load of Brutes led by
Treehead Woodfist - a captain ... once you have secured the area, walk up to
and touch the Tree of Inifuss to obtain a scroll. Town Portal or use the
waypoint, and take this scroll back to Akara.

Akara will tell you that she has deciphered the runes on the scroll, and that
it pertains to the Cairn Stones.

THIRDLY you need to get back to the Cairn Stones in the Stony Field, so either
go back through the Town Portal you used to get to town and then warp back to
the Stony Field via the waypoints, or just go direct to the Stony Field from
the waypoint in the town ... EITHER WAY I would STRONGLY suggest that you take
at least one Town Portal Scroll with you before you go.

Once you are there, you need to find the Cairn Stones and either touch them in
the order that Akara has indicated on the scroll she translated for you ? Or
just do what I do and punch them in a more or less random order until they all

Once they are all glowing, you will know you have succeeded ... and lo and
behold !! A RED Town Portal appears in the centre that leads you directly to

Saddle up, and prepare yourself to administer an @ss-whuppin ...

Go through the portal to Tristram, and CLEAN HOUSE BAYBEEEE !! You are
looking for Deckard Cain - HE is your objective, and once he has been freed
you can leave Tristram and need never come back ... Deckard Cain is located
in the centre of town in a Gibbet (a big hanging cage).

I always deal with Tristram the same way ... from the Town Portal, which is
in the top right of Tristram, I work my way down to the bottom on the right
side of the area, taking out any Goatmen, Skeletal Archers AND Griswold, who
you will see has been cursed and transformed into an undead warrior now ...
bummer - I used to quite like him too !! ... and then along the bottom of the
map from right to left, where I search Wirt (remember him ? The Peg-Legged
Boy ?)'s body for gold and Wirt's Leg (the significance of which will become
apparent later).

Then I work my way up the left hand side of the map, and then across the top
of the map to the middle, where I descend into the centre of town and take
out the skeletal archers and champions in the area (usually there are 2-3
captains plus Griswold and some champions/possessed/fanatics in Tristram).

Once the area has been pacified, I free Cain.

As soon as you release Deckard Cain he will town portal back to the Rogue
Encampment, and you are requested to go and speak with both him AND Akara.

Town portal back to the Rogue Camp yourself, Skeletor Stylee, and then have a
word with Cain and Akara.

Deckard Cain is so grateful to have been released from his captivity that he
offers to identify any unidentified items you uncover on your travels ...

.... clears throat ...

... puts on a big booming voice ...

... F-R-E-E O-F C-H-A-R-G-E ...

I mean REALLY how cool !! SELL ALL THOSE IDENTIFY SCROLLS - you no longer
need them ... think of the SAVINGS !! $£$£$£$£$£$£

We like Cain - he's just gone up in our estimations ...

Akara will thank you for releasing Cain, and provide you with an already
identified magic ring, which is ALSO cool 'coz in your average game you
probably won't have picked up any jewellery yet ... so ANY ring she gives you
will be better than nothing !!

The quest completed, we move on.


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